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Hands-on with Seidio’s 3800mAh Extended Battery for Galaxy Nexus [Contest Too] (Updated: Winner Picked)

No that is not a military vehicle on your screen, that is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a Seidio 3800mAh extended battery attached to it. It might look like a tank, but it will certainly power your phone through a full day thanks to more than double the juice of a standard G-Nex battery which weighs in at 1850mAh. I picked one of these up (the NFC version of course), to see how big it really was in person, but also to give one away since they pack a $75 price tag. Before we reward one of our amazing DL community members though, let us talk about it for a moment so that others can decide if their pocket can handle one. 

So how big is it? In the comparison shots below, you can see that the thickness matches up almost perfectly to a G-Nex extended (2100mAh) and standard battery stacked on top of each other. It’s thick, people. It adds a decent amount of weight, meaning you will notice a difference. It also has a purely black cover which of course does not match up to the coloring of the actual phone. So not only does this beast stick out a half an inch or so off the back of the device, but it stands out in looks as well.

What about a single life charge? I’m not going to lie, slapping this on the back of my phone would be the equivalent to someone scratching fingernails across a chalk board. I’m a minimal phone elitist, meaning I love my phones thin and sleek and without massive, non-matching humps on the back. Basically I’m saying that I have not fully tested this battery, however, at 3800mAh this thing includes more power than the 3300mAh battery tucked into the DROID RAZR MAXX which can last you anywhere from 2 to 3 days. This battery should easily hit numbers like that. The big thing here is that this battery is not slender like the RAZR MAXX’s. If you are interested, you have to ask yourself if the added weight, thickness, and black non-matching back are worth it to you. For some, the answer is a definitive, “Yes.”

Other notes? The new back plate has a soft, almost matte black finish and feels a lot like the new Ringke SLIM case that I reviewed last week. It doesn’t feel that bad in hand and is essentially slip resistant. This version of Seidio’s battery is also the NFC-capable one, so you won’t miss out on any Google Wallet opportunities with this attached.


Since I sit at a desk all day long blogging away with a chargers are arm’s reach, a beastly battery like this is not necessarily topping my list of must-have accessory. So we thought we would save one of you $75 and give it away. Sound like a plan?

To enter:

1.  Follow us on Twitter if you aren’t already.
2.  In the comments, tell us how badly you need this extended battery.
3.  Tomorrow at 9AM, we will choose a winner from the comments.

Good luck!

Update:  Our winner has been picked!  HuskerDroid10 was randomly chosen and will take home the NFC capable, 3800mAh Seidio battery for the Galaxy Nexus. He hopes that this tank will get him through sporting events, something his current battery cannot do.

  • I wake up at 5am to go to work and I am usually up until 12-1am.  I work in a area that has 4G coverage.  It would be nice to not have to worry about having my phone plugged in by noon.

  • broadwayblues

    I am tired of carrying around 3 batteries to get through the day. I also don’t have another $75 to get one of these tanks. Please pick me! 

  • CJ Vanilla

    I need this battery because im always charging my phone. Ill be stuck playing a game at a friends house with no way of telling my family at home that im going to be killing droids for another hour…

  • JMonkeYJ

    this would be perfect for long road trips/flights/etc. choose meeee!

  • You could say I’m your average 20 year old kid but that would be a lie. Ever since the OG Droid days I have been in love with Android. The issue is that with a love as strong as mine it quickly turned into an obsession. I would be the kid that would show his family, friends, and pretty much anyone willing to listen all the latest apps the day after they hit the market. I loved productivity, 3D GUIs, and gaming. I always run custom roms and overclock and end up changing everything every couple of days for the first few weeks of owning a phone.  My dad used to joke that he wanted to borrow my phone to cook up some eggs.  Some would say that I am a lil bit of a facebook, reddit, and youtube whore as well. My daily life is very busy and I’m almost always out and about from early in the morning until the parties die out. I keep headphones with a mic in one pocket, charger in the other, and my gnex almost never leaves my hands. I talk on the phone with friends and girls anywhere from 5 mins to 3 hour conversations across the day and sometimes I am multitasking like a boss using Google Nav, the Browser, Messaging or other apps while I’m on phone calls.  As you might conclude I am forced to run my phone an minimum brightness all the time unless I’m showing someone something on the beautiful screen.  I constantly am flipping toggles, killing apps, trying to squeeze the most out of the extended battery from VZW.  I would love to show off the sleek, skinny gnex the way it came out of the box but my lifestyle makes me favor function over form.  My charger and the nearest outlet is like my ball and chain no matter where I go.  In fact my phone died while typing this, luckily I was using Evernote.  I wish I had the $75 to drop on another extended battery but I don’t and if this battery lasts as long as you have been saying, it would really make things a ton easier for me.

