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Download: Google Wallet Apk for Galaxy Nexus LTE, All Users – No Root or Zip Flashing Required

On Friday, a flashable zip file was made available that would put Google Wallet on your LTE Galaxy Nexus. The process was not all that fun, and even after completing it, some were still running into issues. Well, guess what? An .apk has been released that apparently works flawlessly on any Galaxy Nexus device running Android 4.0.2. There is one thing to note though – if you previously flashed the .zip file from Friday, you may have to return to a backup pre-Wallet or this .apk will not work. For those that were waiting and have not messed with any of the Wallet builds, feel free to give it a go. 

Download:  com.google.android.apps.walletnfcrel-2.apk

Install just as you would any other 3rd party app.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Seth!

  • This thing says you can only add a Citibank Visa card. Is there any way to add another card from another bank or credit card company like Chase or Mastercard?

    • Anonymous

      no… that’s all Google has on-board at the moment, you can set up a Google pre-paid card and put some cash on it though

  • Various Sundry

    Anyone else getting an error message that you need a Google employee account? I loaded it, fired it up, and got a message that says: “Google.com account required. To use Google Wallet on this device, you must first add a google.com (Google Employee) account to this phone.”

    I’ve already got my Gmail account linked to it, so… what do I do?

  • Worked perfectly for me (not rooted or unlocked).

  • Enyce1906

    It’s avail for 4.0.2 but what about 4.0.3

  • Cdford

    It rejected me for having the wrong carrier or region!

    Probably because I’m using the wifi on an airplane!

    Netflix works, though! Loving my nexus!

  • Mppatterson7

    Says up top if you used the earlier zip, you may have to go back to an earlier backup. How do you do that? I tried to use it and when I held my phone up, nothing…

  • Derek

    Installed and got $10! Thanks for the APK and Thanks to google! couldnt have been easier!


    works great on my GSM.. woot

  • David Klonne

    Anyone else getting a boot loop? I downloaded it and tried to download another app and my phone just goes into a constant boot loop. I have to quickly cancel the download.

  • Tony Romano

    The security buzzer went off at my local CVS. I’m sure it was caused by my phone. it’s the only thing different on me????

  • Dan Harrison

    I tested this on my LTE Galaxy Nexus at my local Best Buy to test it out, and to use the free $10. When I went up to the cash register and it authorized it (along with the chime Google Wallet makes), the cashier looked puzzled and literally said, “What the heck did you just do?”. I explained to him about Google Wallet and he looked quite intrigued by it.

    I just wish it wasn’t so limited. It only allows adding funds to a Google prepaid card, or using a Citi card. I am not a part of Citi bank so I can use that, that and the NFC gift card options are for places I never go to.

    So this is fun to play with and great to get $10 free, but overall not very useful to me if I have to use the Google Prepaid card as a middleman for payments and not many places here have the MasterCard PayPass NFC terminals (only other place here is Meijer).

  • Fred Alfonzo

    does this apk only work on nexus? or can I install it on my Iphone 4s? Oh wait…

  • has anyone actually gone to a store and tried it out yet?

    • yep. worked like a charm. the lady behind the counter was confused at what took place with my phone and the pinpad. 

  • Kelly

    Thanks! Works as described

  • Not too brite

    Running a modded APK that forensic experts say isnt secure enough to be included on a phone. Great idea. 

    • as you can see everyone is really concerned that the free 10 dollars might get stolen. You probably shouldn’t risk it lol 😉

    • QtDL

      I didn’t think this was modded. It appears to be straight from Google. VZW didn’t want it on their phones b/c it would have competed with the NFC payment system company they have millions invested in.

  • spursfan

    Can anyone solve this issue:

    I have a few problems after unlocking/rooting the phone. I thought it was a SIM card issue, but it’s not. After I unlocked and rooted the Gnex, my 3G/4G service just disappeared, I had none. So I re-locked and unrooted it, and I got data service back. Any thoughts? (I did go to Verizon a couple hours ago to see if it was a SIM card issue)

  • Just purchased a $5 toy for my kid at the grocery store (trip made specifically to test).  The cashier had no idea what I was doing, looked totally confused, a manager walked over and said “I’m positive that won’t work, just use your card”.  Then zap, then click credit, then sale complete.  Worked perfect.  

