Pixel 8a Pre-Order Deals: $100 Gift Cards From Amazon, Best Buy

Pixel 8a - Best Pre-Order Deals

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With the Pixel 8a going official and up for pre-order, it’s time to be on the lookout for the best deals, as early launch times typically give us the best prices or bonuses. That appears to be the case for the Pixel 8a as long as you choose Best Buy or Amazon.

Both Amazon and Best Buy have a Pixel 8a deal that includes a $100 gift card for pre-ordering. They aren’t giving you a discount on the phone itself, so you’ll still pay the full $499. However, that free $100 gift card could get you a free case, some groceries, toys for the kiddos, etc. Spend it as you will.

For those who missed the news on the Pixel 8a, it did indeed go up for pre-order today with pretty decent upgrades. It gets the Tensor G3 chip from the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, now has a 120Hz display, is IP67 water and dust resistant, still has wireless charging, and will get access to a bunch of Gemini AI tools. It’ll be supported for 7 years with software, OS, and Pixel Feature Drop updates too, just like its more expensive siblings.

The Pixel 8a is very much looking like a winner of a phone at $499. Pre-orders should arrive by May 14.

Pixel 8a Pre-order Links: Best Buy | Amazon



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