Report: Huawei Watch 2 Incoming, Will Feature Cellular Connectivity and Sportier Look

The original Huawei Watch is still one of our favorite Android Wear watches of all time. It features a classic design, gorgeous display, and enough different variants to fit most of our fashion needs. It also happens to be a part of the Android Wear developer preview program, which is a bonus. But even though we still find ourselves happy with the original, I think it’s safe to say that we all want a follow-up.

According to a report out of Venturebeat, we may have a follow-up by Mobile World Congress in a month.  (more…)

Report: Galaxy S8 Coming in Two Sizes With “Infinity” Display, Desktop Mode With Dock

Last week, we recapped the latest in major Galaxy S8 rumors in an attempt to catch everyone up on the latest happenings, as they seem to continually change as we approach the phone’s unveiling. Today, The Guardian has chimed in with information from its own sources, a whole bunch of which matches up to what we previously shared, including the sizes and shapes of the displays used, base storage amounts, and more. They also added some new details, like the fact that you may be able to dock the Galaxy S8 to gain a desktop mode.  (more…)

Netflix Update on Android Adds SD Card Storage of Offline Content

Netflix pushed an update out to Android devices today that gives you some flexibility in where you store your offline content. Adding to the November release that allowed you to download shows for later viewing, Netflix is now letting you choose whether you want them stored internally or on an SD card.

The update also fixes some bugs. It should be live for all right now.  (more…)

Adobe Optimizes Suite of Android Apps for Chromebooks

Shortly after Google announced that Android apps and the Google Play Store would make their way to Chromebooks, I talked about the importance of this move, even calling it the end for tablets. Tablets are all but dead on Android, yet Chromebooks seem to be getting more popular by the day, especially now that they have touchscreens and can essentially act like a tablet. The problem, though, since that launch, has the been the fact that most apps just aren’t really fine-tuned to work on Chromebooks. Today, that changes a bit as Adobe has announced that it will release a suite of their Android apps that have been specifically optimized for Google’s Chrome OS.  (more…)