  • Anonymous

    Any word on an .apk install for the GSM version?  Although Verizon’s the big bad guy in the US, Google hasn’t released Wallet north of the Boarder, so us Canucks are still waiting …

  • JusChilln

    Well, it took me about 5 or 6 tries to get it fully installed and initialized, but it worka! Now, where to test…?

  • angermeans

    I was so excited when getting this phone and firing up XDA to see Paul O’Brian, the Cyonogen guys etc are all going to be developing for this phone. Still to date the best phone I have ever owned was the Nexus One and ever since I have been chasing phones to get that same “real Google Android experience” The devs for this phone are going to bring some amazing stuff to this device just wait. 

  • Anonymous

    Just installed, no problems, got my $10 pre-paided card.

    Went to Sunoco, got $10 worth of free gas on Google…

    Could not be happier with my Nexus, best phone ever

  • Anonymous

    Just installed and have the $10 credit, anyone know if this works with a case on the phone, particularly the crap-ass Verizon Holster (Im waiting on my Seidio Surface/Holster combo so I can return this POS).  Half the fun of having Google Wallet is looking cool when you pay and fumbling with this crap-ass case trying to get NFC to work would take me from nerd with cool technology, to just nerd, lol.

    • Derp

      Just go to a grocery store that has it and play around on the self checkout.  If its not super busy no one will care

    • I tried with my case on. Worked like charm.

      • Anonymous

        Sweeeet, good to know!!

  • Jonathancasa15

    @sucks u mad bro?

  • Sucks

    Who cares, the Nexus can’t make it past 3.5 hours of 4G use before it dies. Fail.

    • Anonymous

      Mine lasted 9 hours yesterday with moderate use.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve got Wifi at work and dont use 4G unless Im downloading large picture files or streaming…. 8 hours, was on 45%, moderate use.

    • Guest

      WRONG!!! don’t be a lying azz dik!  been way past 8 hours on a single charge.

    • Anonymous

      I got about 14 hours yesterday using Juicdefender, 3G and Wifi, no 4G, and with all of the standard stuff like GPS and Backgrounds sync turned ON.

  • Anonymous

    So let me get this straight I don’t really live in a big city And this supposedly fantastic app is now released in the only place I can use it is at mcdonald’s? I have a feeling this will take a while Before every big retailer uses This application.

    • TheRealBeesley

      This type of payment system has been out for years. NFC is not that new!  Its just new to phones…  Credit cards have had RFID chips in them for years…  So we actually have more of a jump on this payment type than you might think.  Just look for the Wifi type symbol near the credit card swype and try it out.  Also, there is an app u can download which tells you every store around that accepts this type of payment.  Its in the help section of wallet. 

  • Djstar2k2

    wow u gotta love uncle googs

  • Usarmy1494

    now i just need something to sync my Facebook contacts and ill be all good.

    • PBD

      I’m pretty sure the 4.0.3 update they’re working on will fix that.  Fingers crossed!

      • mrpotatohead99

        Yes, you are correct. As soon as developers (i.e. Facebook) update to using the new API provided in 4.0.3 we will have Facebook contact sync again. 🙂 Bravo Google, bravo!

    • Anonymous

      use friend caster app to link contacts with facebook.

      • nick

        It doesn’t link anyone’s cell phone #. Is it suppose to just display your facebook friends?

        • Anonymous

          If their name is spell the same as fb should auto link. If not open contact like you going to edit then press the 3 vertical dots under time , select join and wa lah..

          • nick

            All contact spelled correctly on FB, not working. Just displays everyones names in the ‘People’ app and when I join a contact, it still doesn’t work.

          • Anonymous

            try going to phone setting then accounts and make sure its setup to sync.

          • nick

            it is…

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know of any retailers participing in the mobile payment system besides starbucks? I must live somewhere that hasnt heard of mobile payment…

    • Charles Blackmon

      go on the google wallet website, u can find a lot of places 

      • Anonymous

        Preciate that…i got it set up. I already know where i am going to use this free $10.


      well at lot of fastfood places, some stores, not a lot yet… hasn’t really taken off yet..

    • theraskell

      looks like 7-11 does it. Go here and put in your zip http://www.google.com/wallet/where-it-works.html

    • I’ve seen a sign for it at a local macys

  • Anonymous

    Now all we need is a battery cover without the vz logo but the nexus logo

    • Anonymous

      That wont happen since the gsm and verizon battery covers are made differently. They wont fit on one another. If you dont want to see the verizon logo i would get a case.

