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During Quarterly Financial Conference, Samsung Confirms 64-bit Processor is Ready for Mass Production

samsung galaxy note 3

During a press conference that focused primarily on Samsung’s quarterly financials, the company confirmed that its 64-bit processor – the one that execs promised just after Apple announced that the iPhone 5S would sport such a chipset – is now ready for mass production. In addition, we should start seeing the chip be ready for consumer devices in the first half of 2014, which means it is quite possible that this 64-bit processor will be inside of the upcoming Galaxy S5 handset. 

Without knowing too much on the technical side of processors, the 64-bit processor should allow the addition of more memory inside of the device, something Samsung has had no issue doing already with the Octa chip and the Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm. The Galaxy Note 3 currently features 3GB of RAM, so a 64-bit chip only opens the door for more RAM to be crammed inside. At the end of the day, the hope is to have a blazingly fast smartphone experience no matter what you are doing on it.

If we do expect to see this new chip inside of a consumer device, the Galaxy S5 would be a pretty safe bet. Samsung is keen on putting its best foot forward with new Galaxy S devices, so we will just have to wait and see what happens. According to the most recent reports, the Galaxy S5 or a new premium “F” line of Galaxy phones should be announced in early 2014.

Exciting times for those who can’t get enough of the spec wars.

Via: TechnoBuffalo

  • Whatever be the case I will love only android phone’s only if they resolve the over heat of devices .


  • 64 bit !!!!!!! Great 🙂

  • I can’t stand Samsung. I have been holding out desperately for any decent high-end Android phone that’s not a Samsung. I don’t think I can do it any longer. Every single other manufacturer has disappointed me, especially HTC and Moto.

    With this new 64-bit processor, I’m afraid I might just have to throw in the towel. Samsung pretty much OWNS the Android game. {{-_-}}

  • Daistaar

    Use a separate MicroSD for RAM and that 64Bit CPU might actually make sense. Couple that with a smart dock and I’m in…

  • CHRIS42060

    So I can get an Exynos Octa 64-bit 3.0 (probably) ghz processor, probably 4GB of RAM, and I who knows maybe a 1080p 3D capable display……. but how will they power it. The smallest Arc Reactor I have seen is in Tony Stark’s chest.

    • HarvesterX

      It would use considerably less power. That’s one of the benefits to using the new ARM 64bit ISA.

  • calvinreyes325

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    • Jonathan Isenberg

      Anybody else do a Ctrl+F and search for this aforementioned Raymond?

  • Ruel Smith

    Without more than 4GB of RAM, 64 bit is nothing but a gimmick. The only real other plus of 64 bit is the level of precision it offers, which is meaningless on mobile devices. But, I guess, marketing hype is everything…

    • HarvesterX

      Better security features (on chip encryption as one example, which is perfect to go along with the capacitive finger print scanner on the home button – unlocking your phone takes less than a second and your encrypted fingerprints are only stored locally to alleviate any NSA fears).

      With that said, well, I can’t stand Apple as much as I can’t stand Samsung but I have to remain honest. Still won’t catch me alive using an iPhone. 🙂

  • 96bit

    Congratulations your S4/NOTE 3/G2 are now outdated. The S5 will be king of the hill for about 18 hours. #phonelife

  • Turb0wned

    OK Apple.. Ops I mean Samsung.

  • RedXander

    It’s not just about addressing more memory. With the revision to ARM 64 bit, you also get a new ISA and more registers. Sure the primary motivation is more addressable memory but immediate performance gains would be seen and you would be setting up your developers for addressing more required memory later (realistically looking at 2015/2016)

  • Blue Sun

    Buyers of the first 64-bit chip smartphone (S5 I assume?) should be prepared for a lot of app crashes the first 3-6 months. I’ll note off for the Note 4.

    • Edwardo Gomez

      I’m going to hold off for the Hold 4.

    • HarvesterX

      Majority of Android apps are written in Java and require no changes and will run perfectly as is on a 64 version of Android (and processor). These apps are turned into bytecode and ran on a virtual machine. They aren’t compiled until run time.

  • Butters619

    Honestly, I don’t need a 64 bit processor and 4 gigs of RAM. I want a phone that can make it a weekend without charging. That would actually wow me.

    • crazed_z06

      Galaxy Note 3

      • JoshGroff

        Considering my note 2 almost pulls that off, I believe it.

