Samsung’s Galaxy S24+ Starts as Low as $249 in Pre-Orders

Galaxy S24 - Pre-order Deals

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We talked through all of Samsung’s best Galaxy S24 pre-order deals earlier today, mostly with a focus on the top beast, the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Here’s the thing – if you don’t need the best of the best or have the budget for it, the Galaxy S24+ is currently the best deal of them all.

That’s a bold statement from me, so let me try to explain why the Galaxy S24+ might be the play right now.

Samsung will sell you a Galaxy S24+ for as little as $249.99. As you likely already figured out, you need specific devices to trade-in to get the price that low through a $750 discount. Like with the S24 Ultra, you need an S23 Ultra or Galaxy Fold 5 to get that much off.

With that in mind, there are also devices fetching $650 off that’ll drop the phone to $349.99. To get that big discount, you could hand Samsung an S22 Ultra or Galaxy S23+ from last year. You could also get $600 off with a Flip 4, Flip 5, or the ancient Note 20 Ultra. Samsung will even give you $550 off if you have an S22+ or S23 or S21 Ultra.

Quick reminder – Samsung’s trade-ins are instant discounts that come off the price you pay today. You know that, but wanted to make sure it was clear.

As we talked about earlier, Samsung is doubling the storage for free, so that gets you from 256GB up to 512GB. Again, you could pay as little as $249.99 and get that much storage. That’s wild.

But why the Galaxy S24+? Samsung upgraded it quite a bit over last year’s Galaxy S23+. For this year’s model, we have an upgraded display to QHD (from full HD). Samsung is selling all models with 12GB RAM instead of the 8GB RAM from last year. You also get a bigger battery (4900mAh vs. 4700mAh), the fancy new flat-edge design, and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which so far has produced impressive results in early phone releases. This is probably the biggest upgrade of all of the S24 Series devices.

Overall, the Galaxy S24+ is as close to the Ultra model as we’ve seen. It may not have quite as advanced of a camera or the S Pen, but those are about your only differences. Plus, the S24+ has rounded corners and should be lovely to hold, while the S24 Ultra’s sharp body isn’t going to be fun for long periods.

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