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Download: Gingerbread Keyboard for Rooted Devices (Updated)

What a day it has been! We finally have our 2.3 Gingerbread release and everyone is happier than a boy on Christmas morning.

While all this joy is in the air, Droid-Life has been exclusively gifted with a Gingerbread Keyboard Port! Thanks to Peter Alfonso of Bugless Beast, we are sitting on some 2.3 goodness.  So after the jump, we will have instructions and the ‘how to’ on getting this on your phone!  

In the subject I mentioned this is for rooted devices only. Why? Because stock phones don’t have the rights to install .libs. Sorry non-roots! But hey, time to start looking into the subject of rooting?

Update:  Check out our hands-on of the new Gingerbread keyboard!



*Should work on ALL rooted 2.2 Android devices.

*Droid X and 2 users, see note after instructions.  (Some DX users are seeing miniature versions.  Again, MAKE A BACKUP.)

*Won’t work on 2.1.  You need the newest Voice Search app from the market.

*Good idea to make a back up of your LatinIME.apk from your /system/app folder in case something goes wrong.

1. Download .zip file HERE (This is the new fixed version.)
2. Place on root of SD Card and boot into Recovery.
3. Install .zip as you would themes etc.
4. Reboot and select “Android Keyboard” under Input Method and you are good to go.

*Note* – DX users, “In Clockwork, go to mounts and storage>mount system and then back to install .zip from sd card”.

I hope you all enjoy everyone! Anyone wanna take a gander at what else is next from 2.3?


Please show love to Peter by following his work on his Twitter.
And be sure to check out all of his work on his website! We love this guy!

  • mine seems to be missing the dictionary. it wont correct even the simpleist of words.
    any one else have this?

    • Here is a fix: http://bit.ly/g04LMF

    • Cmspearman

      Me too, it isn't recognizing the default dictionary, it is only using the user dictionary and words found in contact list

      • Is there a way of redownloading a dictionary?

    • RedskinsNation


    • Greentreeherbs

      yup user dictionary, not real helpful suggestions :/

    • redbar0n11

      My keyboard works wonderfully! — But I'm using the newest Swype :-p This seems like a step backwards, IMO. Pass.

    • EC8CH

      ^ this

  • And I Was Just Talking About Pete This Morning…

  • Motoblah

    I installed on D2 and mounted system as you said and the android keyboard keeps force closing…anyone else having this problem?

  • Bachinphx

    Not bad but Smart Keyboard is still FAR superior as a primary keyboard. Much better auto fill. Key spacing on this is nice but that seems to be all.

  • supermiah

    Can someone please give me their backup of the LatinIME.apk in their Stock 2.2 DX system folder? I need it bad….!!!

    • yourfriendwayned

      go check out rom manager under wjd designs – blacked out KB there…

  • This installed just fine for me on my D1 running the Ultimate Droid 2.3.0. However, it's not enough for me to switch back to stock. It still pales in comparison to SwiftKey. I do like the color though. Wish SwiftKey would get themed someday. *hint hint to the themers*

  • Davidukfl

    looks like balls. The keys are tiny.
    didn't make a backup, but thankfully i use swype anyway so i'm not too bothered.

    Also i don't see any real improvements to this over the old one. Can someone enlighten me?

    • Gotta say, I agree. Gingerbread still looks kinda crappy when compared to other platforms. Black theme-ing is a good change as far as power management goes for AMOLED screens, but I dont think they did a very good job with color scheme. It looks like halloween to me.

      • EC8CH

        Why wouldn't they continue the green highlighting theme of gingerbread to the keyboard. Why switch to orange, makes no sense?

        • Agree. I think the white on black color scheme of the Sense menu bar looks good, the neon colors are a little much for me.

  • Nailerdog

    Half size on the DX need to go back to stock. Anyone have it found yet?

  • EC8CH

    Here's my review:

    Pete is awesome
    Droid-Life is awesome
    There is definitely no Blindtype in this Keyboard (other than yellow highlights)
    Multitouch chording works
    I still prefer Swype

  • Force close as soon as I try to press a key. Droid Incredible running “Uber ROM” Desire Z port

  • Mousiope

    installed ok on my milestone but it also appears very small can´t use it please fix it PETE !!!

  • It is very small on my D2!!! Holy Cow.

  • Can someone give me more detailed instructions for the dx? I don't see “mounts and storage>mount system” in clockwork recovery. I've also tried bootstrapping, restarting and applying the zip. It showed the update applied in recovery but when I restart, I don't see the keyboard as an option under inputs.

