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Official: Jelly Bean (JRO03O) Update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus Approved and Rolling Out

It’s official. The Jelly Bean (JRO03O) update for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus has been approved and should be available to everyone shortly.

If it hasn’t popped up on your device yet, we recommend that you check with WiFi turned on, as the pop-up screen for the update says that it is only available via WiFi until October 1. Support docs also mention that this is a WiFi update. If it’s still not showing up with WiFi on, try the Framework clearing trick that has worked for many in the past.

Framework trick:

1.  From your phone, head into Settings>Apps>All.
2.  Search for  Google Services Framework.
3.  Once found, tap on it and choose “Force stop.”
4.  Then choose “Clear data.”
5.  Back out of Apps to your About page in Settings and check for the System update.

If that doesn’t work either, there is a manual way to update it, which we have posted here.

As you can see from the support docs, this is indeed the Jelly Bean that you have all been waiting for. Google Now, new Voice Search, better notifications, a better keyboard, smoother transitions, more intelligent widgets, sharing photos and videos over NFC, and improved camera functionality is all included.

If you want to watch a full Jelly Bean overview, check out the one we ran through on the Nexus 7.

The update is 146MB in size.


  • fritzo

    Finally! Getting it now in Chicago. good grief.

  • oddity98

    I tried the Airplane mode trick. Worked for me!!! Downloading now! Kernersville NC

    • ajm

      Me too. Airplane mode trick works

    • Evil-D

      Airplane mode trick doesn’t work for me here in MN. Anyone in MN get the update yet?

  • David Harris

    Just got mine Spokane,WA

  • ajm

    So I did the clear frame trick 1 time this morning and BAM!!!! update started downloading right away! On WiFi of course.

  • counsel dew

    Does it solve http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=24019? If not, it won’t help me…

  • diamonddave242

    From the last several posts, it seems it’s all east coast. What the deuce??!!

  • alenghi

    Woke up to some tasty Jelly Bean this morning in Chicago!

  • guyinmass

    Got it on both phones last night just doing the framework – for one phone it took 3.5 hours of trying and the other phone took 1.5 hrs. Just outside of Boston MA

    • guyinmass

      And it works great. The phone has less lag and I haven’t had any
      more signal/data drops

  • Ben

    figured I might as well put in my input on this. I have tried about 20 times over a period of last night to this afternoon. Airplane mode then wifi on, framework trick, it worked on the 2nd try. No idea how this system works but mine finally popped up!

  • EatUrCrap

    I tried the framework many times with no results, but then I turned Airplane mode on, with wifi on, and then did the framework, and instantly got the update first try!

    • diamonddave242

      Did it all this morning, and nothing. I live in northwest Washington. Where are you? Maybe it’s done by region.

      • EatUrCrap

        North California

  • Walt

    for the i515 also?

  • Dave

    After what felt like a million attempts at the framework trick since yesterday, it finally ‘worked’ for me this morning. I was in airplane mode with WiFi on, Google Framework Services -> force stop, clear data -> system update…and it was finally there. (Chicago)

    That said, I’m not convinced that anything I did made a difference. I was doing the ‘framework trick’ so much, I still think it was likely a coincidence.

    • EatUrCrap

      THAT WORKED!!!!

  • I still don’t have it, Verizon is gonna get set on fire soon

    • tm3

      Just keep trying, and trying. I did the trick straight for just three times, and gave up. The next hour, I committed to myself that I would do the trick as long as it took, and lo and behold after the 7th try….

      I was in airplane mode with wifi turned on. In So Cal.

  • ohyeah

    Recieved i. Oly Washington

  • peezwizz

    I know this has been asked 1000 times over the years and I should know the answer to this question… but I was running BB and was having just the smallest issue with google now where I couldn’t follow my sports team, so I went back to IMM76K. So my gnex is unlocked, root access, but I’m not running a custom rom. Will I still receive the OTA update? or will I just have to flash custom again.

