Download: Facebook Home Beta Leaks, No Chat Heads Though (Updated)

facebook home1

We’re not even a week out from Facebook’s announcement of the HTC First and their new home replacement called Facebook Home, and we already have a leaked beta build to play around with. Thanks to Modaco, you can give Home a spin as long as your device has a screen resolution of 1280×768 or less and doesn’t have Facebook baked into your system (meaning you can uninstall Facebook). If you have a Nexus, it would be the perfect phone to test this on.  (more…)

Download: New S Voice From the Galaxy S4

s voice gs4

Ready for a Samsung Galaxy S4  system dump and a chance to play with all of the goodies it contains? The folks over at SamMobile received one and have already begun pulling out apps for you to install. First up is the newest version of S Voice, the Siri-like voice actions application that was first introduced with the Galaxy S3. It’s still powered by Nuance’s Vlingo, so it’s certainly no Google Voice Search. But hey, if you like talking to your phone and found older versions of S Voice to be of use, feel free to give this new one a shot.

You’ll be able to voice dial, create memos, schedule appointments and tasks, set alarms or timers, ask “what the weather is like,” and find local listings to the best restaurants. From what I can tell, nothing has really changed, other than the S Voice icon. Pro S Voice users, feel free to tell me what I’m missing.  (more…)

New Swiftkey Flow Beta Released – Closer Than Ever to Official Release

swiftkey flow

Swiftkey released a new version of Swiftkey Flow beta this morning as build Be sure to grab this, as it includes a number of changes and even more bug fixes.

In this latest version, predictions and Flow happen in most places outside of email fields, password boxes, or other semi-secure spots. Corrects are made easier with a tap on incorrect words, there are new languages, and the typing style is no inferred.

Jump below to download the new versions.  (more…)