Want to See the Galaxy S8 is Black, Grey, and Silver? Here You Go. (Updated: Purple and Backs Too!)

Over the weekend, @evleaks shared new press renders of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in three colorways: black sky, orchid grey, and arctic silver. The pictures, outside of revealing some of the colors coming soon to a retailer near you, don’t show any other really new tidbits. But that isn’t shocking, since these phones are inching towards being the most leaked, now-almost-boring, we’re-sick-of-seeing-all-of-this-stuff-before-launch, devices in history.

Hey, how about some new side shots, though? Ooooh.  (more…)

DEAL: Buy Two Google Home Devices for $229 ($29 Off) – Multiple Retailers

Multiple retailers are currently hosting a Google Home deal that will save you close to $30 if you buy two. That’s the thing, though – you have to buy two in order to get the discount. Best Buy, Verizon, and the Google Store are all hosting buy 2, save $29 promos at the moment.

Why would you need two Google Home units? Because until NVIDIA releases their Spot, this is your only way to have Google Home and Assistant spread about your house to multiple rooms. For example, I have one in my living room, one in my office, and another in my master bedroom. That way, I have access to Home in the rooms I frequent the most.

If you are new to Google Home, our review is there to catch you up.

Deal Links: Best Buy | Verizon | Google Store

HTC’s Spring Surprise was Nothing More Than a Sapphire Version of the U Ultra

When HTC Taiwan teased a Spring surprise for March 20, press couldn’t help themselves but jump to the wild idea that HTC was going to unveil an HTC 11. Seriously, look at this. Forget the fact that we don’t even fully know that an HTC 11 will ever show up because the U line is supposed to be the company’s new, new going forward, but that’s just absurd. The U Ultra just went on sale all of a week ago, yet HTC is going to unveil another flagship? Just, stop.  (more…)