  • Packratako

    I need it for work im either on a call or using the internet for research cuz my work internet is slowet than.my 4G. And of course some few hours playing draw something or oregon traveler!

  • Kitsuneudon

    I’m looking for an extended battery so I don’t have to be searching for power outlets like a fiend if I’m gaming on my Nexus.

  • Barlog

    I do heating and Air service and I’m either on a roof or under a house by myself,and I don’t like crushing my Nexus in my pocket so I keep it in my tool bag. So having this battery so big would not bother me one bit especially if it’s gonna keep me with piece of mind knowing I’ll have a good charge when I need it, and not have to climb down the ladder if it dies.

  • pharmdy

    Need my phone to last all day for taking lecture notes! My G-nex is the ultimate mobile tablet, and will be a beast with this battery!

  • delriogil

    I might just impress the ladies with this in my pocket.

  • daware

    I’m not afraid to strap this to the back of my Nexus.  I have the extended battery from Verizon, and on my days off it is simply not enough!  I want to get the battery life of a RAZR MAXX or better!

  • I need this because I work in IT at a highly sensitive location and I don’t have any working USB ports to charge with 🙁

  • Cjl1092

    I would love to finally be able use my phone all day and not have to bring my charger everywhere if I had this battery, Being at a college where a 802.11g signal is shared by over 4000 students I use my Nexus rocking 4G all day in order to do work and surf the web but boy does 4G suck battery down like a Hummer sucks gas. I would just love to slap that puppy on my GNex and go without having wires falling out of my pockets every time I go to take my pen out.  

  • Slimfady

    I travel very frequently and I constantly worry about my phone being charged. It would be nice not to feel this way for once.

  • jab416171

     I can’t stand having my phone die before lunch, I need this puppy!

  • I need it so that I don’t have to be chained to a power outlet all day long!

  • FknTwizted

    bad! I work 2 jobs and never around a charger, and if I an its for only a minute or so.

  • I would just like to have my g-nex last longer than 6-7 hours.

  • thatguyx

    Do want, only a few days into Nexus ownership and my battery is dying as my data is rising.  Must play more…

  • C.J. Novotny

    I wonder if it will fit in my skinny jeans lol!

  • My phone dies in the middle of night class, and I can’t check what time it is when I’m bored!

  • Lilschil

    I need it for my wife’s GNex, so she’ll stop yelling at me about how she has to always charge her phone. So in essence … I need this battery to save my marriage… eh, happiness … eh, ah.. got it.. sanity!

  • I’m going to New York in a few weeks and I’m really anxious about my phone running out of juice during the day.  Normally I charge the phone at my desk most of the day, but I have a feeling I won’t find too many outlets around the city where I can just charge my phone all day.

  • I work at Best Buy Mobile and I’m constantly sending customers to check out some Droid Life.  BUUUTT the guy I work with has the Samsung Extended battery and he is constantly giving me crap when my battery runs down before his.  So, Droid Life, pretty please let me have this battery so I can throw it in his face how long my battery lasts.

    Thanks You!

  • I just got to have it. I listen to music and view videos on my GNex all the time. And hence it’s always running outta juice. And thus I have to keep it plugged in ALL THE TIME. The ‘giant battery’ would save my GNex from being rendered into a wired desk phone. Please please please, gimme #MyPrecious… 🙂

    Sidenote: after reading “someone scratching fingernails across a chalk board”, I’m feeling that scratch and it’s damn irritating. I’m still here and still dropping this comment; ain’t I?