      • Anonymous

        True, it would be impossible to make a battery cover that replaces Verizon w/ Google… /s

    • QtDL

      Just get some of these….should do the trick!

  • Doesnt work says wallett not supported by country or carrier…btw i live in ny abd have verizon

  • Anonymous

    Rock on! $10 loaded in my Google Wallet debit card. Thanks Droid Life!!!

  • An EASY walkthrough for the dummies like me who don’t understand how to do most of this stuff:

    6 easy steps!
    1. Connect your nexus to your computer
    2. Download, on your computer, the Google Wallet APK here:http://www.mediafire.com/?2oqw5uur1af9uuj
    3. Transfer the downloaded file from your computer to your phone’s “downloads” folder. You do this within windows, just like copying a file and putting it anywhere else. Super easy.
    4. On your phone, download the app “Easy Installer” from the android market. It’s free.
    5. Go to your phone’s settings, go to applications, and enable 3rd party apps to be installed.
    6. Open Easy Installer, it’ll autoscan through your phone for APK files to install, it’ll find Google Wallet. Install it and you’re set!

    • Charles Blackmon

      thanks bro, worked great 🙂

    • Dave Goldstein

      I just visited this page on my GN’s browser, clicked download, clicked open to install it.

  • Anonymous

    take that verizon.

  • Sera3phim

    downloaded and running 100%. I can’t wait to use this app in-store! The only thing that is odd to me is the lock in the top right of the app. Click it, enter PIN, back to main menu; No perceivable changes are made.

    • Phil

      If it is locked, when you go to pay or use the app you need to enter your pin. If it is unlocked you can.pay without entering a pin I believe.

  • Charles Blackmon

    where do you install the file at?

    • Use a file manager to run the thing and it’ll install.

  • worked for me!! 

    rooted + stock gnex lte

  • Stephen

    I used my (flashed) wallet last night at cvs.  Because of the $10 credit I got a free santa hat 🙂

  • It would be so funny to buy something from Verizon with this just for the hell of it.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone post the directions on how to “install just as you would any other 3rd party app?” I’m a noob and I’m not sure how to do that. Thanks!

    • Stephen

      go into Settings –> Security –> Allow install of non-market apps.

      Then download this .apk

      • Anonymous

        Okay, I’ll try that. Thanks

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t have that setting set and I downloaded first. Now I went back into the settings and changed the security settings.

          Now I don’t know where my download went? Can someone tell me where to find the file I downloaded?

      • Guest

        I’m a Noob Do you you have to unlock the phone.

  • Anonymous

    installed, got $10 free credit from Google, ready to try it out later.

  • Greg

    Is it safe?

  • Booboolala2000

    Installed and cant wait to give it a go. Sure this will end up in a software update at some point.

  • Anonymous

    Just a heads up to everyone. It looks like google wallet automatically pulls your credit card info from the android market. My discover card showed up as the default and active card when i signed into google.com/wallet

    • Stephen

      Yes, because that it what card that was linked with your google checkout account, which has now merged with wallet.  They have not released the versions that are good with AMEX Visa or Discover yet, though, so that card information is what would be used to fund your Google “credit card”

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I can’t seem to get it to work, any help?

    • Akiligordon

      Try uninstalling then reloading it again

      • Anonymous

        Just did twice, no luck. 

  • kewlmart

    will it work with other NFC phones? My HTC Amaze has a NFC chip.

    • Anonymous

      Most likely not, but you can probably find another version somewhere on the internet. 

  • Akiligordon

    Ahhhh back to Droid-life where you don’t get looked down apon like Aholecentral.com!

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t agree more. They feel like they are the superior site for android. 

  • Anonymous

    Amazing….. Installed, First time did not load the Prepaid card so had to uninstall and reinstall and then worked fine. 

    Thank you so much all the devs involved in this effort. 

  • Anonymous

    So tempted to down load this. I think I’ll wait a few days to see if there is any fall out.o

    • Anonymous

      This is exactly what Verizon didn’t want… LOL  

      Now we can all easily download and install it. They should have just put it on there in the first place.

      A normal phone and most would not even know they could do this. But since this phone had no advertising and the early people who bought it know about it from the web. This should be loaded on most units pretty quickly.


  • delrayser

    Damn. Was just at Macy’s last night and got pissed bc all their credit card terminals had big “Use Google Wallet Here” signs and I couldn’t. Would go back today just to try it out but there’s no way you’re getting me back to the mall until after Christmas!