Deal: $20 for the ExoMount Touch Car Mount

The ExoMount Touch car mount has been slashed to just $19.99 in the DL Deals store. That’s roughly $10 off the full price or about $5 cheaper than you will find it at Amazon. That’s a solid deal for those of you looking at car mounts for your oversized smartphones.

Why the ExoMount Touch? It can mount to just about any surface (flat, smooth, textured, curved, or rounded) thanks to its super strong suction. Once attached to your dash or other surface, the ExoMount quickly grabs a hold of your phone without the need to press a button. All you have to do is press it against the mount and the non-slip arms/pads will grab it. To release, you need a finger to loosen its grab, giving you true 1-handed access to your phone.

The ExoMount is also washable, has a swivel head, and should work with just about any phone, including oversized big boys like the Note 3.

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Deal: Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light Brings LED Fun to Your Desk for $69

I know that you probably never envisioned your life being better with a box full of colored LED lights that light up into shapes or animations while also showing you notifications from your phone, but it could potentially happen with the Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light, which is on sale in the DL Deals shop for $69.99. Or maybe you just want a cool accessory for your desk to play with during times of boredom. Whatever the case may be, the $10 discount only lasts for a couple more days.

The Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light, as I just mentioned, is a box full of colored LED lights. That box connects to your phone via Bluetooth to show you notifications from your favorite apps as they come in. But you can also sync the lights to a clock, customize how notifications arrive, push through various icons and animations, and even watch the lights animate to music that is playing on your phone.

Again, it’s kind of cool even if it is a niche product or office accessory that not everyone needs.

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Deal: New Unlocked Galaxy S6 (SM-G920F) for Just $629

Wow, now this is a good price on a brand new, unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6. For just $629.99, you can own an early candidate for “phone of the year” in either gold, white, or black and with 32GB of storage.

For comparison’s sake, the AT&T and T-Mobile Galaxy S6 at full retail cost $685 and $680, respectively. You are looking at a discount of at least $50 should you buy the phone through this deal, plus it comes unlocked, so you can take it to either carrier whenever you want.

This unlocked Galaxy S6 is model SM-G920F, which is an international variant. We tend to like unlocked, international models because they often see updates before any other phone does.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read our Galaxy S6 review.

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Deal: Interstellar and a Bunch of Other Movies are Just $3.99 in HD on Google Play (Updated)

You digital movie library is about to grow. Through some sort of unannounced movie discount on Google Play, you can grab new flicks like Interstellar, the newest Hobbit and Hunger Games, Whiplash, and more for just $3.99. Actually, the movies are $3.09 for their SD versions, but you may as well fork out for the HD versions at just $3.99.

No telling how long these will be priced like this, so jump on them now.  (more…)

Other Google Store Goodies: LG G Watch R Drops to $249, Moto 360 to $179

With the introduction of the LG Watch Urbane to the Google Store moments ago, Google has also gone ahead and dropped pricing on the LG G Watch R and the Moto 360. The G Watch R dropped from $299 to $249, and the Moto 360 was slashed from $249 to $179.

Pretty solid savings on two of the top Android Wear devices available. Hopefully, these discounts actually stick around for more than a couple of days.  (more…)

Deals: Galaxy S6 Official Wireless Charger for $35, Moto X for $180, Sonos Play 5 for $342

Looking for a whole bunch of electronics to blow last Friday’s paycheck on? We’ve got you covered, thanks to a 2-day sale over at Groupon. By using coupon code “SALE3” at checkout, you can save 10% on your orders, up to $50 off. After cruising through their pages and pages of deals, we actually found a handful that are worth considering.

Items like the official Samsung Galaxy S6 wireless charger can be had for $35 (normally $50). The 1st gen Moto X on Verizon is also as cheap as $180 after the discount. But maybe the best deal of all, if you are in the market for home Hi-Fi speakers, is the discount on Sonos’ entire line-up. You can grab a Sonos Play:5 for just $342 (usually $399) or the Play:1 for $171 (usually $199). Sonos products are almost never discounted, and if they are, never to these levels.

There are other deals as well, all quick-linked below.

Again use code “SALE3″ at checkout.

Groupon Links:

Deal: Pick Up the Trakdot Luggage Tracker and 2 Years of Service for $79

I can’t say that it has ever happened to me personally, but I can imagine that losing your luggage while traveling could quite possibly be the most frustrating thing on the planet, especially when you and the airport have no idea where your bag is at the moment you realize it has been lost. Trakdot is a product that attempts to alleviate this situation by tracking your bag at all times.

To work, the Trakdot is simply placed in your luggage and then paired with an app or browser. As you land, the device sends a notification to your phone to let you know its exact location, which hopefully is right underneath your seat in the luggage compartment of the plane. If it isn’t there, then you should at least be able to see its last whereabouts to help you and the airline track and recover it.

The Trakdot typically runs $50, but you need to pay $20 per year for its tracking service. With this deal, you get the Trakdot plus two years of service for $79.99. So basically, you are saving $10. Amazon reviewers seem to love it and have given it a 4.5+ score.  (more…)

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