YouTube “Playables” Arrive for Premium as Games You Can Play on YouTube

YouTube Playables - How to install

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YouTube Premium’s benefits expanded this holiday week with the addition of Playables into the app. Playables, as the name sort of suggests, areĀ playable items/games within YouTube that are free of cost (for now) and could bring you simple entertainment on both mobile and desktop without the need to download anything.

Google added YouTube Playables this week with a notification to Premium members, suggesting they turn the feature on if interested. Once on, you’ll find it in the Explore tab of YouTube and a single tap takes you into the Playables space.

Should you enter Playables, YouTube shows you Home and Browse tabs. The Home tab is a list of games you may have already played and a running list of what’s “Popular” on the platform – they typically show 6 games in this section from what I’ve seen. If you open the Browse tab you should see around 37 titles that you can tap into and start playing. And that’s the pitch here, that you can play all of these games without downloading them. They simply live within the YouTube Playables section for quick action.

YouTube Playables

Some highlights for games include Angry Birds Showdown, Brain Out, Daily Solitaire, The Daily Crossword, and 8 Ball Billiards Classic. There are other arcade style games too, plenty of puzzle options, etc.

YouTube Premium’s benefits page says Playables is available until March 28, 2024. You have a few months to help YouTube decide if this is a cool new feature or not. Get to playing if you think it is, plus it’s also free at the moment. Who knows if it’ll stay that way in the future.

To access all of your YouTube Premium benefits and turn on Playables, head over here. You can visible Playables through this link or from the Explore tab.



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