Dead Trigger 2 Receives Major Tournaments and Purgatory Arena Update

A massive update for Dead Trigger 2 is now available for iOS and Android devices, which includes the highly-anticipated Tournaments feature. In tournaments, Madfinger Games creates unique challenges within the game, then has players decide how they will play out certain scenarios. Tournaments take place inside of arenas, and the publisher also added a new one of those, too.  (more…)

Timberman for Android: Brainless as Flappy Bird, Just as Addictive

Thanks to a follower on Twitter, who clued me to its existence, I found a new game on Google Play that reminds me of Flappy Bird, but doesn’t make me want to hit something. The game is called Timberman, and without me even knowing, it has been on the app scene for quite some time. Thanks to recent success on iOS, Timberman looks to dominate the charts with its fast, simplistic, yet highly addictive gameplay.  (more…)

Let It Goat! Features Bears, Zombies, and an Insanely Catchy Tune

I found a game on Google Play this afternoon, and following 20 minutes of intense, yet frustrating gaming, I think you all should check it out too. The game is called Let it Goat! In the game, which is a endless platformer of sorts, you play as a goat that seems to be running for its life.

In the game, you must dodge sharp spikes, hurdle zombies, and can befriend bears that will help you get further in the game. When you die, you start all over.  (more…)

Plague Inc. Updated With Movie Product Placement, Brings Planet of the Apes Tie-in

If you think like me, you would agree that the premise of the Planet of the Apes movies hinged on a pretty big plot device that allowed the humans to be overrun by apes. 2011′s Rise of the Planet of the Apes offered up an explanation that was a little bit more believable: the human race being attacked by a virulent disease.

With a new Planet of the Apes on the horizon, the popular infection-based strategy game Plague Inc. has cashed in on the hype with its latest update, which allows you to soften up the world so the apes can take over.  (more…)

Mojang’s “Biggest Update Ever” for Minecraft: Pocket Edition Now Live on Google Play

Better clear a few hours off your schedule today, because Minecraft: Pocket Edition is receiving a huge update today. Version 0.9.0 is being slowly rolled out, packed with updates that any Minecraft fan will be sure to get excited about.

Wolves, Endermen, and caves are just the start of the changelog for today’s update. These features finally come after months of hard work and teasing by Mojang for the “biggest update ever” for Pocket Edition. (more…)