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Tips and Tricks

google home bluetooth pairing

How to: Connect to Google Home Over Bluetooth

Back at Google I/O, Google announced that Bluetooth pairing was on the way to Google Home, leading way to more flexible music control. Rather than needing Google's built-in Chromecast support or for your favorite apps to get onboard, you could instead just...
google home black friday deal

Google Home Calling: Everything You Need to Know

You now know that Google Home calling is starting to rollout and should be on your units within a week if it isn't already. As fun as that sounds, blasting out Google Home calls to friends, family, and random businesses after an evening full of drinking, I'm...

How to: Setup Google Allo on Web

Need the quick and easy instructions on how to setup Google Allo for Web on your Android phone and Chrome browser? It's super simple and I'm sure you can do this on your own, but for those who need some visual aides, we've got them. Let's walk you through it!...
oneplus 5 tips and tricks

OnePlus 5 Tips and Tricks: 20+ to Make You a OP5 Pro

A decent list of OnePlus 5 tips and tricks is finally here and we're sorry for the delay. We know that a good bunch of you picked up the latest premium phone from OnePlus and need to be the OP5 master immediately. In this OnePlus 5 video, we dive into the $479...
lg g6 tips and tricks

LG G6 Tips and Tricks: 20+ to Make You a G6 Pro

We're still a ways from the official launch of the LG G6 in the US, but if you want to master that phone straight out of the box once it's available, we've got just the video for you. Below, you'll find our LG G6 tips and tricks showcase.  The G6 brings a...