      • Butters619

        You got me there. I just can’t quite use a Note. I won’t knock anybody who does because they are awesome phones, but I don’t have the hand size/dexterity to text one handed with a Note.

    • feztheforeigner

      LG G2 lasts forever!

      • Butters619

        I’d rather not deal with LG’s skin.

  • MikeSaver

    Am I the only one worried about going into this weekend without the Droid Life show to perform some sort of random friendly service for me?

  • Sjschwar

    say goodbye to battery life

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      That’s why the iphone battery is good?

      • Adrynalyne

        It isn’t due to 64 bit.

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          Then it obviously doesnt hurt it.

          • Adrynalyne

            Oooh, look at the troll getting feisty.

          • HarvesterX

            Lol, well with that logic my grandma didn’t hurt it either…

          • angermeans

            You do know that just because Samsung mass produces the A7 doesn’t mean that they “know” how to build chips like the A7. Samsung is a giant company and not all parts work hand in hand together. There is a lot that goes into making SoCs and Apple has been on top of the game for the past few years. They really started taking steps ahead of the competition and wowing the market with the A6 (Swift) as the industry wasn’t believed to be able to have a cost effective way of hand clocking their chips. This was built upon with the A7 (Cyclone). 64 bit is just the part of the chip that Apple has chosen to market as it is being signified as a desk top class chip. It’s sad because they only get a 10-15% speed increase (over the already excellent Swift core), but thats marketing. ARMv8 is a bigger part of the double speed increase over the A6 and that has to do a lot with the ARMv8 ISA, but we are still talking about a lot of that speed is because Apple is still hand clocking their cores and that (one year later) is still not being done (as far as I know) from any other chip manufacture (not sure if Bay Trail will be or not, but doubt it). It is very expensive to hand clock (supposedly) and gives you the best power/performance vs overall power consumption. The real magic is that Apple is designing this chips to take advantage of every last core and being made exactly for the products they ship in and that is a huge advantage we don’t get to see in Android.

            iOS 7 is not a simple OS in any sense of the word. It was redesigned from the ground up to run ARM v8 (and to a lesser extent 64bit) and is running on a game core particle engine. iOS 7 is very complex and has been fine tuned for performance (60fps), battery life, and most of all simplicity. This is the reason runs so much better than Android is Apple and Google has had two very different strategies. Google through in every spec they could manage to do and then have tried to catch up (which still I feel personally they have a long way to go) whereas Apple focused its attention on how the OS ran and making sure to get the best possible performance on every device they’ve released and didn’t care if that cost them features (I remember when I couldn’t even send picture messages, multitask, or copy/paste). I don’t know where your getting your facts, but Android isn’t anymore complex (I would argue it is even less complex due to the newly created iOS7) than iOS 7 I can assure you of that. Also, I don’t know if you’ve taken the time to look into the A7, but it is beating the 800 hands down and is even rivaling Bay Trail which is designed for tablets. Not only this, but let me remind you that it is beating the 800 (and all other chips) while running at 1.3Ghz (vs 2.3 or whatever the 800 is) and with 1GB DDR3 RAM (compared to 3GB in the Note 3 and others). This is why Samsung is cheating it’s bench marks left and right because they’ve constantly played the spec pissing contest and all their reputation will go down the drain if the little iPhone 5s simply destroys their devices. Also, this is why they are scrambling with news like this as even since Swift Apple has been taking the biggest strides in processor technology in the market. The A7 shocked everyone and it came from building the A6 which did the same. Don’t kid yourself Android chip OEMs are going to have to do a lot more than simply making a 64bit enabled chip to catch up and even when they do (if it plays out like last year did) Apple will lap them again next year right about the time they catch up.

            All I have to say is we better see some innovation in Android both on Google’s side in coding the OS and their OEMs as if Apple continues this trend we won’t see the gap between the two getting any shorter. Just think about it. If they can get the power and battery life out of the thin and small iPhone 5s then what will they be able to do with a larger display and more area to add battery life and possible more silicon? I can’t imagine where they would be as they are rivaling the same battery life as phones with more than double the size batteries and still besting them in performance. If it was as simple as Samsung just taking Apple’s designs to the higher ups to get the same tech then they would have done it, but it isn’t that simple. They simply put the components together nothing more. By your logic the companies that put parts of ferrari engines together should be able to build a ferrari. The iPhone 5s is the sum of all its parts built to better each part by doing its job. Its very complex and Samsung and others simply cannot do it and especially at the cost they need to hit. This is why Samsung is content with throwing a cookie cutter 800 chip in its phones rather then designing the next Exynos processor.

