At This Point You Should Only Pay $799 for a Pixel 8 Pro

Pixel 8 Pro - Newest Deal

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The Pixel 8 Pro would likely be our 2023 phone of the year if we named such a rating. Its combination of software and hardware, as well as its ridiculously wonderful-to-touch haptics have made it the phone to beat for the time being. It’s that good, outside of its network abilities. It’s probably the phone we’d easily recommend to most people for now even with the Galaxy S24 Ultra hitting our hands in a couple of days.

But beyond just being a great phone in a number of ways, the Pixel 8 Pro is easy to recommend because it is almost always discounted. Google and its retail partners are constantly dropping $200 off it, leaving it at $799. And you know what? They dropped prices again this week.

You really shouldn’t pay full price for a Pixel 8 Pro.

Is the Pixel 8 Pro worth buying at full price? For sure. Again, it’s awesome. But starting around Black Friday of last year, a regular $200-off discount has hit this device almost weekly if not bi-weekly. In our short time covering the Pixel 8 Pro, we’ve seen Black Friday deals that extended into the next week, at least two December discounts, and now two January discounts at the mid-way point of the month. They even ran that crazy 40% off deal for the Google Play Points elite.

If you or a friend head to the Google Store or Best Buy or Amazon at any point going forward to buy a Pixel 8 Pro and see it at its full $999 price, tell all interested parties to wait a week. Within a few days, there is a good chance it’ll once again be discounted by at least $200.

Need to know more about why we love the Pixel 8 Pro so much, especially with price cuts? Our review is a good place to go. After reading that, we’ve got discount links for you below.

PIXEL 8 PRO DEALS: Best Buy | Amazon | Google Store



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