LG Smart Keyboard Update Rolling Out to G3 Owners Later This Month


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The keyboard that you use with a device may not get a lot of attention, but is still a very important part of your overall user experience. LG is looking to greatly improve experiences of using the keyboard on their already well-designed G3, with a new update that is set to roll out later this month.

This update features a long list of upgrades and enhancements, some of which we have seen on other keyboards, but a few that LG will be proud to offer on their devices. 

As you can see in their promotional video above, LG has gone through and made sure that their new Smart Keyboard will get out of your way as much as possible, while still offering up suggestions to make getting your point across faster. The additions of next word suggestion and swipe-to-type bring the keyboard up to speed with other third-party ones, such as SwiftKey and Fleksy, but there are new additions as well.

Emoji suggestions works similarly to word suggestions, but with emojis. While LG must have a kind of system for trying to correctly predict smiley faces in your texts, we can think of a few situations where suggestions could be taken out of context horribly, leading to some interesting conversations with your friends and family.

LG has also built in an indicator that senses which application you are using, then will suggest words based on that context. Most people don’t send regular text messages and business emails in the same tone of voice, and LG is hoping to help with that.

This update has been tipped for “later this month,” but nothing more than that. If we hear more on the release date, we will definitely keep you updated.

Any new G3 owners here? How are you liking it?

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