      • tyguy829

        the 5S battery life is terrible though?

      • Diablo81588

        The iPhone battery is far from good.

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          It lasted me a whole day on a charge. Better than my Gnex and S3.

          • JoshGroff

            The S4 and note 2 can both easily make it through a day as well, with heavy usage. Other components are becoming more battery efficient, so comparing a newer device to an older one is nonsense.

          • Adrynalyne


            Pretty average battery life.

            The only thing that makes it impressive is the battery size they use.

            Of course, limited apps running in the background, low resolution, limiting LTE to not work during phone calls, no notification light, lack of updating widgets, and so forth tend to add up in saving battery life.

            Considering that Android devices hold their own and can do more in the way of multitasking, widgets, and notifications, I am really not that impressed.

            The funny thing is that Motorola has shown you can put huge batteries in phones while staying slim. Apple could do that too and give the iPhone monstrous battery life. However, that cuts into their profits and we just can’t have that.

      • Ruel Smith

        iPhone 5S battery is lackluster. There are all kinds of reports of it. Even my iPhone 4, now that it’s upgraded to iOS 7 consumes the battery faster, now. Besides, when you phone does hardly anyting in the background, little in the way of anything more than some simple animations and static icons, it’s no wonder battery life is better than Android phones.

        • angermeans

          You obviously have no idea what your talking about. There are no problems with the iPhone 5s battery life. It isn’t amazing, but it lasts just as long (if not longer) than any of my Android phones and at half the size battery. Also, you do know that iOS 7 does actual full multitasking, right? The iPhone 5s does this while also powering the A7 which is literally wiping the floor with all other processors that run at twice the Ghz and have more than 3 times the RAM (based on the Note 3 with the 800 and 3GB RAM). Not only that, but the GPU found in the iPhone 5s is also the fastest out. This is why I asked if you knew what you are even talking about. I understand you have an iPhone 4, but that is literally like me saying Android sucks because my iPhone 5s is so much faster than my Nexus One and has way better battery life to boot.

          • Ruel Smith

            You obviously can’t seem to keep facts straight and moved the goal post. My iPhone 4 has shorter battery life in iOS 7 than it did in iOS 6. My brother has a 5s and we did a side by side speed test against my Note 3. It was barely faster, yet my phone was running an aquarium live wallpaper and a much larger screen with far more pixels to slow it down. Also, my battery lasts all day with heavy usage and his is about on par with mine. However, my phone has a lot more going on than static icons and some simple animations. I used the iPhone for 3 years and my Note 3 does cartwheels and somersaults the iPhone only wish it could. Talk about mjltitasking, I can have multiple windows open at once, just like a desktop! Your obviously clueless about Android and i’ve only had this phone 3 weeks!

          • angermeans

            I don’t know what you mean by “moving the goal post.” Your OP states, “iPhone 5S battery is lackluster. There are all kinds of reports of it.” That is what I commented on. If you have an iPhone 4 then you have no idea if the 5s battery is bad especially if it is worse than iOS 6 because the iPhone 5s comes out of the box with iOS 7. I have here with me an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, Nexus 4, and Nexus 7 (2013). I can stand here and tell you my battery life is just as good on iOS on all my iDevices as it was on iOS 6. The only real difference is iOS 7 has real multitasking now just like Android does. It’s not like on iOS 6 when it would put the app in a suspend state until it is needed again.

