FTC: Unlimited Data With Throttling is Not Truly Unlimited

Today, news is breaking from the FTC’s order for TracFone, a prepaid service provider, to pay $40 million for slowing the speeds of customers who have paid for ‘unlimited’ data plans. While the act of throttling data speeds is not exactly frowned upon, the way in which TracFone implemented it was the issue.

While advertising ‘unlimited’ plans, users on TracFone saw throttled speeds after only 1-3GB of usage, then a complete suspension in service after 4-5GB of data. The FTC wants it to be known that they will not stand for false advertising, but as long as the terms of a plan are fully disclosed, carriers need not worry.  (more…)

Runtastic Just Got a Super Hot Material Design Makeover

2015, like we predicated months ago, is going to be the year of “INSERT APP received a major, super, awesome, blowout, overhaul, update, makeover to Material Design! #materiyolo!” We, as a team, grew sick of writing up each and every single attempt by developers to update to Google’s latest design language, something you may have noticed. Most apps, if we are being honest, aren’t getting it right. But some, like Runtastic which received an update today, is worth a mention and feature.  (more…)

Verizon is Raising Upgrade and Activations Fees to $40

Yesterday evening, a source of ours tipped us to a potential increase in Verizon’s activation and upgrade fees that would go into effect February 5. The rates would increase from $35 and $30 up to $40, respectively. While we were unable to verify with a second source, the folks at PhoneScoop received confirmation directly from Verizon this morning. The fees are indeed increasing to the numbers we were tipped to.  (more…)

Or Maybe This is Actually the New HTC One (M9)? Please, Please be It.

What if all of those HTC One (M9) “Hima” leaks from the past week were nothing but decoys, dev units in shells made to look like last year’s One (M8) in order to throw off the scent of the hunt? If the retired @evleaks and his new leak have anything to say about it, then I would guess that’s exactly what we saw. In a picture posted to Twitter this morning that lines up the past handful of HTC flagships, along with the tag “Old habits die hard… ,” Evan may have just given us the first real image of the HTC One (M9) and its bigger brother, rumored to be called the One (M9) Plus or One (M9) Ultra or “Hima” Ultra.  (more…)

Feedly’s New Power Search is Pretty Awesome at Finding Exactly What You Want

Feedly, the current king of RSS post-Google Reader, introduced the next iteration of its Power Search this afternoon. To say that this new version is “useful” is not giving it even close to enough credit. Feedly thinks that this most recent step will help them achieve their goal of evolving into “Google for stories.” In other words, they want to be the go-to search option for content creators, researchers, and marketers who need “content that matters” now.  (more…)