New Samsung One UI 6.1 Updates, Sony’s Big New Phone Leaks, Pixel 8a Promos

Samsung Galaxy S22

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We’ve had a big week for Samsung phones owners, particularly those with slightly older devices that were waiting for the big-ish One UI 6.1 update. For fans of Sony’s obnoxiously expensive, niche phones, we’re getting a first look at that too. And hey, who doesn’t want more Pixel 8a leaks as we approach a launch that feels so very imminent.

SAMSUNG ONE UI 6.1 UPDATE FOR OLDER DEVICES: In mid-April, Samsung announced that its latest software, One UI 6.1, would soon start to rollout to older devices, like the Galaxy S22 series and some older Fold/Flip devices. This week, they opened the floodgates and started releasing 6.1 to so many phones, including the older Galaxy S21 series.A

According to SamMobile, the full list of devices is Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22, Galaxy Fold 4, Galaxy Flip 4, Galaxy Fold 3, Galaxy Flip 3, and Galaxy Tab S8. There may be a pause on the Galaxy S22 series, but we can’t confirm that. Also, it should be noted that these devices have started finding their way onto non-US devices. We haven’t seen the updates for these on US models just yet.

SONY’S XPIERA 1 VI LEAKS: Sony is still making phones and we’ll point that fact out briefly today because their next big and expensive device has leaked. Wherever our leaking friends all turn to to uncover yet-to-be-announced phones must have flipped simultaneously today, because so many dropped images on us at once. The image below come courtesy of @MysteryLupin and showcase the Sony Xperia 1 VI in all its glory.

Sony Xperia 1 VI

I don’t have much to say about the phone, since we haven’t touched a Sony phone in years. They are limited in availability here, often cost $1,400, receive horrible software support in the US, and tend to sell the idea of a professional camera, yet still can’t keep up with Google or Samsung’s auto modes. It looks nice, but that’s all there is to say about it.

PIXEL 8A PROMO MATERIALS: Not that you don’t know everything about the Pixel 8a already, but we have another big leak. This time @evleaks pushed out website promo materials for the device that tell us about all of its features. We get confirmation on IP67 water and dust resistance, that it has a matte finish on its back, it’s Tensor G3 chip, included VPN, and the 7 years of OS, security, and feature drop updates. This device should be here very soon, guys.



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