Official: Samsung Pushing Software Update to Remaining Note 7 Devices to Stop Them From Charging (Updated)

Starting December 19, Samsung will begin pushing a new software update to remaining Galaxy Note 7 devices in the US that have not yet been returned. That software update will prevent devices from being able to charge and will them “eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices.” News of this type of update was first reported on yesterday and is now official.

Samsung says that the update will rollout over 30 days to remaining phones and customers who own Note 7s will be notified through “multiple touchpoints,” likely in an attempt to get them onto another phone before their Note 7’s life is over with. More than 93% of Note 7s have been recalled, according to Samsung.  (more…)

Google Home’s Conversation Actions are Open for Developers to Make Magic Happen

During Google’s unveiling of Google Home, the Pixel phones, and Google Assistant a couple of months ago, they showed off a preview of the future of Assistant on both devices. That future was highlighted by Actions on Google, the 2-piece platform that Google has created to give third parties access to Assistant. Today, Google has opened up one of those two pieces on Google Home, which could lead to the third party, conversational action magic you’ve been dreaming of.  (more…)