Google Discounts Pixel 8 Lineup Up to $200 at Every Retailer

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To really get this new year going, Google has slapped both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro with massive discounts again, maybe hoping to get a few people off of the fence and into a shiny new phone.

For savings, Google has the Pixel 8 (review here) at $150 off of its usual price, bringing the starting cost to $549. If it’s the Pixel 8 Pro (review here) that has caught your eye, it had $200 knocked off its price, bringing it down to a start of $799.

We have seen this deal before and what we said back then still applies. These prices, for both of these phones, make them an exceptional deal. The Pixel 8 Pro is essentially a perfect Google phone, with a bright and gorgeous display, as well as a camera system that nearly tops them all. Both phones ranked very highly for us in 2023, and with years of Android software support to come, we’re sure they will treat owners well long into the future.

Follow any of the retailer links below to save on the Pixel 8 lineup.

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