It’s Seriously Time for a DROID Comeback

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Earlier this month, we asked readers a hypothetical question. If they were buying a phone today, what brand would it be? Given the current state of things, it really came down to Google’s Pixel and Samsung’s Galaxy options, and to be quite frank, that is super boring compared to how things used to be as an Android buyer.

We used to have tons of choices. Years ago, OnePlus was still making exciting phones for seductive prices, Motorola made phones that won back-to-back POTY awards and Sony was, well, Sony was still doing exactly what they’re doing these days — making phones that are way too expensive and not marketing them to US buyers. My point is, we need DROID to make a comeback and in the worst way.

Why It Needs to be DROOOID

While the idea of an updated Moto X sounds intriguing, nothing quite packs a punch like nostalgia. If done properly by the folks at Motorola and Lenovo, a well thought out DROID phone with a marketing package to match could put some real excitement into a buyer’s heart.

I’d say the planets were perfectly aligned that night in 2009 during a nationally televised baseball game when a cryptic commercial hit the airwaves. At a time when the term “iPhone Killer” was getting attributed to phones that had zero business with that title were aplenty, there came a brand of phones that actually made you feel like Apple had some competition. We’ve probably all seen it a million times, but go ahead and watch it again. It’s such a good commercial.


With all of that in mind, can’t you picture it more clearly? A DROID comeback. As they do, the planets could align again. After years of bastardizing the DROID line, it’s time for Motorola/Lenovo to set things right and bring back the only Android brand that might stand a chance at competing against the Galaxy. DROID vs. Galaxy. A battle for the ages.

Sadly, Motorola seems perfectly content on doing relatively well in the low to mid-range markets, and while that’s cool and we can’t knock them for doing that, it makes for a much better story if they gathered the courage to give it one more shot and put out a high-performing DROID phone for the masses with a slick marketing campaign. Will this cost millions and cost anyone in charge of the project their job if it doesn’t end well? Yes, but damn it, it’s worth the risk. Motorola, hire me and I’ll do it. You can fire me if it doesn’t work out.

Anyway, I’ll stop dreaming now. There’s no way this is happening. DROOOOID.



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