Rumor: Amazon Plans to Announce Video Streaming Box Next Week (Updated)

Finding a way to get customers to stick to a single streaming media service is always tricky business for a company. With that being said, the battle for hardware space in your living room has been heating up recently, and Amazon is ready to throw its hat in the ring. Latest reports show that Amazon’s event next week in New York City is centered around a new web-to-TV streaming box. (more…)

LG Bringing KnockCode to More LG Phones Via Future Firmware Update

Ever since it was introduced with the LG G2, the KnockOn tap-to-wake software that LG patented has been a major focal point of its OEM software. LG even improved its own design by announcing KnockCode alongside the G Pro 2, which will launch later this year. Apparently, demand was so high for creating a personalized knocking pattern to unlock your device that LG is bringing it to more of their older devices.  (more…)

Samsung’s Russian Twitter Teases New Level of Device, Being Announced Tomorrow

Today, we have had quite the number of announcements from Google and the gang, but Samsung seems to have a bit more left in store for us. Samsung’s official Russian Twitter account has posted the image that you see above, with a quote that seems to hint at an entirely new device from the Korea-based manufacturer, ready for announcement on March 19, which is tomorrow.  (more…)