Alpha Test Minecraft: Realms, a Cross-Platform Multiplayer Experience

Ahead of official launch, which isn’t even scheduled yet, users can alpha test the upcoming Minecraft: Realms game, an actual cross-platform multiplayer experience for fans of Minecraft. At launch, Minecraft: Realms will allow players on iOS, Android, PC, and Windows 10 editions of Minecraft (Xbox One) to be in the same world simultaneously, bringing that teamwork spirit that was so popular when Minecraft first launched for PC way back in the day.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: SunVox, Minecraft: Story Mode, Sky Gamblers, and More

For those in need of a few new apps and games to keep them busy over the weekend, take a look at the latest sales going on over at Google Play. For a limited time, you can save on SunVox ($2.99), Minecraft: Story Mode ($0.49), or better control your device’s volumes with Volume Control + for just $0.99.

Additionally, folks can grab Knights of Pen and Paper 2 for $3, TA: Little Red Riding Hood for only $1 (this game is really good), plus the Doom and Destiny series for $1 a pop.

Here’s the full list of apps currently on sale through Google Play.  (more…)

3 Android Games Worth Owning: Alto’s Adventure, Lost in Harmony, and One More Dash

It’s only early April, but already, plenty of new games have been hitting Google Play, swooping mobile gamers up out of their daily lives, placing them in fantastical realms of imagination, wonder, and excitement. Being quite the fan of mobile gaming, as well as console gaming, it has been a real joy watching many premium titles be made available for mobile devices, lifting up the entire Android platform as a whole. Whether you are an intense player with a game controller accessory, or maybe just a porcelain throne warrior looking for 10 minutes of enjoyment, there is something for everyone on Google Play.

The latest three games I have compiled land right in the middle for everyone. As a fan of more intense titles, Alto’s Adventure has been a real treat or me, as it’s the perfect mix of challenge and relaxation. Nothing beats carving down a mountainside. In addition, One More Dash will give the compulsive crowd something to cheer about, while Lost in Harmony is made for those who might want to escape for 30 minutes to an hour. Regardless of your play style, one of these three titles should suit you.

Here are 3 Android games worth owning.  (more…)

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings Now Available for SHIELD Android TV, Priced at $20

With MLB’s spring training in full swing, Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings could not have picked a better time to launch onto Google Play. Made for use on the SHIELD boxes from NVIDIA, Super Mega Baseball brings a comprehensive, yet easy-to-learn baseball game system. If you care about things such as complete pitching and batting stats, while also getting the sense that you are playing a game made for the Nintendo Wii, this is the game for you.  (more…)

Saiyan Battle is the Straightforward Dragon Ball Z Fighter You Need

If we have any Dragon Ball Z fans here, check out Super Battle for Goku Devil on Google Play. This game is as straightforward as can be, having you play as a Super Saiyan warrior. Like you would see in earlier Mortal Kombat games, you play one boss at a time, moving your way up the ladder to more difficult opponents.

The first few rounds are easy, with plenty of energy to spare on all of your favorite moves, such as the Ki Blast, Kamehameha, Dragon Recall, and Big Bang Attack. However, as you progress, encountering boss characters you should recall from the franchise, their attacks become very powerful, and eventually, you may fall victim to their strength.  (more…)

Humble Bundle 17 Offers Lara Croft GO, Prune, and More at “Pay What You Want” Pricing

A new Humble Bundle is live for all to see, and this time around, is offering quite a few premium titles at a pay what you want price. The way it works is simple. There is an average price set on the bundle, which is the average price of those paying for the games on Humble Bundle. If you meet or exceed that average, you get all of the games. Easy, right?

Currently, the average is set at just under $6, and when the average is paid, you gain access to six games. If you pay a set $6 price or more, you get 8 games. As always, you the payer get to decide where your money goes. Additionally, more games become added to the bundle at a later time, making your initial investment much sweeter. As for which games are currently available, I am sure you have heard of a few of them. Right now, Humble Bundle is offering Lara Croft GO, Prune, Framed, Grim Fandango, Sorcery! 3, and others in this bundle. For the $6 set price, this is a very good deal.  (more…)

You Will Soon Test Drive Games Straight From Google Search

Buried inside of a list of changes for app developers on Android, Google has announced that users will soon see an option to test drive applications, games in particular, directly from Google Search results. This is essentially an expansion of Google’s previous “Stream” option for mobile apps that was announced back in November. When enabled on Google’s servers and by developers from their development console, if a user Google’s “Panda Pop,” for example, a button for “Try Now” will appear. When hit, folks can play a bit of the game, then choose to install the title right from Google Play.  (more…)

Fallout Shelter Update to Bring Item Crafting, Dweller Customization, and More

An upcoming update for Fallout Shelter is bringing a lot of new features, a few of which should add plenty of exciting gameplay opportunities. The big change – item crafting. Junk, exactly like the kind you would find in Fallout 4, can be used to craft new armor and weapons. Dwellers exploring the Wasteland with a high level of Luck can find junk, and you will be able to receive junk from Lunchboxes. To craft items from the junk, two rooms have been added into the game; Weapon and Armor crafting rooms.  (more…)