Motorola Quickly Sells Out of Verizon Moto X on Moto Maker (Updated)

Shortly after the new Moto X (2nd gen) went on sale for Verizon customers through Moto Maker, readers of ours were quick to point out that the 32GB option was gone within a few minutes. Now that the weekend is over with, it appears as if Motorola is completely sold out of all Verizon variants through their customization site. If you wanted to buy a Moto X for Verizon and customize it through Moto Maker, you can no longer do so.  (more…)

OnePlus Confirms Next Smartphone Coming “Q2 or Q3″ of 2015

During an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on reddit, two staffers from OnePlus have confirmed that the next rendition of the One, the OnePlus Two, “should” launch in either Q2 or Q3 of 2015.

Not only did the staff discuss a release time frame, but they even gave an extremely brief glimpse into the thought process of the upcoming phone’s design. Led off by a redditor’s claim that many users find the One too large, OnePlus was asked if they were going to launch a smaller device.

The staffer’s reply may make a few of you quite happy.  (more…)

Sony Posts Two Marketing Videos for Xperia Z3, Highlights Photography

Two promotional videos were published by Sony this morning, showcasing the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact. The videos speak highly of the phones’ rear-facing camera, claiming each is a smartphone that is serious about photography.

The commercials are quite cool, too. In the night, they lit up a few snowboarders and had them cruise down the hill, while a man snapped photos with the phone. It probably won’t be the type of scenery you photograph when the Xperia Z3 lands in the States, but again, it does look very nice.

Both videos are watchable below.  (more…)

DROID TURBO Stops by GFXBench – Shows 5.2-inch QHD Display, 20MP Camera, Snapdragon 805, 3GB RAM

It is starting to feel like Motorola and Verizon are on the verge of announcing the DROID TURBO at any moment. After last week’s leak of the back panel, a stop off at the FCC, and sources of ours becoming increasingly familiar with the device, we now have a benchmark through GFXBench that lists out a set of specs that have regularly been associated with the next DROID. In short, it sounds like a beast.  (more…)

Moto 360 Update Said to “Dramatically” Increase Battery Life

Last week, Motorola began rolling out a software update to the Moto 360 as build, an update that was officially listed as nothing more than a Bluetooth connectivity fixer and bug squasher. But now that the update has been on devices in the wild for a full weekend, are we starting to learn that this may have been much more than just a connectivity improver and bug blaster? It could be a battery saver or optimizer too. Maybe better put, this could be a reason to consider buying one if you had concerns previously about battery life.  (more…)

AT&T Offers Double Data on Plans From 15GB to 50GB for Same Price

AT&T, essentially admitting that the insanely high prices that carriers have been charging you for tiered data over the last couples of years was highway robbery, is now offering double the data on its plans that range from 15GB to 50GB for the same price…for life. That’s right, if you pay for a 15GB plan, you can now get 30GB of data for the exact same price for as long as you want – there is no expiration. Same thing goes for 20GB, 30GB, 40GB, and 50GB plans; all have been doubled without a price adjustment. For $130 per month (plus the line access charges), you can have 30GB of data to gobble up per month on up to 10 lines. Or, you could up to 40GB ($150), 60GB ($225), 80GB ($300), and 100GB ($375) at the prices you have been paying.  (more…)

This Week in the Life of DROID: 9/26/2014

Another eventful week has come to a close here at DL, filled with juicy Nexus rumors and even iPhone 6 impressions. According to the latest rumors, HTC will soon launch its Nexus 9 tablet, while Motorola readies its “Shamu” phone, the Nexus 6 for release as well. If you enjoy Nexus news, this was your week.

Beyond Nexus rumors, which there are always plenty of, Kellen delivered his thoughts on the iPhone 6 (which everyone clearly loved), we wrote up our top favorite Android Wear custom watch faces, a photo of a back panel for the DROID Turbo reportedly leaked, plus a whole lot more. Seriously, if you were on vacation or something, then you have a lot of catching up to do.

Here are the week’s highlights in case you missed anything.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show Episode 69 Clinched MLB Postseason Berth

This past Wednesday night, Episode 69 of The Droid Life Show solidified its berth into the MLB playoffs. How we did it, we have no idea. Regardless, we will take on all teams who try to stop us from making it to the World Series. In Android-related news, we actually had quite a few things to cover this past week, including our final thoughts on the new Moto X and Moto 360, as well as our take on all of the new Nexus 9 rumors that have popped up.

Other topics of discussion included the reported death of Android Silver, Kellen’s iPhone 6 impressions, the latest rumors on the DROID Turbo, AT&T’s offering of the Galaxy Alpha from Samsung, and Amazon’s announcement of numerous new Kindle tablets that no one can now remember.

Want to join in on the fun? We are live Wednesday evenings at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern).  (more…)