Report: Samsung Ditching KNOX in Favor of Google Taking Over Android Security

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The last news that we heard in regard to KNOX, Samsung’s answer for a secure Android platform, was that it had just gotten approval from the American government for use by government officials. After receiving such a vote of confidence, it looked like KNOX was on its way to being something we could see more of, but today’s report points to Samsung ditching the project all together. 

A report out of Forbes today, says that despite getting the nod from the US Government, KNOX was adopted by less than 2% of all of Samsung’s marketshare. Take that into account with Samsung’s drop in profit and sales last month, then you have a good reason to scrap the project that was introduced to make Android more secure.

The rest of the Forbes report lays out a plan for Google itself to step up and take control of the Android security problem. Google has apparently been working on a KNOX-like system, but one that will be baked into Android itself.

This new solution is reportedly still in the very early stages, something we will certainly not see in Android L and has not been field-tested in any way. It’s an exciting thought, though, but as we like to say here at DL, “nothing is confirmed.”

Via: Forbes



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