  • Mcgyver512

    Power draining ……. almost…………gone…………4hrs…………since…………………….charg..

  • Doublea501

    The amount i need this battery cant really be compared with anything but, if i really had to compare it with something, it would be an unknown force pulling my hair out for me.  Notice, I have no hands.

  • Tex

    Left my house to coach a T-ball game with 30% battery, by games end it was dead. T-ball games are only an hour!

  • tomgillotti

    Military life style requires this tank of a phone, since I do fly around in a flying tank 😉

  • I found myself starting on long bike rides recently (27 miles on my second ride in years), and want to use my GPS to track my progress.  I’m thinking the standard battery won’t make the cut once I really get into things…Basically, I’d use the standard battery for day to day (so as not to embarrass myself too much) and the Howitzer for the long hauls (bike rides, all-day walks, camping for a few days, etc.)

  • Owewil3225

    I needed this battery cause without it i just have a Google $299 paper weight. My battery life is shorter then Kim Kardashians marriage.

  • symetriic

    I will use this on my annual 206 mile bike race from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Lotojaclassic.com. For a 10 hour ride I need a 10 hour battery!

  • I would like to have this battery so I can use google music on my way to AND from class (one hour walk both ways).

    I’m also graduating at the end of April and moving to louisville, and will need the extra juice to run my GPS all day long so I can find out where the heck I am going.

    I carry the 1850mah and 2100mah batteries with me and can’t make it 8 hours with my usage 🙁 It’s either this monster or I buy a second extended battery and carry three around with me.

  • Julie

    Really need it…would love to not have to charge my phone once/twice daily. 🙂

  • Peteg9699

    My kids love to play their apps on the phone but I have to charge too often for them to truly enjoy their games. This battery would go a long way to fix that. @peteg9699 on twitter.

  • Clinton Smith

    I need the Seido 3800mAh because otherwise my fiancée will make me switch to her old iPhone which still seems to get better battery life than my Galaxy Nexus.  Noone wants that.

  • Droid Virus

    I really need this extended battery basically because my phone won’t last the whole day.

  • This would really add a bulge to my pants…maybe the ladies will notice me now.

  • Justin Hunt

    The nieces need a new toy. I can’t imagine what would be better than a giant battery.

  • Justin Hunt

    The nieces need a new toy. I can’t imagine what would be better than a giant battery.

  • I need this battery oh so badly because I wear skinny jeans and could really use the extra size to stretch my pockets out a little bit.

  • timnunes

    I’m at work for 14 hours a day sometimes. Other times I’m only at work for 9 hours, but either way, when I finish work there’s barely enough charge left to get me home. I need an extended battery so I can stop worrying about it!

  • Alex

    I need this battery because I am addicted to my phone. I can be on it all day if I do not make myself put it down. Checking Facebook, Twitter, and of course Droid Life.

  • give me the tank!

    need one, maybe but good to have for sure. got regular nexus battery and extended battery but still have to have a usb cable just in case. 

  • Zomghxc

    I need this battery because I want to use my phone.

  • Stlbryson

    I need this battery! I unplugged my gnex this afternoon and, as usual, I was down to 50% within a couple hours. It totally sucks to always have to worry about turning off wifi and 4g. Maybe, just maybe, with an extended battery beast like this I could go a full 4 hours…or more…before even thinking of getting the charger out!

  • I need this to get through the boring work days in IT! I kill my battery wayyyy to early and wayyyy too often! Help me out DL!!!

  • Miketoasty

    I love the Galaxy Nexus and use it tons for work and for fun and so desperately need more battery life!

  • SicMe1Kanobi

    I’m in the air and half my life is in hotels… This Seidio for my Nexus would quench my thirst for juice when no plugs are available!!!!!!!! Neeeeed this baaaaaad…

  • Help me keep my Nexus from dying! 4G and being in buildings on campus without good service is a real battery killer