Tower Dwellers Reminds Us of Clash of Clans, Minus $99 IAPs

If you watch TV from time to time, you have likely seen a commercial for Clash of Clans. In fact, I don’t think I have seen more commercials for a mobile game than I have for that particular title, and it does seem rather popular on Google Play. However, after playing for about 15 minutes, I just could not get into it with so many in-app purchase (IAP) requests.

With a new game called Tower Dwellers from Noodlecake Studios, known for their publishing of Super Stickman Golf, Wayward Souls, and Punch Quest, the title looks to strip the genre of the constant bombardment of requests for your cash.  (more…)

Top 5 Android Games: September 2014

September has come and gone this year, but to recap the month, there are a few great games that were published during those 30 days. Gameloft continued its streak of pumping out well-developed driving games, while indie developers gave us an indie smash hit focused on goats.

In the list, which is not in any order of importance or awesomeness, we highlight five games that had the most impact on ourselves as Android gamers. We try not too give to much love to any one genre of game, so there is a racing game, two platformer games, an open world game, and a survival game. In this list, there is at least one title you should enjoy.

Below is our list of the Top 5 Android Games for the month of September.  (more…)

SEGA Brings Hulkamania to Crazy Taxi City Rush, Now Available on Google Play

An update has rolled out to Crazy Taxi City Rush on Google Play, which brings arguably the most iconic wrestling hero of all time to the game, Mr. Hulk Hogan.

Starting today, users can hire Hulk to operate taxis, driving down the streets of cities, hoping to get passengers to their destinations in a timely manner. For the next month, the game will feature plenty of Hulk-related challenges, as well as additional Hulk inspired content, such as a Hulkamaniac Tank, Hulkster race car, and much more.  (more…)

Hellraid: The Escape Lands on Google Play for $2.99

In a new game to hit Google Play called Hellraid: The Escape, you must escape the clutches of an evil sorcerer who is hellbent (pun intended) on sending you down to the most torturous layers of Hell.

The game is an Escape game, where you must search through torture chambers to find items and clues, solve sadistic puzzles, and escape from being captured by Hell’s many demons and guards.  (more…)

Brain Wars Available on Google Play, Rank Your Brain Power Alongside Friends

A game called Brain Wars is available in Google Play this week, one which will pit you against friends and strangers across the world. The game is based on quick brain challenges, sectioned into different categories, such as memory, speed, calculation, and observation. The overall point is to see just which categories your brain reigns triumphant.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: Chainsaw Warrior, Osmos HD, Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan, and More

Friday is here once again, which gives us the perfect time to gather the current app and game sales taking place on Google Play.

This week, a few well-known titles are up for discounted prices, including Osmos HD, Pirates and Traders: Gold, Chainsaw Warrior, and Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan.

It may not be the biggest list of sales, but it is still full of great applications.  (more…)