This Video is Funny, If You Like Laughing at Apple Fankids

What happens when you load up a fake iPhone with Android, tell people that it’s running iOS 9, and ask for their reactions? You get the best of Apple fankids talking about how everything is awesome because Apple made it. It’s the best kind of comedy for smartphone nerds, just like when Jimmy Kimmel has people react to the “new” iPhone that is really just last year’s iPhone. People say ridiculous things because in their minds, Apple can do no wrong and always does everything right.  (more…)

Deal: Best Buy Slashes Fire TV Stick to $25 Today Only ($15 Off)

Amazon’s Fire TV  Stick is today’s deal of the day through Best Buy with a $15 discount that drops the price to $25. If you wanted to get into the dongle-to-streaming game and have yet to buy a Chromecast, this deal gets you there even if it is through Amazon’s option.

With the Fire TV Stick, you plug the HDMI-ready dongle into a port on your TV or display, connect to WiFi, then stream music, movies, and all sorts of other content through partners like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Pandora, and ESPN. You can even game on the Fire TV Stick.

Amazon says the Fire TV Stick comes with 4x the storage and 2x the memory of Chromecast, so if you are a Chromecast owner, this might even be a nice little upgrade.

Best Buy Link  (more…)

Reservations Open for Liquidmorphium Turing Phone, Starts at $610

Turing Phone, known as the world’s first liquid metal-frame smartphone, is now open for reservation. Liquid metal, you say? Turing Phone is comprised of Liquidmorphium, a new metal “stronger than titanium or steel,” that is unbendable and dissipates shock more efficiently than what you see from your standard smart device. Not only does Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) promote the device’s unique look, but also touts security of the device as a headline feature.  (more…)

Here are Moto Maker’s Options for the Moto X Pure Edition (2015)

The Moto X Pure Edition is set to launch in September here in the US, but if you want to get a head start on the many ways you can customize the device through Moto Maker, the below image can help.

As shown, there will be four leather options, four wood options, and 10 CSR + Pattern options. For leather, customizers can choose between Red, Natural, Cognac, and Black, while those fond of wood can have either Bamboo, Walnut, Ebony, or Charcoal Ash.  (more…)

OnePlus Co-Founder Talks NFC Backlash, Another “Amazing” Phone Coming Later This Year

OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, sat down with USA Today over the weekend for a short interview that touched on a number of subjects from the company’s early beginnings to its new phone and beyond. Two topics stood out to us, though – one as a response to the backlash heard over the company’s decision to leave out NFC in the OnePlus 2, and another that talks of a new OnePlus phone coming later this year that will be “amazing.”  (more…)

AT&T Now Offers a TV/Mobile Bundle, $200 a Month for 10GB of Shareable Data Among 4 Devices

AT&T announced the first offering of its kind this morning, coupling mobile and TV bills into one single plan. The plan attempts to make paying your bills more simple (and cheap), but for the GB hungry wireless consumers, it may not be very beneficial. For $200 a month, customers can get up to four TVs connected to HD and DVR-ready TV service, grouped with four phone lines with 10GB of data shareable among the lines. According to AT&T, this deal could save consumers $600 or more annually.  (more…)