Download: Android 4.3 “JWR66Y” OTA Updates Roll Out (Nexus 4, 7, 10, and Galaxy Nexus)


Update links for Nexus devices are beginning to pop up, so if waiting for Google to push the OTA to Android 4.3 JWR66Y out to you doesn’t sound exciting, then help yourself to these. Currently, zip files are only available for the Nexus 7 HSPA+ and Galaxy Nexus “yakju,” but we will update the post as more hit the web.  (more…)

Google Play Version 4.3.10 Rolling Out to Most, Includes New Update Features

new google play

A couple of days ago, Google started pushing out an update to Google Play as version 4.3.10. The file was originally posted to a pirated app site (which we were made aware of), grabbed, and then distributed across the Android world, so we chose to ignore it and wait until the mass rollout began to be ultimately safe. That rollout has now begun. Should you open your Google Play store this morning, you’ll likely see an extra long loading time as the update automatically takes place and bumps you to 4.3.10.  (more…)

Download: Two New Wallpapers From the New Nexus 7

new nexus 7 wallpaper

The new Nexus 7 includes two new wallpapers that we thought you might enjoy as Android enthusiasts. The best looking of the two – in my opinion – is the one you are seeing above, which is the same wallpaper used in most of the promo images for the new 7-inch tablet from Google. The other is some sort of a spiral-warp-speed-black-hole-ish design, that truthfully, doesn’t seem to match up to the polish and cleanly feel of previous Nexus wallpapers. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Both are included below with download links should you be interested.  (more…)

Download: New Google Play 4.2.3 From Android 4.3 on the Nexus 4

new google play

Android 4.3 is now available as a ROM for the Nexus 4, but outside of a handful of minor tweaks here and there, there isn’t much to talk about. There is something new from it that all of you can install, though, and that’s the latest version of Google Play. This is version 4.2.3, up from the 4.1.10 that was released back in May. We pulled it from the ROM and have links to it below.

There aren’t any obvious changes to, but we know how much you like having the newest of the new.  This should work on almost any phone. (more…)

Android 4.3 Shows Up on Lucky Nexus 4, ROM Pulled and Available for Download

Nexus 4 Android 4.3

Last night during the DL Show, a reader tipped us to a G+ user who was claiming to have picked up a Nexus 4 from a Googler. Normally, this wouldn’t grab our attention except that he claimed the device was running Android 4.3 and proceeded to post the screenshot you are seeing above. Towards the end of the show, we continued to follow along and then jumped in an IRC channel with the G+ user as the development community worked for hours to try and coach him through a full backup of his system. At around 11:00PM west coast time, they were able to successfully perform a full backup.  (more…)

Download: New Stock Camera App From Google Play Edition Phones

New Android Camera

After posting the new boot animation and SunBeam live wallpaper from the new Google Play Edition phones, we made mention of the camera app with its new UI being the next on our list to get a hold of. At that time, it wasn’t available, however, we knew it wouldn’t take long with this good of a community. Late last night, the camera .apk from the GPe phones was made available, and appears to work on any phone without root. I installed it on my HTC One without issue (pictured above). In fact, I was able to snap a Photo Sphere, Panorama, video, and regular photo like you would hope.  (more…)