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Download: Newer Motorola Droid Froyo Leak FRF57

Who wants a full Motorola Droid Android 2.2 build instead of just a ROM?  A big “thanks” needs to go out to DroidMod and Alldroid for leaking and cracking this new build first.  Yes, this is newer than the build you had on Saturday.  This comes with the stock kernel that can actually be overclocked to 800Mhz, the wifi works out of the box, and is as legit as it comes.  There is nothing hidden about this Froyo.

Again, huge thanks to to those that had this first.

Unfortunately, the original version did not have root access, so we’ve tossed in root and created our own nandroid for you to flash.  In a way, it’s almost like the Droid Life Froyo build.  (Funny.)

*Reminder* – You have to be rooted to do this.  New to rooting? Follow our full guide here.

Download:  droidlifefroyo-BS-20100608-0521.zip



*Note 2* -If you are coming from the previous Froyo build, you do not need to wipe data and cache.  If this is your first time getting Froyo’d, please perform a factory reset before step 5 in recovery.

1.  Download the new nandroid Froyo build from above.
2.  Unzip and drop folder in the “nandroid” folder on your SD card.
3.  Open ROM Manager and flash “alternate recovery” (SPRecovery).
4.  When it finishes, scroll up and choose the option to “Reboot into Recovery.”
5.  When SPRecovery loads, choose “backup/restore.”
6.  Choose “Advanced nandroid restore.”
7.  Select “Choose backup” and find the “droidlifefroyo-BS-20100608-0521” backup.
8.  Select “Perform restore.”
9.  When it finishes, hit the “power” key to go back to the main menu and choose “reboot.”
10.  When it reboots, you should be Froyo’d with root!

Questions or comments?  Chrome to Phone time!

Updates: Time to answer some questions from the comments…

-Q: Is this stable?
-A: Yes it is. We wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t.

-Q:  I lost root! Now what?
-A: Boot into recovery and apply this update.zip.

-Q:  Can this be overclocked?
-A:  Yes.  The previous kernels we posted should all work.

-Q:  Is this the same build as the one posted everywhere last night?
-A:  No idea.  I got this from the original leak.

-Q: Will the previous radio update work?
-A: Yes it should still work.

-Q: What does “unrar” mean?
-A: Unraring is like unzipping.

Cheers to Wade for helping me out with this!  Go buy xScope.


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  • Krimsongraphix

    Any word on when Verizon is going to officially release Froyo? I still have concerns on Rooting my Motorola Droid.

  • Almighty1

    I have been having the endless reboot loop problem and couldn't get into safe mode…

    The only way out is to boot in SPRecovery, wipe data and then flash this ROM.

    I found out what caused the endless reboot loop after experiencing the scenario 3 times. It appears that if I goto Market and install apps and the phone returns with the low space warning, even if I uninstall the app that caused it which is different each time, and then power off the phone, it will go in the endless loop and won't let me into safe mode so it seems it's either corrupting data when the low space warning shows up or it's writing bad data. In the last time, I moved all big apps to the SD Card using Titanium Backup before installing other apps so there is 60MB free and haven't experienced the problem yet. Does anyone have Yahoo! mail working in froyo? If so, what are the setup procedures as adding a e-mail using @yahoo.com doesn't work unlike 2.1.

  • thewalker303

    did everything it says and i get an error nandroid exited with status 28. wtf?

  • Dracul

    How do u do a factory reset?

  • Under999

    Why do I keep getting Error: Nandroid exited with status 28

  • Ford5pt0

    Also, has there been anyone who rooted their droid, and it messed it up? i wanna do it, but my luck sometimes likes to kick me in the ass…

  • Ford5pt0

    I would like to know if there is a way to get android 2.2 that will for sure not mess up your phone.

  • J Samborski28

    When I go to rom manager alternate recovery its is shaded and says “no alternate recovery available”. This is my first time trying 2.2 I went to sp recovery by pushing power and x, followed the reset of the instructions and got a error 25. Any ideas?

  • tonytbone7883

    Are 2.2 Froyo FRF57 software updates going to be in apk file? if not can it?

  • tonytbone7883

    How are we going to get OS 2.2 software updates if we are rooted? Are the Developers going to provide a zip file for us? Can we still get them OTA?

  • Hey .. could someone upload a video of this install – one that includes this so-called “factory/reset before step 5” thing? Or, just point me to a youtube site where I can watch it.

  • Qudwis

    i have two problems..
    i used dolphin browser but i wanted to erase
    so i did.. then internet has just dissapeared…
    there's no original internet…
    what should i do?? help me!!! plz!!!

    second question is i cant go in to market…
    when i press market app.. it just comes back out to the front..
    help me plz!!!

