Google Intros AMP Project, Aims to Dramatically Increase Speed of the Mobile Web

This morning, Google announced a partnership with publishers and technology companies to build a faster mobile web experience for everyone. Named the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, or AMP for short, Google states that the goal of AMP is quite simple – dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web.

Using AMP HTML, an open framework built on existing web technologies, the idea is to build lightweight webpages, allowing for faster loading times on smartphones and tablets, regardless of the content they hold. Publishers will still be able to provide rich media content for readers, including pictures and videos, while also continuing to monetize the content with any ad network of their choosing. Essentially, it will be the same mobile web as we have today, complete with ads, but should load significantly faster.  (more…)

Sony is Easy to Like: Will Let 10,000 Xperia Z3 Owners Beta Test Marshmallow

Sony may struggle mightily in the US and is still relatively unknown here as a smartphone maker, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t always still watching their every move. We constantly keep an eye on Sony because they often times create really great phones, still respect the fact that some of us want smaller phones with flagship specs, and do cool things for their customers, like let them beta test big new versions of Android ahead of time.  (more…)

Giveaway: Win a Galaxy S6 Edge From the DL Deals Store

Interested in a free Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, a phone that is still one of the best Android phones ever made (our review)? We are giving one away through the DL Deals store, but only for the next week or so.

Entry into this giveaway is as simple as providing your email address through the link below. Of course, if you want to up your chances, you can share the fun through Twitter and hope that your followers do the same.

The contest runs for the next 8 days. Don’t forget to enter!

Giveaway Link

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You Can Now Translate Languages Inside of Apps Thanks to Google Translate Update

Thanks to an update for Google Translate, users running Android 6.0 Marshmallow can now translate text from within applications. Previously, all translations would need to be done from within the dedicated Translate app, but now, apps that often feature languages other than English, such as LinkedIn and WhatsApp, can now be translated seamlessly.  (more…)

Twitter Intros Moments for Android and iOS, the “Best of Twitter in an Instant”

On Twitter, we really only see content from those we follow, which means it is possible we are missing out on a ton of great photos, tweets, and news. Today, Twitter announced Moments, “the best of Twitter in an instant.” Moments brings the feel of albums to Twitter, allowing you to find engaging, developing stories, regardless of who you follow.  (more…)