Verizon’s go90 App Exits Beta, Hits Google Play and iOS App Store

Verizon’s go90 social network, based on videos from creators and major publishers, is now out of beta, available for Android users via Google Play and iOS users on Apple’s App Store.

As previously written when the beta released, using the service is pretty simplistic if you are a big fan of taking in excess amounts of media. To start, you choose a few topics you enjoy, then the app automatically curates a few videos you should enjoy, plus subscribes you to channels you might like.  (more…)

LG’s V10 Event is Happening Now, Watch It Live (Updated: It’s Over)

LG already announced the V10 last night, but they are still doing their on-stage song and dance today at an event in New York City. The folks at CNET have a live stream of it going right now, in case you wanted to watch along and hear the sales pitch for a phone with dual everything.

Apologies for us not being there, but we are a 2-man show and had to choose Google’s Nexus event or this LG event and obviously, went Nexus. We’ll still get the phone in hand shortly and share our thoughts with you. For now, watch LG talk about it and their new LTE-equipped Watch Urbane (2nd edition).

The stream is below. (more…)

LG Announces the V10, a Smartphone With Lots of…Things

This evening, LG announced a brand new flagship called the V10. As you know from the couple of leaks we have seen of the device, this phone sports a secondary display, dual front camera setup, and an interesting textured backside. That’s not all, though. LG worked in all sorts of random things – seriously, this phone is full of stuff upon stuff upon stuff – to help try and differentiate this phone from the pack. Because this phone comes off on paper much like a G4, it needed all of these new things and stuff to do that.  (more…)

Video: Google Now on Tap Tour!

Google Now on Tap is finally live and available to use for those running the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow preview. It will also be live when your new Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P arrives, or if your older Nexus is due for next week’s update to 6.0.

To recap, Google Now on Tap “anticipates what you need in the moment.” By long-pressing on your phone’s home button, “you can get cards with useful information and apps that feed your need to know.” Think getting quick information about a movie you are having a conversation about through email or being able to book a restaurant a friend just mentioned in Hangouts. It could even be a need for more information about an athlete you are reading about or artist you are listening to.

To get a better feel for the power of Google Now on Tap, check out the video below.  (more…)

Google Photos App Receives Update With Chromecast Support

Yesterday at the Nexus event, Google announced a few changes for the 4 month old Photos app, and today, a few of those changes are hitting Google Play in the form of an app update. Inside the update, the Photos app now supports Chromecast, allowing users to bring their shots to big screen to share with those around you. No more slides and projectors of family trips, even though I don’t think people do that anymore.  (more…)