  • Sss

    Works fine on my moto droid running 6.1rc5. I can't believe google hasn't released the blindtype keyboard yet. Even with the enhancements this keyboard is still a joke compared to swiftkey and some other market keyboards. I don't get why it won't auto correct my “dont” to “don't” or give me an option to replace “jello” with “hello.” seems bizarre to me.

  • I installed this following the instructions for Droid X and it works, but it looks like the height is scaled down. I'm running Tranquility 3.5. Might try updating to 3.5.1 and see if that helps.

    • izzy

      no its like that on all Droid X's mine has it the same : but even though its small its still pretty god damn amazing lol

  • Xeneize480

    is this just me but I get very small keyboard?

  • mgavina23

    keyboard is koo. one thing that i've tested is that u can't double space to enter a period. nothing big.

  • working well on DX with rubix. But why is it sooooo small??? swiftkey is better.

  • Rickyotten

    it installed beautifully on my phoen but it is half the size of the original keyboard what happend to it

  • Sschaper

    And WHEN will we get an easy root back for the original Droid? It feels like developers have abandoned it.

    • acquaz10

      use z4root. search for it in the market. works perfectly

  • themiracle2012

    Whoa this keyboard has fixed my biggest pet peeve on any keyboard I've tried on my Dinc: long press on the period key gives you all common punctuation!!!! I really like this feature. So much better than trying to find them above the letters!

  • EC8CH

    Pete & Droid-Life are the Best!

  • CallOnColin

    I'm on the root fence. It's stuff like this that makes me want to jump off it and join the dark side.

  • Bauerat02

    Installed this and it is shrunken down and tiny. Does not look like the screenshots. Anybody else have this? Did I install it wrong?

  • Erik

    On my DX I am getting the keyboard but it is all squished down at the bottom of the screen. Too small to type on. Anyone else have this, or know how to fix? Running rubixblurry 1.6.3

  • bgill55

    Worthless Keyboard To small Seems to be for smaller devices. on the DX everything is so tiny

  • Brttwrd

    I guess I'm just a tard cuz it won't work for my dx, evn with those special instructions. but its ok. I'm quite content with my modded htcime

    • Brttwrd

      I guess I shuld add that im using fission, a pretty hardcore Rom, so it already had its own “Android keyboard” in place and everything

  • Zacqua10

    I'm using it now. Doesn't seem to be the Blind Type keyboard, but I need to test it more.

    • Anonymous

      Boo. You, sir, just pooped in my chocolate pudding.

  • mikejs78

    Strange – Installed on my Droid X running ApeX and the keyboard is shrunken. It appears 1/2 of the size of what it should be and the keys are very small. Anyone have any ideas?

    • theineffablebob

      Same here. But the keyboard is still really accurate despite being really small.

      • Anonymous

        I did notice that. It looks squished however and not like the screenshots.

        • Soleicey

          i have the same problem on droid2 running apex

      • Anonymous

        …damn, where’s my stylus??? Oh wait, I left it back with my OLD WinMo Phone…

  • How do I “place on root of sd card” Im newly rooted and dont know how to do this.

    • you install it as if you were installing a custom rom

    • kellex

      Just place the file on your SD card and make sure that it is not in a folder.

      • i installed from the downloads folder on DX and works fine fwiw

  • Wished it was bigger for the X, pretty small.

  • supermiah

    It keeps force closing on me…

    • supermiah

      Anyone have original keyboard for DX? not working for me…should have backed up…

  • TDTrav

    I am getting constant force closes now and only setting swype as my keyboard stops them

    • kellex

      Phone and custom ROM?

  • im not really getting multi touch with droid 1

  • Adecker246

    Amazing keyboard. Droid incredible. Very accurate with the multitouch.

  • Where is BuglessBeast for the X?

  • P.

    Not working on stock rooted Droid X. Getting constant force-closes.

    • Force Close

      Same here.

    • Anonymous

      Same thing here…hope that gets fixed…i use the stock keyboard more than anything…and now I can’t 🙁

      • Karnage9

        did you not make a backup?

        • Mrwolf

          You could turn that frown upside down with a little forethought and a backup….

      • M1ghtysauc3


    • Anonymous

      really? Worked for me. At least for text messaging. Rooted, deodexed DX

      Edit: like everyone else said it is small. Seems to be more accurate than the stock keyboard though? At least for me. My thumbs are normal sized too.

