New Bill Wants to Free Us From Those Ugly FCC Symbols on Your Mobile Devices

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Whenever we get in a new device here at Droid Life, we love taking out glamour shots. One of the hardest things to do is to get a nice picture of the back of a new smartphone without showing the ugly and intrusive FCC logos on the bottom. If a new bill passes through the Senate, those physical symbols might not be needed anymore. 

The E-Label Act was introduced yesterday is a push to make the FCC in favor of electronically tagging these devices, instead of physically writing on them. This would give OEMs more options on how to comply with the regulations set forth by the FCC other than just putting all these unnecessary stamps on the back. If this new legislation passes, the FCC information normally reserved for the back could be brought up on-screen like the IMEI, MEID and other crucial information already does.

The bill is brand new so don’t expect anything to happen immediately, but we are hoping this can pick up some steam. It may seem like a small gripe for phones and tablets, but for new Android Wear devices, this could lead to a cleaner and sleeker look on the outside. Something that would go a long way if the new platform is looking to garner a premium market.

Via: The Verge



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