    • Jim McClain

      wish that would add college sports teams

    • I am in the exact same boat. I was having a couple small problems on BB too and went back to IMM76K. I also haven’t received the update yet, but I’m pretty sure we will. Just have to wait a bit longer.

  • jose

    Safe to say that we on the northern east coast will be getting it sometime today or tomorrow.. did the air plane trick and still got nothing

  • DJ

    got it after 10 times clearing out framework! colorado!

  • StuB2

    Did the framework trick twice (I was doubtful) and got the update just now in Chicago.

  • Tim

    Downloading now in the Pittsburgh area. Put in airplane mode, turned on WiFi after, went through the Framework stop/clear data trick and it started downloading about the 10th time after.

    • Roog

      In New Orleans, this worked for me too – on the first try. Thanks!

  • I have a technical question. I’m running AOKP’s version of Jelly Bean but I want to go back to stock. Do I need to flash it like any other ROM or can I just reboot my phone to get it?

    • Jim McClain

      the radios on it were leaked weeks ago, why would you want to go back to stock ?

  • vit0

    OKAY! I got it this morning 9/22…I had to do this though. Running stock 76K.

    Put phone in airplane mode
    Turn on wifi
    Do the framework trick BAM!

    • Lee Sandy

      This is SORT OF the right way to do it, but there’s one more piece that would add better specificity to these instructions: You HAVE TO have your data on before going to airplane mode, then come back out of airplane mode on the data network < this changes your phone's IP Address which is what Verizon uses to identify our device. Once you've changed your IP address, follow the above steps and it will work. (I work for Verizon Enterprise Solutions-not VzW but still close enough to understand that VZ is not all that complicated in their networking complexity, as much as they want you to THINK they are!) Simple enough!

      • Lee Sandy

        Unfortunately, MY phone keeps getting the update then shows me the error Android image with the red exclamation triangle over top and I have to do a battery pull every time (second time now, going to see if it happens a third time.) Anyone know why this is happening? I’m running the stock 4.0.4 IM76K but I’m also unlocked…?

        • sru571

          holy moly, I must have tried all methods, but this one ACTUALLY worked for me. Just saw the message on my screen, cannot believe it.

          NYC 11:15 a.m.

          Airplane mode, on, then off again, then back on, cleared GFS data, then force close, swiped closed settings, re-opened and went to system update, and it was just sitting there. Verifying the download as I type.

          Thank you Lee!

      • Jremmy

        You are a kind, kind soul…Tried over 2 hrs yesterday and an hour this morning to no avail. Saw this post as I was continuously trying and voila! Thank you!
        BTW, I’m in San Diego.

      • kph3

        I have tried this 3 times…no luck yet. 🙁

        • Act of God

          Same here, Long Island NY

          • Artune

            I’m in LI as well, got it last night after many (50) attempts with the Framework trick. just keep trying it will work. I didn’t do airplane mode either

          • Act of God

            Just got it, finally!!! Now I can go day drink

      • rick

        Oh my god thanks! Here in NYC I tried all yesterday to get updated and this method worked on my first try. Kudos Lee. Now enjoying the perks of jelly bean. I had IMM76K if anybody was curious too

      • Thanks been trying since yesterday but this worked the first time!

      • luis barron

        This really does work! Got it on my first try 😉

      • 1droidfan

        Didn’t work.

  • Nothing yet in Northern VA. I did flash back to ICS yesterday from the leak JB OTA.

  • HotRodJohnson

    Is Google Wallet working in this one?

    • You will have to sideload it, but it does work.

  • groovetuber

    Anyone in Pittsburgh receive the update yet? Framework trick doesn’t work, just a matter of when they push the update to the area I’m assuming.

  • matt125

    Just got the update in LA area. did the force /clear thing like 3-4 times and everything stayed blue.

  • kph3

    Still nothing in southern Indiana….anyone else close with any luck?

  • jose

    Anyone around RI, CT, MA get the update without doing the trick?

    • mike silverman


  • Shaun

    Finally just got it….it will come when they release it. I did all the tricks and nothing happened.

