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Official: Jelly Bean (JRO03O) Update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus Approved and Rolling Out

It’s official. The Jelly Bean (JRO03O) update for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus has been approved and should be available to everyone shortly.

If it hasn’t popped up on your device yet, we recommend that you check with WiFi turned on, as the pop-up screen for the update says that it is only available via WiFi until October 1. Support docs also mention that this is a WiFi update. If it’s still not showing up with WiFi on, try the Framework clearing trick that has worked for many in the past.

Framework trick:

1.  From your phone, head into Settings>Apps>All.
2.  Search for  Google Services Framework.
3.  Once found, tap on it and choose “Force stop.”
4.  Then choose “Clear data.”
5.  Back out of Apps to your About page in Settings and check for the System update.

If that doesn’t work either, there is a manual way to update it, which we have posted here.

As you can see from the support docs, this is indeed the Jelly Bean that you have all been waiting for. Google Now, new Voice Search, better notifications, a better keyboard, smoother transitions, more intelligent widgets, sharing photos and videos over NFC, and improved camera functionality is all included.

If you want to watch a full Jelly Bean overview, check out the one we ran through on the Nexus 7.

The update is 146MB in size.


  • Tim Cooper

    Google Wallet is being rumored to interfere with the update. I had been trying all weekend, but as soon as I uninstalled Wallet I got it, first try.

    • i have google wallet installed on mine too stock, i installed gwallet using one of the backdoor workarounds, but now im afraid to upgrade to jbean, what should i do?

  • bassman418

    got my replacement friday and i just did a factory reset on my old phone im sending back tomorrow ( flash stock + unroot then oem lock) and JB update just popped up. LMAO. i just put it back to ICS and JB is back. Offically anyway. Ive been running it since like july……

  • diamonddave242

    Okay guys, I did the “trick” this morning and it worked!! I live in northwest Washington.

  • I turned on my phone this morning and after 5 minutes of regular use, the update popped up. The “tricks” everybody is talking about didn’t work for me. I’m at the Tri-State Area (NY)

  • John Wildman

    Lmao.. my wife had to use WiFi to update, so I turned on Foxfi on my razr. It worked just fine.

  • DainLaguna

    Mine randomly appeared after the framework trick, but who knows what actually caused it. And unlike my wifes ios6 update it only took about ten min to install. 😉 i have an n7 but the jb enhancements are so much more apparent on a device that was running ics. Feels like a new device!

  • Tom Ball

    Still waiting in Albany, NY. Running K not Q… Would really love to know the update schedule since I bought the phone on launch day.

  • Rich R.

    NJ Shore – Still waiting. I can’t count how many Framework and Airplane modes I’ve tried. Beyond frustrating Verizon!

  • Peter Stover

    How do I fix this damn screen burn? I can see Pandora constantly!

    • bassman418

      call them and tell them your phone has an issue. make them send a replacement. I didnt want to do it because it was a i515 .09 korean model, had it since launch without
      a single scratch on it. But the screen burn in was pissing me off and the warranty has 2 months left on it. so i figured i had 2 months to start the replacement loop and keep doing it till i got a good one without issues. turns out the first one they sent me was perfect. the screen was twice as bright, no burn it and had that thing unlocked and rooted within 5 minutes of it being out of the box. It is the i515 .10 chinese model but oh well….. LOL

  • Ricochet722

    Got it in VA using WiFi/ Airplane mode trick.

  • Happy as hell!!!

    Just got it in Jackson, MS

  • liz

    Finally got my JB update. I didn’t go crazy. I did the framework trick when I felt like it (maybe like a dozen times since Friday night) and it finally worked (at 315am EST).
    I did not have my wi-fi on nor was in airplane mode. the update did start dl-ing before i went to turn my wi-fi on.

    South of Boston, MA.

  • Andrew

    If you have to do the “trick” 12 times, its not a trick. If I buy enough lottery tickets eventually I’ll win something. It’s all random! Tried every trick here and nothing. Sometimes I really loath Verizon. But then I compare my signal coverage to a friend on att, and remember why I put up with them.

  • Jim McClain

    it so much easier to just unlock,root and do it yourself,,,paradigm 2.3.1

  • Ian

    Just called Verizon Wireless Technical support. Apparently they send the updates via which users purchased their Galaxy Nexus first, so all users should receive it within the week. It has nothing to do with tricks…sorry guys.

    • Kevin Alexander

      I bought my Galaxy Nexus before noon on release day, still nothing for me. This is disappointing. But hey, first world problems and all that. Been enjoying JB on my Nexus 7.

