Friday App Sales: Combat Mission: Touch, Per-App Modes, Star Walk – Astronomy Guide, and More

Earned some dough through Google’s Opinion Rewards app and need some apps and games to blow it on? First, go buy Domo, the latest icon pack from our friend kovdev. Next, take a look at this week’s list of deals on Google Play.

Our list this week is fairly lengthy, and includes some great apps like Combat Mission: Touch, Francisco Franco’s Per-App Modes, and Star Walk – Astronomy Guide.

Get in on all of them right down below. (more…)

Impossible Road Released for Android After Being Long Time iOS Exclusive

A game which has been available on iOS for quite a long time has made its way to Android this afternoon, called Impossible Road. The game is extremely straightforward, as you control a ball which rolls down a road which is practically impossible to navigate.

Using either touch controls or tilt controls, you must move the ball left and right along the road without falling off to your doom. If you’re lucky, you can get back onto the road after you fall, but if you try to make a habit of it, be prepared to die.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: Beautiful Widgets Pro, Riptide GP2, Root Toolbox PRO, and More

On the hunt for a way to fill up your new HTC One (M8)? Or perhaps your soon-to-be Galaxy S5? Look no further than this week’s app and game sales, where we find a couple of noteworthy apps to take up your phone’s storage.

Beautiful Widgets Pro (an app which recently got an update) is discounted, both generations of the Riptide GP game are on sale, and Root Toolbox PRO has also seen its price slashed for a limited time.

The full list of this week’s hot deals is down below. (more…)

Humble Bundle 9 for PC and Android Released, More Great Games for the Same Great Cause

Another edition of the Humble Bundle is upon us. The 9th edition of the Bundle for PC and Android brings us 6 new games at a price that you choose. Want your money to go to charity? Or more to go to the developers? You get to choose who gets the cut and how much you want to pay. Everyone wins.

Out of the six games that are being offered in this Bundle, you get 4 of them no matter what you pay. Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror, Bridge Constructor, Ravensword: Shadowlands and Type:Rider are all yours for whatever cost you choose.  (more…)

Top 5 Android Games: March 2014

We are back again with the Top 5 Android Games for the month of March here in 2014. It was actually a really great month for mobile gaming on Android, with the release of a few titles which will undoubtedly go into some type of mobile gaming Hall of Fame.

This month, we saw the release of Cut the Rope 2 (hooray, Om Nom is back!), Threes for Android, as well as Smash Hit. We are sure that these games have been played by many of our readers, so we hope you agree with our list. If you don’t, let us know which games would have made it better.

Check out our top 5 games for Android below.  (more…)