You Will Soon Test Drive Games Straight From Google Search

Buried inside of a list of changes for app developers on Android, Google has announced that users will soon see an option to test drive applications, games in particular, directly from Google Search results. This is essentially an expansion of Google’s previous “Stream” option for mobile apps that was announced back in November. When enabled on Google’s servers and by developers from their development console, if a user Google’s “Panda Pop,” for example, a button for “Try Now” will appear. When hit, folks can play a bit of the game, then choose to install the title right from Google Play.  (more…)

Fallout Shelter Update to Bring Item Crafting, Dweller Customization, and More

An upcoming update for Fallout Shelter is bringing a lot of new features, a few of which should add plenty of exciting gameplay opportunities. The big change – item crafting. Junk, exactly like the kind you would find in Fallout 4, can be used to craft new armor and weapons. Dwellers exploring the Wasteland with a high level of Luck can find junk, and you will be able to receive junk from Lunchboxes. To craft items from the junk, two rooms have been added into the game; Weapon and Armor crafting rooms.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: DuckTales Remastered, Castle of Illusion, eRadar HD, and More

It’s Friday, meaning you may need a few new apps and games to spend your time on. Luckily for you, there are a ton of apps currently on sale through Google Play. A few of the highlights are Disney’s Castle of Illusion and DuckTales: Remastered, as well as the Fresh icon pack that we claimed is “hot” not too long ago.

Other titles on sale include Ballistic SE, multiple Toca titles, JoyJoy, Fast Burst Camera, Dungeon Raid, and plenty more.

Check out the full list below.  (more…)

Wake Up to the Radio or YouTube Videos With PocketBell Alarm Clock

PocketBell, a radio alarm clock, may be my new favorite thing. For years it seems, I used Timely, then after that team “joined” Google, I used the stock Android alarm app. It works fine, but if you might be looking for something a bit more fancy, PocketBell is for you.

When setting an alarm, you can choose what type of audio you want to be awoken to. You can set it as a standard alarm ringer that is already installed on your phone, a music file you have, radio station, or even a YouTube video. If you look at the header image above, you can see I set a Droid Life Show episode as an example of this feature. If the buzzers and ringers that come with your phone suck, this app is your answer.  (more…)

Assassin’s Creed Identity to Launch on Android This Spring

Launched this morning for iOS, Assassin’s Creed Identity will soon make its way to Android this Spring. Developed by a Ubisoft game studio, Assassin’s Creed Identity brings the classic Assassin’s Creed parkour gameplay to mobile devices, with the game’s story taking place during the Italian Renaissance.

Injected with action-RPG elements, players will customize their own Assassin, then embark on a mission to solve a mystery known as The Mystery of The Crows. You will travel to settings such as Santa Croce in Firenze and the Colosseum in Roma. As you continue to play and complete objectives, your Assassin will level up and grow from novice to a hooded bad ass.  (more…)

Play Games Intros Gamer ID, Unique Gaming Persona for All Mobile Players

When you hop onto your PC, PS4, or Xbox One, you are no longer yourself – you are a destroyer of worlds, killer of zombies, pwner of newbs, vault dweller in search of his/her son, or whatever type of character you want to play as. The point is, you usually play these games under an alias when online, not your real name.

Because of this, Google is introducing Gamer ID for Play Games. With this, mobile gamers can create unique gaming personas when playing on their phones, so wherever you may be with your phone, you can always be Zardoz, a mortal man sent to teach an enslaved people about sex and freedom. (more…)

GTA: Liberty City Stories Hits Google Play, Currently Priced at $3.99

Rockstar published GTA: Liberty City Stories this morning onto Google Play, bringing mobile gamers a chance to experience the same great game, but this time, on Android.

In the game’s description, Rockstar explains that the studio has streamlined and shortened missions to deliver a better mobile experience, while better graphics and touchscreen controls have been also been integrated.  (more…)