  • Anything in Wisconsin yet? I’m on IMM76K also

    • wonka

      nothing in Madison

  • shawn

    Anyone in Chicago?. I’m n IMM76K. Hopefully I get it soon

  • Anthony Saylor

    I just got it about 30 min ago.. its amazing. I’ve done the app trick about 30 times, in and out of airplane mode, and then I finally got it… I also went to a Pitt football game, ate wings, and had some soda.

    Now I don’t know if any of those things affected me getting the update. Probably not. But I got it here in Johnstown
    Hail to Pitt

  • bmac

    my nexus isn’t activated right now, will I still see the update?

  • Still no update in NorCal… I’ve probably stopped framework service 1000+ times.

  • ForrestTracey

    It finally worked for me!
    1. Turn on Airplane mode.
    2. Turn on WiFi.
    3. Go to apps>all apps>Google Services Framework and clear data THEN force stop.
    4. Go back to settings>about phone>check for updates.

    Mine showed up doing those exact steps! I’ve been looking for it all night yesterday and all day today just by going into settings>about phone>check for updates… and nothing! (I even looked 1 minute before I tried the framework trick)
    I finally decided to try the framework trick and Bam!!
    Unlocked stock Gnex Albuquerque, NM

    • Rob Putnam

      Thank you, Thank you. Been trying various combinations all night, but these exact steps just worked for me as well. Rocking JB in Chicago! Unlocked stock.

    • Fontanez

      Thank you for clarifying the steps for me. Jelly Bean is downloading!

    • dxb

      this worked for me too, and I was on K, not Q. Tried the other instructions before and they didn’t work. Thank you! (NY)

    • This worked for me! THANKS!

    • ForrestTracey

      Glad that worked for you guys… Fluke or not…? But it worked for me 🙂

    • Worked perfectly for me.

      Tampa, Fl

    • Daniel Rand

      Didn’t work the first time, but worked the second time! Thanks a lot! Southwest Washington.

  • I tried the framework trick and I’ve received the Jelly Bean update three times. After the Phone reboots I get the Android on its side with the red triangle coming out of it. I’ve only read one person who had this issue and its really frustrating. Anyone have any input on this? I’m unlocked and rooted running stock 4.0.4 IMM76K. Thanks

    • Sorry, you got to unroot your phone to get this. You can leave it unlocked though!

  • mike silverman

    I thought we were to get a new radio antenna with this update still sucks bionic in the same house has an extra bar what gives…

  • Anthony Saylor

    Still nothing.. johnstown, PA

  • Ryan Rhodes

    If you haven’t received it yet, this really does work.
    Put your phone in airplane mode, then turn wifi on, then force stop framework, clear cache, disable, enable, system update. Keep doing this several times while leaving airplane mood on and it works!!!!!!!!!

    • Jack

      This worked for me in indiana

  • Sheldon

    Just got it here in Alabama.

  • Got mine at noon after doing the framework trick, airplane mode and wifi. I’m located in Kansas City.

  • Peter Stover

    Got the update! Kinda jittery though. NOT buttery smooth, home screen widgets aren’t rotating smoothly, Google now tiles don’t come up on basic questions, and it takes about 2 minutes for the phone to boot up! Sup with all the inconsistencies?

    • omgitzjose

      1st ive heard of any of those problems. maybe your phone is defective?

  • Mykal

    Just got it here in Nashua NH

  • shay

    Tried the airplane mode trick and it worked the first time!

  • MetChazz

    Okay, I think I got the trick down now follow these steps and it’s guaranteed to work:
    1. Turn on Airplane mode.
    2. Then enable Wi-Fi.
    3. Force stop and clear cache for the Framework.
    4. Shut the phone down pop the battery out.
    5. Boot back up and check for updates.
    6. Repeat steps 1-5 at least 42 times. Now comes the most important part:
    7. Have device become eligble for the update from Verizon.
    Guaranteed to work! 🙂

    That being said #7 just happened for me, downloading now! WOO HOO!

    • hiimdh

      Took about 4-5 tries to clear the data FIRST, then force stop the app. The first time, I had to force stop the app to even clear the data. Then after the 84.00 KB data came back, I cleared the data first, then force stopped it. Checking for the update after the 4-5th time and I finally got the prompt.

      I did not need to restart the phone or pull batteries. It’s overkill and takes way too long.

  • PhoneGod

    tried this twice I have no patience for this. Good luck guys.

  • omgitzjose

    i keep saying i give up but this time i mean it lol

  • leo

    WOOOOOOOO got it in the morning.

  • KWong

    Got it in Oakland, CA about 4 hours ago. Tried framework trick a dozen times but I think it is all random.

