Samsung Announces New Quad-Core Exynos ModAP Processor that Features a Built-In LTE Modem

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Unfortunately for the Galaxy Note cult out there, yesterday’s Samsung Exynos announcement was not the new 5433 chipset that we were all hoping for. However, we did get a new quad-core Exynos ModAP chipset that seeks to solve an age-old problem with the Exynos line: LTE capabilities. This new ModAP chip is the first Exynos SoC to have an LTE modem built-in, and should offer more flexibility when it comes to Samsung’s processor line.

The struggle of living in the US and being a Samsung fan is never getting to experience the Exynos line if you wanted to have your LTE download speeds too. While we highly doubt that we will ever see this specific Exynos ModAP chip in a phone stateside, this is a big step for Samsung to work into Qualcomm’s dominance of the market. The ModAP is built on 28nm HKMG architecture and Samsung promises that it is built to not only support LTE speeds (all the way up to LTE-A standard), but all the other high demands that come from today’s smartphones.

Samsung hasn’t quite given us the complete technical rundown of the ModAP chip just yet, but it shouldn’t be too long before we finally have our hands on that. It remains to be seen if this is the chip that will power the upcoming Note 4 and other flagships, or if it will be their mid-range processor, leaving the heavy lifting to something else. Once we hear more from Samsung we will be able to figure all of this out.

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