            As far as speed the 5s blows the doors off the Note 3. My buddy has one and I’m sorry, but Touchwiz lags that phone to death. It isn’t horrible by any sense of the word, but Android all ready has stutter problems and dropped frames and the Touchwiz just makes it even more noticeable. I can make the same claim. I love Android and have used it for years. I ditched iOS completely after the 3Gs when I sold it for a Nexus One and didn’t come back until the tail end of the 4s and almost the iPhone 5 release. With the 4s Android was catching up, but Apple has once again innovated on many fronts. For example the A6 and A7 chips are beasts. Not only is the A7 beating every chip on the market pretty easily (and might I add it is still beating it even when Samsung and other OEMS are cheating their benchmarks. Which if it was so much better why would they do that? I can tell you because Apple is out innovating them and no matter how many cores and how fast Apples A Series processors are beating them pretty easily). The A7 is only clocked at 1.3Ghz and has a measly 1GB of RAM. Your Note 3 is a quad core 2.3Ghz with 3GB of RAM. Also, from the recent iPad Air Review on Anandtech the iPhone runs at less than a 1GHz most of the time as it raps down and still beats the 800 when Samsung is cheating by fully maxing out all 4 cores to get the best score. The A7 is an absolute beast that has no business being in a phone, but damn is it cool that it is. The A7 is just as fast as a 2010 Macbook Air! That is absolutely amazing. Android OEMs and chip manufacturers have their work cut out for them. Im sure they will innovate much like they did this last year with the A6 and catch up in 9 to 10 months, but by then Apple will do it again. The impressive thing about this is Apple is under clocking this beast and still beating all other ARM chips in existence. They are also able to keep great battery life on a battery that is roughly 1/3 the size of the Note 3 and is pretty close in how long they will last. That is impressive. This chip and the software that runs it not only destroys the competition in speed while also being half the cores, half the Ghz, and 1/3 the RAM, but it is also extremely power efficient. No one can or will match this and Apple has a huge advantage here.

          • angermeans

            Sorry it is so long. I also wanted to comment on your post where you say your Note 3 can do so much more than the 5s. Yes, Android has some benefits over iOS, but iOS also has many benefits over Android. Yes, you can have all the widgets you want, run live wallpapers (even though iOS 7 now has some similar with dynamic wallpapers), and does have a larger display. I can tell you 100% honestly that I still use Android and like it, but have no need for widgets just like I have no real need for running two apps at the same time on a phone. What I do have a need for is like I mentioned above with the processor innovation, the best app eco system hands down (Android isn’t even close), a much better optimized OS that lets face it runs much better than Android ever has, an all around excellent camera (which I have yet to find a better camera on a phones), a much better display (you can count pixels all day if you want, but Apple’s hand calibrated displays are still much better looking and have much truer colors and accuracy then Android OEMS and that isn’t even talking about the god awful Super AMOLED which is absolute garbage) the display also has a lot of innovation that Android OEMS including Samsung are ignoring such as the In-Cell tech that removes the top touch display and integrates both into one screen that is used for both. This helps with screen glare and makes it look much better. You can mention many things, but display tech Apple wins hands down and Im not the only one that thinks that it is pretty much a given around the net. Why do you think Android OEMs went to 1080p? Just like cheating benchmarks they cannot keep up with Apple.

            I’m sorry man. I love Android too and swear by it, but Apple’s floor is Android ceiling right now and the moves Apple just made with iOS 7 and all the things I mentioned above sets the stage for a very aggressive set of iPhones and iPads in the future. I just hope Google can and will keep up.

          • Ruel Smith
      • Jonathan Isenberg

        The iPhone is, by far, the device that would need a 64-bit architecture the least.

        They’ve prided themselves in the past with being to do more and offer a smoother experience with less system RAM.

        Once again, a completely useless marketing scheme to trump up an otherwise stale phone.

        • Ruel Smith

          I was an iPhone user for the last 3 years. I bought in to the BS. I swore that the iPhone was heads and shoulders above Android. I thought widgets and live wallpapers were just useless battery wasters. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I nervously jumped ship and bought a Note 3. Man was I ever wrong! The ability to change browsers, keyboards, and even the launcher Is phenomenal! Widgets are downright handy and functional! My aquarium live wallpaper is just too cool to put in words! My wife says I’m like a little kid every time I get on my Note 3! I’m sorry Apple lovers, iPhone is stuck in 2007 and I’ll never look back with regret. My son has an iPhone 5 he bought about 6 months ago, and he’s even envious and vowing to go Android next time as well.

    • battery life

      See ya!

  • Rand Paul 2016

    Android 4.4 64 bit?

    • HarvesterX

      I’m pretty sure 4.4 won’t support 64bit code coming out the gate. Maybe later in the future once 64bit processors begin showing up in devices, maybe then we’ll see 64bit editions of 4.4 showing up in repositories, and I’m fairly confident that next year at this time we will all be awaiting the Nexus 64 (N64…heh).

      App developers who write in Java won’t have to touch anything to have their apps compatible with a 64bit Android, since these apps are turned into bytecode and ran on a virtual machine. I’m not sure about apps written in C. I’ve never written one that way (though I am most comfortable while using C/C++/Objective C). So it should be an easy switch for Android to make once they are ready.