    • qudwis

      i just erased everything and started from beginning.. haha
      anyway it works again…

  • Yan

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  • yk299

    DONT Try this it will BRICK your phone. check out speechtrans the best speech to speechtranslator on the iphone, instead of pre defined phrases you can say anything you want in both languages! go to http://www.speechtrans.com to see for yourself!

  • Qudwis

    it says you cant use this if you have clockwork recovery…
    then how can i change my phone back to sprecovery from clockwork??

    • EC8CH

      From the ROM Manager, under “More Recoveries” select “Flash Alternative Recovery”.

      This will flash SPRecovery back onto your phone.

      • Qudwis

        thank you ^^*

        • EC8CH

          Happy to help. Droid life FTW

      • In case anybody else has the same problem I had, be patient. I had to select “Reboot into Recovery” 3 times before I actually got into SPrecovery.

  • Aru

    hey men its works at milestone or only Droid? I tried to do in milestone but does not work from step 4-5… HELP!!!

  • is it me or has any one found out how unstable this os is. is there a fix for folder ghosts, and what is it with the freezups.

  • Stiwrx07

    how do i root 2.2 because root manager doesnt work help

  • $creamDROID


  • cavaliercarey

    The Nandroid/Droidlife folder clarification is crucial. Thanks!!

  • Mmart99999

    i love everyone on here! such good tips when i cant figure something out. thanks!!!

  • Mmart99999Michele

    when i go to step i cant go any further, it says cannot back up/sd card, can anyone help?

    • $creamDROID

      your sd card is maybe corrupted

      • $creamDROID

        download rom manager , under stock fonts it has the froyo leak , way easier

  • Ohszabo

    I've created my nandroid folder, downloaded droidlifefroyo-BS-20100608-0521 inserted it inside of my nandroid folder on my sd card. but theres no droidlifefroyo-BS-20100608-0521file to choose from when in i'm picking my backup i want to restore with in my sprecovery. the only selections are boot.img nandroid.md5 and system.tar

    • $creamDROID

      did you download the rite file ?

  • Cory

    I have the first one and i didn't come with the wifi hotspot. I was wondering if this one does or would it be a waste of time to dl and install it.

    • $creamDROID

      this one comes with the wifi

  • Pdiddy1906

    I flash my phone to 2.2 and everything was working fine. I changes my case this morning and my phone is stuck at the bootloader(please help)

  • Akidd

    For those having issues – like I was – here is a modified Step 2.
    Your SD card needs to have a root folder called nandroid
    Your nandroid folder should have a folder inside of it called droidlife or droidlifefroyo-BS-20100608-0521 – it doesn't matter what you call it.
    Now, copy/extract the 3 files in the droidlifefroyo-BS-20100608-0521.zip file into that 'what you call it' folder.
    There's no Un-Raring to be done.
    So, you should have
    SD Card
    – nandroid

    For Step 7 – select the 'what you call it' folder.

    • Zeus

      Thank you Akidd! Stuck at “Status 25 error” for the past two days!


    • Harley Pawley

      Thank you, Akidd for giving me an idea! What may have been my problem is that I may have created the folder (originally the full name as suggested) through Windows as I was mounted through the USB. So, I renamed the folders through ASTRO. I renamed the nandroid file – even though it didn't change, and then I renamed the other folder to DROIDLIFEFROYO. The next attempt it worked!

      It's odd, but I have never been successful at downloading through the phone and getting a useable file. If I download through Windows and then copy to the sdcard, then it's successful. So, I suppose it stands to reason that some tasks are better accomplished on the phone instead of Windows and vice versa.

    • Nathan Bollman

      THANKS FOR CLARIFYING>>> This should have been in the main instructions!!!!!!

  • Chirag

    never mind i got around that but not when i click restore is says ERROR: Nandroid exited with status 21

  • Chirag

    where is the nandroid folder i cant find it

  • Stiwrx07

    rom manager doesnt work for me ive tried everything please help

  • Stiwrx07

    rom manager doesnt work for me ive tried everything please help

  • Brian

    These question here are pointless to ask since know one ever answers thanks god I'm not rooting using this Froyo bullshit

  • Brian

    Guys i need help, that i cannot even get to the part of rooting my 2.1 to do what you guys are doing, i selected the srprecovery file. Every time i hit start i get failed (0x7100) my phone is at the bootloader black screen i dont know what else to do please help

    • Absens

      I get the same thing…. it sucks.

  • Matrix5 7

    I cant even get pass even rooting 2.1 any help please, after i select the SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf all i get is :
    Failed flashing process (0x7100) my phone is in the stage of the black screen saying bootloader 2c.6c battery ok ok to program transfer mode: USB, please any help

  • Harley Pawley

    I can't install because it keeps saying E: cannot access sdcard/nandroid – or something to that affect. How do I get past this?