  • Works just got jb in nj

  • Osu293

    So I’ve been trying for two days and out of nowhere I cleared the cache and force stopped google services framework with wifi and data enabled and as soon as I cleared and force stopped I pulled the battery and it was just there when I restarted. Im in Ohio btw…So happy!

  • groovetuber

    Got it here in Pittsburgh…there definitely is something behind the the framework/airplane mode trick…tried it without the airplane mode earlier when I saw a few ppl said they got it in the area…didn’t work…got home from work, went into airplane mode then turned on wifi, then framework trick, then sys update…took 8 tries and then it worked!

    • I’m sure it was the trick if it took 8 tries. smh

    • i’m downloading the update in pittsburgh right now after about 12 framework tricks in airplane mode with wifi on

    • ranger

      tried over 50 times with normal framework, but once i tried airplane worked after 3 tires. definetely works

    • Ryan Rhodes

      He is not kidding. Put your phone in airplane mode, then turn wifi on, then force stop framework, clear cache, disable, enable, system update. Keep doing this several times while leaving airplane mood on and it works!!!!!!!!!

  • knick4life

    Framework trick just worked for me. Tried it 40 times or so since last night.

    since some have asked about this I was on IMM76K before

  • Anyone with imm76q with a refurb that got the jro update yet?

  • Probably as definitive as we’re going to get.

    • I tend to agree with this assessment. I just put down what worked for me. But as I said, it could have very well been a coincidence. You just never know.

  • Okay, people I have a slightly new process for you to try that seems to work, but again, I don’t know if this actually worked or if I just got lucky.

    1.) Pull the battery on your phone and reboot it.
    2.) When your phone is booted back up, DISABLE your Wi-Fi connection.
    3.) Go to Settings>Apps>All>Google Framework Services.
    4.) Force Stop
    5.) Clear Data
    6.) Press your home button.
    7.) Settings>About Phone>System Updates>Check Now
    8.) It should trigger the update at this point. In order to download it though, you will need to turn your WI-FI back on.

    I make no promises…this is what worked for me…it may have actually did the trick, or possibly my number just came up, but give it a shot.

  • mike silverman

    Just got it in ct!

  • NYCLawyer

    Is there any reason why I should un-root, since I have had JB for months?

  • dereknmsu

    Framework trick finally worked for me. I must have tried 25-30 times. i’m in Las Cruces NM and was on wi fi

  • Has anyone in NYC, gotten this update? I still havent… =(

    • kriegsnet

      Not yet 🙁
      Just tried the Airplane Mode / Framework trick, nothing.

  • Ajay

    If this is supposed to be a wifi-only update, why does it have to be staggered?( I’m presuming its a ‘pull’ from Verizon servers rather than a ‘push’). Looking at the experience that everybody is having, including me, leads me to believe decision makers at Verizon have iphones. Its just ludicrous, if carriers expect people to be wasting hours on end in the hopes of getting an ‘update’. People spend lesser time waiting in line for a phone.

  • *sigh* There is no “trick”. You people are morons. It’s complete random coincidence when you get your update. If there were a “trick” it would work consistently. I got my update right after I took a shot of Tequila. THEN I did the framework clear and spun around in a circle. Bam, update. Try it! *waits to laugh at morons*

    • Droon

      Haha this made me laugh.

      I still might try this method, although I hope I don’t get the update on the first try.TEQUILA!

    • omgitzjose

      it obviously works for a lot of people so whos the moron?

      • Right, it *obviously* worked completely randomly and not at all for most people. You really believe that there is a “trick” to get the update to show up? Then YOU are the moron. Sorry for being so blunt. No I’m not. I cleared my Google Services Framework before posting this by the way. And nothing different happened.

      • In all honesty it does not, you get the update when you get it. People just think it works because they are doing it then they suddenly get the update. Like Matt said if it was a “trick” it would work consistently.

  • viewthis66

    Still nothing here in San Jose, CA. I’ve tried the above trick and the ones below using airplane mode and nothing.

  • Justin

    I kept trying and trying and trying and trying and it kept saying I was up-to-date, tried the airplane mode and that didn’t work. Now, I’m not sure if it was coincidence or not, but what finally worked for me was the following:

    1. Airplane mode (wifi and auto-sync turned OFF)
    2. Google Services Framework force close and cleared data
    3. Turn on wifi while still in airplane mode
    4. Check for update

    Again, it’s possible it was just a coincidence but it worked immediately. Ps. JB is awesome.

    • Rich R.

      Tried this 3 times and have had no luck. Still waiting – NJ Shore