Google Introduces Nearby Multiplayer to Google Play Games for Developers

A new feature has been introduced to developers by Google, which will allow you and your friends to compete side-by-side in select games in the upcoming future.

The introduction is of Nearby Multiplayer in Google Play Games, which will allow developers to create challenges and cooperative experiences based on the locations of you and your friends.  (more…)

Daddy Long Legs Game Crawls Onto Google Play, But Does Not Crawl Very Far

A game called Daddy Long Legs hit Google Play recently, escaping my attention thanks to all of the craziness which has taken place thanks to Google and new Nexus devices. Regardless, we can talk about it now, and the game is very cool.

In the game, which is one of the more straightforward titles you will ever play in your life, you are a spider who is simply trying to walk as far as he can without toppling over. Of course, your legs are super long, so moving them perfectly in sync for perfect forward steps is somewhat of a chore. However, a chore does not properly describe the difficulty of Daddy Long Legs.  (more…)

South Park Pinball Tables Teased Before Release Later This Week

Zen Studios announced the addition of newly themed tables coming to the Zen Pinball HD application in Google Play this week, centered entirely around the world of South Park.

In total, two new tables with be featured, “South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball” and “South Park: Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game.” Throughout these new pinball tables, you will take on Coon and Friends as Professor Chaos, as well as help Al Gore go up against the evil ManBearPig.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: The Room Two, Fist of Awesome, Minuum Keyboard, and More

A new collection of applications is available on Google Play, on sale for a limited time for all to enjoy. There are a few great games, such as The Room Two and Fist of Awesome for $1, so if you have yet to check those titles out, hurry up and do so.

In addition, rooters should be able to find a use for the discounted BusyBox Pro app at $1.80, while workout enthusiasts should enjoy a bit of Abs Workout Pro for only $1.

The full list can be seen below.  (more…)

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest II Lands on Google Play for $4.99

Square Enix keeps it rolling this week, with the launch of Dragon Quest II to Google Play for $4.99. The title, a sequel to Dragon Quest, which was also made available on Google Play recently, puts you in the shoes of the young prince of Midenhall, a descendant of the legendary warrior Erdrick.

In the game, you must set out to find the two other heirs to the heroic bloodline so that “together they might defeat the nefarious Hargon and restore peace to their world.”  (more…)