  • anezarati

    Do just unlocked phones still get ota updates? I’m unlocked but not rooted. Will the update relock me?

  • jwthrush

    Took about 4 tries of killing the Framework and it grabbed it. Yay Jelly Bean.

  • tc

    i just got mine after clearing the framework data and force closing after not trying it for a while. it could still be coincidence, but i thought i’d let people know. (i’m in PA)

  • KG

    So i’m unlocked and rooted, running stock 76Q. Had customer recovery, but flashed the stock recovery using the Wugfresh toolkit. Did the framework trick to get the OTA update notification, but the installation did nothing. The phone rebooted, was stuck on the stock recover screen (with the red triangle) for about 5 minutes and eventually rebooted back to the system with no changes… Still on ICS with the old radios. Anyone know what went wrong?

  • Okay, this is not difficult…there has to be a direct Google download link for this upgrade regardless of if you are on K or Q build…FYI to others…if people are providing you update links and telling you that you need to unlock your bootloaders before they will work, it is NOT the genuine upgrade. If this is a genuine upgrade it should be as simple as downloading the update, moving it to your phone, and rebooting.

    • Also, guys who are doing the manual steps 40 – 50 times…sorry, that just means you got lucky on time 50 and the update was pushed…actually doing the steps didn’t help.

  • chrissuper70

    Still nothing in NH.

  • Mtzan

    Still no update here in Chicago.

  • edwoordd

    Today I just got the next and using official ics 🙂 my tolt finally stopped working properly sadly. no update either, my Gf gsm Gnex had Jellybean for while can’t wait for mine though.

  • Brenden Keene

    I already rooted my V Galaxy Nexus and flashed the JRO03C rom a while ago… anybody know if the new update from Verizon will replace it or what the differences are?

  • Okay Verizon you sent out the update on the day the iPhone5 is released, I sort of forgive you now.

  • C. Farnsworth

    After trying this whole framework clearing thing for what must be the 80th time, I’ve reached the conclusion that it must just be coincidence when the update shows up for people.

    • Artune

      Not true my friend, it seems to be hitting people in the westcoast and moving east, I’m in NY and after doing it over 50 times I got it around 9pm fri. I did the same trick for the 4.0.1 update a few months back. Not a coincidence

  • Peter Stover

    Nothing in northern Michigan.

    • Peter Stover

      Got it! Did the framework trick but don’t have Wi-Fi near by! Son of a!!

  • Graham Wilson

    Got the update! Not sure what I did! Just been trying all the tricks! Restarted my phone and then I got it finally after trying all day!

    • finlay123

      What state!?!?!

      • Graham Wilson


        • Where in VA. Northern VA here and I still on ICS

          • Graham Wilson

            Newport news! I did all the tricks people were saying in the comments along with restarting the phone too!

          • I tried too still no go.

  • All you need is patience and repetition, and I promise it will eventually show up!

  • finlay123

    After trying a decent amount of times throughout the day, I’m now doing the mass try amount in an hour method. God speed to myself.

  • dammit still nothing here. tried over 40+ times

  • Tim Buchanan

    My bootloader is unlocked, but otherwise stock. Will I receive this update?

  • Seems like they are doing the West Coast to East Coast Method. They update in tiers and sometimes they do it by area. They do this so their servers don’t overload. I’ve been trying for 4 hours in NY and I got nothing.

  • mike silverman

    sitting here setting up my wife’s iphone5 and trying to get JB with my Nexus…

  • lerophon

    40+ tries throughout the day, over 20 in last 30 minutes and finally got it. (in the sf bay area)

  • Michael LoCastro

    Does anyone know if this update has the same baseband version as the one that leaked in august?

  • Spider210

    22 times here in upstate ny…

    • Rob

      Did you have to try the framework trick 22 times or did you do ‘check now’ 22 times?

      • Rob

        ***Update*** after having wifi enabled and data enabled. Performing the framework trick a bunch of times over the course of an hour and a half did it. Installing now!