Here are Verizon’s Black Friday 2015 Deals

Verizon posted a PDF file this morning that contains its plans for Black Friday 2015 and the days that follow. Like most years, Verizon has some decent deals, though many revolve around switching carriers, trading in your current phone, and then signing up for new service. Verizon is also doing some decent discounts on phones too, plus they are offering discounts on a number of accessories.  (more…)

HTC Details Its Upcoming Deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Beyond

HTC is getting in on the deals action for next week, and has detailed its plans for Black Friday, the weekend, Cyber Monday, and beyond. Stated in a release from HTC, the company will be offering a trade-in program for the One A9, where you can score the device for as little as $0 down by trading in your old smartphone. Naturally, this all depends on what you end up trading in for the device.

If you trade in an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, HTC will grant you a $499 rebate, which is the exact full retail price of the One A9. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can trade in a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge for a $200 rebate (ouch), and use that towards the cost of the One A9. For those who trade in a LG G3 or LG G4, you only receive $100 rebate to put towards a One A9.  (more…)

Black Friday Deals 2015

Like we do most years, we are once again putting together a decent Black Friday round-up of the deals that might interest the good people here at Droid Life. This isn’t going to be the ultimate in Black Friday guides, because well, there are dedicated Black Friday websites that do that better than we could ever think of doing. This one, like in the past, is focused on the Android stuff and the accessories that go with the Android stuff and the occasional other electronic that may or may not go with Android stuff, but still might be of value thanks to a deep discount.

As the we close in on November 27, Black Friday day, we’ll continue to update this post. Feel free to check back!  (more…)

Amazon Announces 8 Days of Holiday Deals Leading Up to Black Friday

Next week, we celebrate Thanksgiving before setting off on holiday shopping excursions throughout Black Friday, a day dedicated to being suckered into places like Best Buy or Costco because they are allegedly selling a 50-inch TV for $100. It’s also a day to sit online, skipping the lines and getting suckered into similar deals through online dealers. Think about it, though. What’s a better situation – a) standing in line for hours in the cold to not buy 1 of the 3 $100 TVs or b) sitting on your couch in PJs, with a whiskey-filled coffee in one-hand, not getting 1 of the 3 TVs that the same place allegedly sold online? I know which one I would go for, which brings us to this post that took way too many words to get into.

Amazon announced this morning that they are hosting 8 days of holiday deals as a lead-up to Black Friday. They are kicking off the series this Friday, November 20, and running it through to the big day. They said to expect new deals to pop-up as often as every 5 minutes for 8 straight days. Then, on Thanksgiving, 10 “coveted” Deals of the Day will arrive, starting at midnight, followed by another 10 or so on Black Friday.  (more…)

Cyber Monday 2014 Deals (Updating Post)

Black Friday” and its never-ending weekend is now over, but that doesn’t meant the deals have stopped. As you all know, today is Cyber Monday, the day built specifically for those of us who want nothing to do with a brick and mortar store on Black Friday. This is the day that online shoppers drool and smile at the deals to be had that do not require us to leave our comfortable office chairs and temperature controlled cubicles.

Like we did on Black Friday, we will continue to update this one massive post, rather than post up each deal individually. So, you may want to check back throughout the day as we try and update it with the best deals around. Some are carry-overs from the weekend, but many are new.

Ready? Let’s save some cash.  (more…)

Question of the Day: Pick Up Anything Good Yesterday?

It’s Saturday, the day after Black Friday and two days after Thanksgiving, so if you are reading this then I would imagine you survived. Congrats, by the way, that’s saying something. That means Aunt Beatrice’s hybrid meat-sweet-potato pie was edible and you likely decided to forgo leaving the house yesterday to shop and instead did the 2014 thing, which is shop online.

Speaking of shopping, since it is the weekend and there were all sorts of amazing deals to be had yesterday, we are curious to know what you picked up. Did you jump on Google Play offers that included $50 Google Play credits? Did you make your house smarter by going with the Nest Thermostat that was $50 off just about everywhere? Find a tablet or phone deal you couldn’t pass on? Maybe you didn’t go the electronic route and focused your attention elsewhere?

Let’s hear it – what did you pick up yesterday?  (more…)

Black Friday Deal: 10% Off in the DL Deals Shop

There may be all sorts of Black Friday deals to be had outside of Droid Life, but we also wanted to point out that the DL Deals shop has plenty of great gift ideas to help round out your shopping day. Plus, you can snag 10% off your order just by plugging in the coupon code “HAPPYBF10” at checkout. Who doesn’t love an additional discount?

You will find deals on additional battery packs (because everyone needs at least a couple of these in their lives), a Bluetooth gaming controller that looks like it was made for the NES, Soundfreaq Bluetooth speaker (powerful speaker that can fit in your pocket), and even an aerial drone that has a camera (while not Android-related, it would be a kick ass present).  (more…)