  • rals

    It’s pointless if Android doesn’t completely take advantage of that architecture.

    • samari711

      What’s there to take advantage of?
      there’s more addressable memory space and…. not much really. The OS is really the only thing that is affected by that and the linux kernel has had 64bit support for ages (and the 64bit ARM code should have made it in last year). Apps run in virtual machines so they should be more or less unaffected.

      • d0nk

        64 bit isn’t necessary to address more than 4gb of ram in linux. The “4gb limit” (really “3gb barrier”) is a myth that stems from MS/windows


        Of course, most android fans are going to treat 64bit architecture as if its the second coming.

        • Adrynalyne

          You take a big performance hit after 4GB using PAE, and no, that is not a Windows only thing.

          You also don’t need 64 bit Windows to address more than 4GB of ram as well, unless you are using a consumer version and don’t have PAE configured.

        • Jonathan Isenberg

          I honestly hope that us android fans don’t stoop so low as to treat a 64-bit architecture as the second coming.

          It really isn’t that big of a deal. Just another useless marketing gimmick (like 1080p screens on cell phones).

          • HarvesterX

            The ARM8 archeticture is certainly not a gimmick. Look at the performance gains that the Cortex A7 gained (iPhone 5s). That huge increase in performance and decrease in battery consumption had nothing to do with it being a 64bit platform though. I don’t plan on using anything from Samsung in the conceivable future (especially now that they are proposing the idea of slapping chips inside their accessories to prevent people from using third party accessories… yes, it’s always good to use oem components over cheap third party ones but sometime being able to buy a $5 replacement charger is why we chose Android), but I hope they learned something from building the A7 that Apple designed (well, designed based on the 64bit ARM ISA).

          • Jonathan Isenberg

            You’re absolutely right that the ARM8 is no gimmick. The jump in processor with every new architecture is nothing to scoff at. You don’t need a 64-bit architecture to make a more powerful chip.

            That being said, a 64-Bit architecture in a phone is a marketing gimmick because it has no real use other than to give fanboys and fangals something to brag about. I hate to admit this, but even a 1080p screen has more merit than a 64-bit CPU.

  • Scott

    My Moto X is one of the smoothest phones I’ve ever used. Done with obsessing about specs.

    • Balansi Kherwyn

      But they could have made the Moto X with higher specs + the smoothness… Because you have paid a price as high as the top of the phones anyway.

      Smoothness + specs.. why not both?

      • the3dolla

        Because with high res screens more battery is needed, with higher end processors more battery is needed and more heat is generated. My Droid Maxx is pretty nice. 3500mah, yes please.

        • PuttsMoBilesiCit

          I’m with you on that. Maxx phones for life…

        • HarvesterX

          High end processors generally reduce the amount of heat. The Snapdragon 800 is a major improvement in terms of battery live over this predecessors. The same goes for displays. This is the first Android phone I’ve ever used where the display isn’t at the top of the list for battery usage.. Just saying.

          • Butters619

            Uhh not quite for displays. A 1080p display has 2.25 times as many pixels as a 720p display. This puts a lot more stress on the GPU and uses significantly more battery life.

            Also, I know the Moto X isn’t an LCD, but when you increase the PPI in an LCD display, you have to increase the backlight to achieve the same brightness, so you get a double hit with LCD on the battery.

          • HarvesterX

            Well my last phone was the GNex and prior to that the OG DROID and each of those the display was the first item in the battery usage list consuming much more then other applications. I’ve never seen the display using the most memory anymore and the G2 has a gorgeous THD display compared to the other devices. Newer technology is allowing displays to consume far less then their predecessors do, even if the resolution is higher. Just because more data is involved or something is faster it doesn’t mean the device will use more battery. With time comes better optimizations.

          • Butters619

            I don’t think the G-Nex is a fair phone to consider because it just has awful awful battery life all around.

            Having said that, tech radar did a test where they put phones in airplane mode, adjusted the screen brightness to be the same ish, and watched a 90 minute video. GS3 lost 18% battery. GS4 lost 21%. But keep in mind, the SGS4 has a 24% larger battery so it used 44% more power during the same 90 minutes. (you can do the math). The SGS4 also has a more efficient A15 processor. So that really puts the power draw on one thing….the display.

          • HarvesterX

            A display will use more power the more it’s being stressed, sure. No argument there. I was referring to the reduction in overall power consumption with newer technologies. I’ve read here and on other sources (man I hope I have my numbers right, if not I can do a search for them) that older displays used like 500mAh versus today’s displays and versus the displays of tomorrow which will only draw 10mAh. That’s where I easy headed with the display issue.

