OnePlus Brings Back the Feature Trollout for the OnePlus 5, Confirms Snapdragon 835

To build hype as a new company with a new product on the way, OnePlus worked through a bit of social media trickery with the launch of the OnePlus One. Since they had almost no marketing budget, they decided to announce each feature of the phone over a period of weeks in order to stay in headlines and maximize the soon-to-be-launched phone’s exposure. It worked, of course, but it was also ridiculously obnoxious. They have eased off the idea a bit since that first phone, though not completely. And of course, with the OnePlus 5 on the horizon, the trollout of features is back.

This time, we get a confirmation on the processor that will be featured in the new device. It’s a Snapdragon 835!   (more…)

IKEA’s TRÅDFRI Smart Lighting Will Soon Work With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

IKEA’s new TRÅDFRI smart lighting system was announced back in March as a potentially affordable and more accessible alternative to the expensive Philips Hue products of the world. Unfortunately, at launch, the system didn’t play well with the other smart systems in your home and was controlled only by an app that IKEA released. In the coming months (“summer and early autumn”), IKEA plans to fix that by allowing you to control TRÅDFRI products through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (Siri too).  (more…)

PayPal Update Brings Android Pay Integration

It has been over a month since Android Pay and PayPal announced together that they would soon be friends. Today, that integration can finally happen, thanks to an update to the PayPal app.

Once you grab the latest PayPal update, should you be interested in adding it as a payment option to Android Pay, you’ll open PayPal, login, and then tap the settings icon in the top right corner. Once in there, you’ll find a new Android Pay option in the list of settings, between Payment Preferences and Personal Info. Tap that to begin setup!  (more…)