  • Every one I love this OS Sorry about my concerning Post.

    Contact me I can help you do this.

  • Cdahn1311

    You say place the file in the nandroid folder on the sd card, is that a file you create or an existing file?

    • you have to create it

      • Cdahn1311

        I have a moto droid, and just wanted to make sure you create the folder first, I am rooted but still a little new to some of the stuff. So just triple checking, you do have to create the nandroid folder on the root of your sd card in order to flash froyo over?

    • what ver of droid OS and what type of phone do you have.

  • Christopherleeyuhas

    I've done this and applied the update.zip to fix the root issue yet I'm still unrooted now. Titanium backup says I'm not rooted and I cannot apply fix permissions via Rom Manager. Any way to correct this? Everything else is reading as if I'm rooted though…odd.

  • bibbyboi

    Ok i'm in SPRecovery and do i select “wipe data/factory reset”? I'm coming from 2.1….just kinda paranoid i'm gonna lose everything if i do that…

  • ok, this is driving me nuts…

    i've gone through the rooting process, everything works fine, i have root access… then i go into sprecovery and attempt to find the backup and keep getting this:

    e:can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 (or /dev/block/mmcblk0)
    (no such file or directory)
    e:can't mount sdcard:/nandroid

    the nandroid folder is there, with the correct folder underneath. when i get that error, i can't even mount the sdcard at all to load the update.zip. what is preventing the sdcard from mounting?

    • let me ask you a question:

      do you have this program ( RSD Light ) Installed on your computer?
      if so I can send you a update that will help you to get rooted safely and easyly

  • Bigmike4302

    When I try to perform restore it comes up with error: Nandroid exited with status 25. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

    • Contact me let me help you with the steps. this is a delicate list for your phone. tried so many times that I have it in my head.

  • Dandkburt4

    So far I have read your reviews and tried out the os for the droid 2.2 and I brick my phone every time I try to install it

    • Dandkburt4

      I guess 25 times is a charm. I got it running

  • Ninjah

    so ive done this but my marketplace is currently not working anymore =( anything i try to update/download i get a message starting downlaod and hangs there… ive ready a few other posts but wasnt able to get any of those fixes to work, any info would be greatly apreciated and if not, whats the easiest way to get back to my buglessbeast?

    • that is funny I have mine working right now and installed it about the same time you did

  • Dylans764

    i installed this, its great, but now some apps arent findable in the market. my friend did the same, installed this, he can scan a qr code it comes up, but mine says it cant find the app in the market. help!

  • Thurstonbrooks

    Please help!!!!!!!!!! I followed all of the instructions and the flash finished without a hitch. Although when I went to reboot the phone goes to the red eye screen and tries to load and gets stuck. My Droid just keeps cycling through the red eye screen then just resets itself and tries again. Phone never rebooted to Froyo or anything for that matter. How can I fix this. Please please please help me unbrick my phone. Thanks


    • did you clear the user and the cach files? contact me.

      • Thurstonbrooks

        Thanks Donald for your quick response. Right after I posted this I noticed the little blip about wiping the handheld if coming from 2.1 or lower and I also figured out how to restore to my previous rom, which was much easier than I had thought, and then started over. I screwed up by not wiping the handheld before hand and once I did that it worked fine. No bootloop and booted into froyo just fine. Thanks Kellex for the build and thanks Donald for your help.


  • Sordx

    whats a “nandroid” folder?

    i dont have it on my SD card root, do i create one or what?

    • create it if you don't have it.

  • Elaman

    this version of 2.2 wont let me boot into revovery! it gets stuck with the moto sighn when i hold down x and pwoer! what do i do to get this version of 2.2 off!

    • try to flash back to 2.0.1 or 2.1 then make shure before you start the process for 2.2 you clear the user info and the cash folders using sprecovery. that was the same problem I had untill I followed each step 1 at a time. do exactly what it says.

  • Socom36252

    how do u overclock with it now?

  • hey whats up peeps, im new to this whole rooting stuff…so anyways i have some quick questions…

    1) i cant find rom manager at the marketplace?
    2) if i decide to go back to factory stock 2.1, how would i proceed to go about?
    3) once the official 2.2 release from verizon is rolled out, what will happen to my droid?

  • Stephenw Whitten

    For some reason I don't have mobile service after the reboot into Froyo…is there anything I can do to get it back…I know its not the service because my wife who is on the same plan has perfect service.

    • Stephenw Whitten

      Never mind it fixed as soon as I turned it off then turned it back on…thanks guys this is awesome!!!

  • Ligbob

    put my droid in an endless reboot