            The display on the G2 though still hasn’t consumed enough power to be number one on the list (at least on the phone I’m using). That’s even after having the display on for hours and hours and hours and playing, well as a recent example, hours of Dead Trigger 2. Which is refreshing to say the least. The display usually stays between 40-60% depending on brightness. In that case of playing a game, Media Sever becomes the number 1 culprit now (instead of number 2 as it has been on older devices).

            I see what you’re trying to say though.

          • Butters619

            The two displays were watching the same movie, for the same time, with the same brightness.

            The SGS3 (720p display) used 378 mAh
            The SGS4 (1080p display) used 546 mAh

            And like I said, theoretically the processor in the S4 should use less power because it is A15 vs A9.

          • HarvesterXUsingAnotherBrowser

            Right, but I wasn’t talking about device to same device comparisons.. It’s all good, Iunderstand what you’re saying.

            @MikeSaver Chill, If you don’t care, don’t read it. Obviously Butter and myself were talking about power consumption. We cared. Calm down man, and as Carlin said, “Have some dip” .

          • Just_Some_Nobody

            Did they use the same version SW? I mean, the video app could have been crap. The drivers used for the display could have been crap. So, this could totally have been all SW related.

      • MikeSaver


  • erneci

    OK, NOW, I am ready to upgrade from my OG Droid.

    • SplashMTN

      I just got mine out a couple of days ago. It was the first time in almost 2 years. It was a solid phone but it really shows how far Android software and hardware has come.

    • lolwut

      *64 bit processor only available in select markets…

      • michael arazan

        And possibly Government contracted phones for security.

        And maybe one for the german chancellor asap, the NSA is stalking her 24-7 says she.

      • Jonathan Isenberg

        Also completely useless for, at least, the next year or so.

        Why does everybody get so excited about a technology that doesn’t provide any benefit to the end user?

        • loisscott325

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  • Rock_Kickass

    Along with being able to support more ram, the 64 bit processor also allows for ddr4 mobile ram. Which samsung also said is ready for mass production in 2014. Who knows, maybe we will see a killer combo of hardware in the S5.

    • Only to have it slowed down by TouchWiz 🙁

      • Rock_Kickass

        That why you scream “NEXUS!!!” and never look back.

        • You think a nexus device will have a Samsung processor?

          • Nexus 10 has one.

          • Rock_Kickass

            I was talking more about the touchwiz and less about the processor at that point. But who knows, it could happen.

        • TheDrunkenClam

          Yeah and then Ron chimes in to wine about the Nexus program

          • Rock_Kickass

            Come on now, he wasn’t whining about the nexus program, he was just saying he was confused as to what the point of it is. And he made some decent points.

          • TheDrunkenClam

            Yeah he did have some gold points. Several of which I agree with.

      • Jason Downing


      • Butters619

        We strapped a 3.0 Ghz 64-bit 8-core processor with 16 gigs of RAM…..

        ….and the god damn home screen still stutters.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Spec wars FTW

  • Greg Morgan

    Queue the Fanboys “copied” cries

    • Well, naturally. I don’t think they are trying to hide that fact. If you see a demand for something in the market, Samsung has the cash to bring it to their lineup of devices with the snap of a finger.

      • Pedro

        Hardware design does not come at the snap of a finger.
        Samsung would have been working on this for a while. Maybe Apple was the first to announce, but both companies have been working on this for years.

        And, after going though some ARM training this year, they are still all about 32-bit architecture to reduce pipeline stalls and whatnot. It may have been figured out, but…

        • Droidzilla

          Whenever Apple gets a hardware exclusive from someone else’s work, they always act like they pioneered the actual tech (see: lightning port).

        • JoshGroff

          BTW, Samsung makes the 64-bit chip in the iPhone 5S.

          • Adrynalyne

            Apple designed it though. Samesung is just the builder in the process and ARM is the owner of the reference CPU architecture.

          • HarvesterX

            Gotta give Apple credit for developing a very solid CPU built off ARM..

    • samari711

      I hate those Intel fanboys so much

    • HarvesterX

      Well Samsung “DID” build the A7 that Apple designed. Which was based off the 64bit ARM ISA. But yes, on other forums I’ve already heard the “copycat” cry from idiots.