    • Same here, but on my Droid Incredible. I think it’s the ROM I’m using though.

      • Not working on my Incredible either running Skyraider 3.33

    • Not working on my Galaxy S running 2.2.1. same force closed errors.

    • Not working on my Galaxy S running 2.2.1. same force closed errors.

  • Can't install 🙁

    missing file system/tts/lang_pico/es-ES_ta.bin

    • Guest

      same here…

    • Brttwrd

      Hmmm… thats weird… look for pico on the market and if u can’t find it, ask someone if they can upload the file u need for u. I wuld but I’m scared to use mediafire on my phone

  • Lost hap-tic feedback installing this on my Vibrant. Great.

    • themiracle2012

      default setting has vibrate on keypress unchecked.

      • No, I mean hap-tic feedback all together. On my capacitive buttons, etc and the vibrate on key press doesn’t work either. Auto correct isn’t functioning well either and the keyboard itself is small. Overall, wasn’t worth installing.

  • uncle paul

    hell ya, now we need the new wallpapers 😉

  • Keithsmnr

    Nice keyboard! Thanks for sharing!

  • Vselca

    Will this actually have the function of the gingerbread keyboard, or just skin the current android keyboard???

    • Keithsmnr

      it is THE gingerbread keyboard.

    • This is THE ACTUAL gingerbread keyboard, ported to froyo and eclair

      • Thanks!!

      • gonzo

        thanks Pete good looking out, I was able to install on my OG Droid 1, can’t wait for BBV6

      • moobe

        should we flash it from stock recovery, or from openrecovery?

      • thank you so much for this!!!!

  • Do we have a file for the regular stock keyboard just in case this doesn't work out for some reason?

    • Anonymous

      just make a backup first, before flashing this keyboard.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      would it not just add this keyboard into the list of available Keyboards and Input devices in the Settings area? I have 3 Keyboards loaded on mine, not loaded this one yet given the above so so comments

      • Nope, it overwrites the stock keyboard. I would say to go ahead and do it though. It seems to be far more accurate for me, and looks better too.

      • No, because it replaces the old stock Android Keyboard. That’s why it’s in an unpdate.zip, not a .apk. No way am I loading this up until the auto-correct dictionary issue is fixed.

    • It works 😛
      But, I'm 100% we can find you the original if you want it 🙂

      • yeah can u upload a stock keyboard with voice to text multi touch droid x so i can flash it

        i appreciate it

      • Yeah I installed it anyway right after I typed that. I just like to have options :p

  • littleneutrino

    It would appear that after installing this on my OG Droid my overall performance is VERY poor now. I have BuglessBeast v.5 installed with Chevey lowv 1ghz installed and it is VERY poor and the phone crashes a lot now 🙁

    • Keithsmnr

      I can not say the same for my rooted Droid, Lithium Mod 1.2ghz kernel

  • How the… ? Pete, I don't even want to know how you got access to it! haha but thank you!

    • tanknspank

      The sdk has a system.img to allow you to run the emulator. inside that image there are all the files from gingerbread precompiled.

  • Adianlorenzana

    whaaaaat? latin?

    • Timoh

      yeah it makes your words come out in latin… Super cool, you should try it.

      Or it just means the latin alphabet. Probably number 2.

      • Keithsmnr

        LOL!!!!!! Adian thanks for the funneist thing I've read all day!

        • Erik

          On my DX the keyboard is showing up really small at the bottom. Anyone else have this issue?

          • Tex

            Yes exact same issue here, that’s what I meant in my earlier post as it being really different, I was thinking that maybe the intention was for it being that small….

  • Zero

    Is this a “Swype” keyboard by any chance? Or even a (maybe hopefull) Blind Type keyboard? If not then as much as I wan'na be ahead of the curve for Gingerbread stuff (I only rooted in July) I really don't want to lose Swype as I love it oh so much.

    • Hopefully someone can make this color/scheme into a Swype theme. I would <3 that!

      • yeah i dont ever use the regular keyboard. swype ftw!

  • Timoh

    It seems like just hours ago I was wishing for this! 😉

  • Imdfnman

    can someone please get a version for non-rooted DX users…

    • Anonymous

      Just add the step “root your X, n00b,” right above the first step.

      • Imdfnman

        I don’t want to “root” my phone, I just want this keyboard because it will likely be months before we see gingerbread

        • Coldmack

          your only solution is to root(don’t even have to use a different rom), which is very helpful, or wait.

  • Tex

    first! and wow nice find