Galaxy S24 Ultra Pre-Orders Live: $750 Trades, Free Storage Upgrades, More

Galaxy S24 Ultra - Best Pre-order Deal

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All of the announcements are done and we know every little detail about the launch of the Galaxy S24 Series. For some of you, that means you know enough already to pre-order the device of your dreams rather than wait for reviews (like the one from us) that will be along shortly.

I have great news for you! Galaxy S24 pre-orders are live if you truly are ready. Samsung is once again pumping up trade-in values that get you instant discounts today, plus they have credits to spice things up in the accessory department, and they are doubling your storage at no charge.

This launch deal is likely the best Galaxy S24 Ultra pre-order deal for most people, because Samsung offers the best combination of discounts, upgrades, and trade-in. Let’s talk through how you can get the biggest discount.

$870 OFF GALAXY S24 ULTRA + $150 CREDIT: If the top tier Samsung phone is the one you want, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is ready with the biggest discount of them all. Samsung will drop up to $750 off with a trade-in, plus you get a free $120 storage upgrade, giving you a total savings of $870.

To get the highest trade-in value, you’ll need to trade-in a top tier device, like the Galaxy S23 Ultra or Galaxy Z Fold 5. Those phones get you the full $750 off, which again, is an instant discount you get off the price today. Samsung’s trade-in program is still the best. There are other devices that will fetch you decent prices too, like the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S23+ – those will land you $650.

For free storage upgrades, Samsung will jump you out of the gate from 256GB up to 512GB. Also, for the first time, they will double 512GB models up to 1TB at no charge, which is pretty awesome for those who plan to use up all 7 years of OS updates that are planned.

And finally, if you pre-order a Galaxy S24 Ultra, you’ll get $100 credit to use towards accessories at the time of your order. Additionally, if you use the link below (because we have special links), you’ll get a bonus $50 credit to use too, so a total of $150 in credit.

You could get a Galaxy S24 Ultra today for as low as $549.99.


$870 OFF GALAXY S24+: If you’d rather skip the S24 Ultra and go with one of the slightly-smaller, less expensive models that still pack a punch, the Galaxy S24+ might be the best choice. Samsung upgraded the display and RAM this year, so it’s as close to the Ultra line as it has ever been.

The pre-order deal here was supposed to be up to $650 off with a top trade-in. However, at this moment, Samsung is doing $750 off, like they did with the Ultra. The best values are again the S23 Ultra and Fold 5 for $750. When you combine that $750 with the free storage upgrade from 256GB to 512GB ($120 value), you get the full $870 off.

Note: If Samsung adjusts the trade-ins back down to $650, we’ll update this.

Like the S24 Ultra, there is a credit situation here too for accessories. Samsung is handing out $75 in credit for S24+ pre-orders, but once again our link below gets you another $50 to add to that for $125 total.

You could get a Galaxy S24+ today for as low as $249.99.


$610 OFF GALAXY S24: Finally, the Galaxy S24 is the smallest of the bunch with the lowest level specs (FHD display, 8GB RAM) that still remain incredibly good. This is the device for people who prefer something smaller (like me).

Samsung is taking $550 off with trade-ins for devices like the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, Flip 5 and Z Fold 5. With a free storage upgrade from 128GB to 256GB ($60 value), you get a full $610 off. And yes, there is credit for accessories too, with $25 from Samsung plus the $50 from our link below.

You could get a Galaxy S24 today for as low as $249.99.


Pre-orders for all Samsung Galaxy S24 Series devices arrive by January 31.



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