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Valentine’s Day Contest: Win 1 of 5 $10 Google Play Gift Cards! (Update: Winners Picked)


To the men and women in the building who are feeling extra pressure today to do something special for that certain someone, we have something for you. It’s Valentine’s Day after all, and for many, that means another year of stress over making this the ultimate day of love, in fear of not meeting lofty relationship expectations. It’s at times a no-win situation, or better put, a day for games that potential significant others play with each other to see how well you know their needs or if you may be the one. Did you buy the right flowers? Should you have delivered them to their office or not? Dark or milk chocolate? Is your reservation at the right restaurant? Rosé or Brut with dinner? Are those heart-filled boxers going to look flattering tonight? Do I love this person or was I forced into saying so because it’s Valentine’s Day? Ahh, the stress.

Let’s relieve some of that, right now. Or at least take your mind off of it for a second and reward you with something that you can spoil yourself with when the day comes to a close. We have a handful (5) of Google Play gift cards to give away to five heart-shaped DL readers. 


Update:  We have our winners! Go check your emails!

Prizes:  Five (5) $10 Google Play gift cards

How to enter:

1.  If you haven’t already, follow us on your favorite social network:  Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.
2.  In the comments, tell us your Valentine’s Day plans.


Tomorrow at 9AM Pacific, we’ll choose five winners randomly from the comments.

  • I am entering loads of contests.

  • Just walked the dog to pick up dinner. Cop decided i looked suspicious since I was wearing a hoodie, I guess. Asked for ID, if I did drugs, blah blah blah. Not what I planned to do.

  • Watch Community’s Valloween episode.

  • Jason Brown

    hacking the kitchen!

  • nvitone23

    Rush home from college to take my girl out to dinner.

  • Spend my day with my girlfriend 🙂

  • Valentine’s Day plans: Playing Ingress

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    Um my plans are over but…dinner,movie,sex,go on droid-life!!!

  • Took the GF out for a nice dinner, then went out to the bar for a few drinks, followed up by homemade chocolate cake.

  • Flowers sent to her office. Cooked dinner for her,lit the fireplace a necklace and a nice card

  • Themanhere10

    I went to the gym…. Yay!

  • Single Dad so spending it at home because its a school night.

  • Bob G

    Sleeping off a gigantic meal.

  • 706 gray

    AM school. Lunch with parents, kids, and wife. PM school.

  • Due to crowded restaurants, children still at home and sickness in the house, my wife and I stayed home and had a great meal with our children.

  • Neal Horowitz

    No plans. The wife and I are going to stay home with our newborn. sigh…

    • tired

      Congrats from a father of twin 11 month kids and a 3 year old!

  • Brian Spearman

    Went out to an Italian restaurant with the girlfriend and had a nice evening 🙂

  • Rafa Sandoval

    Dinner with my gf & then cuddling up to watch movies

  • JBobea

    Finish writing my thesis, yeah it sucks!

  • BrianBrick

    Color me mine (ceramics painting shop) and Ferrell’s Ice cream parlor!

  • shehippie

    I had lunch and a single rose delivered to my husband at work. He came home with a dozen roses for me and a teddy bear for our son. We just got home from dinner a little bit ago. It was an awesome day! Happy Valentines Day everyone!! =)

  • My plans are to sit here Skyping with my girlfriend, wishing I didn’t have to do so to see her face and hear her voice.

  • JamisonFrady

    Kinect Sports and …em… relations…an odd combo for sure.

  • Volunteered at a local place and then farmed (ingress).

  • reggie1225

    My plans? Resting. Got an ear infection and I got work tomorrow night. Fun.

  • I’m eating Sweet Frog for Valentine’s Day. And it was DECADENT!!

  • William Peterson

    Unfortunately I am out of town working & won’t be home till tomorrow night. My hope is to take my wife out for a movie and dinner then spend a little one on one time playing “backgammon” as far as the kids will know. 🙂

  • MITBeta

    Bacon wrapped scallops, and keep the newborn happy.

  • sitting at home studying for my botany and chemistry test tomorrow

  • Eric Garcia

    Yummy grilled chicken for Valentines day! Happy day to y’all.

  • Well had marriage counselor appointment at 6. Met up with a guy from Craigslist I sold an old Power Mac to. Then we drove around arguing about where to eat. Ended up getting Sonic instead of going somewhere halfway decent. Now I’m posting on here and she is laying on the bed asking me what’s new with 4.2.2(just installed on her N7).

  • Cain Gantt

    Hanging out with my older brother. Haven’t seen him since New Year!

  • Family dinner, then doing some work.

  • Serf33

    I put an order in for a dozen roses. And I worked. Thats all

  • Made my wife a card. Yes, it was Star Trek themed.

  • Go out and buy a small cake and a card for myself. #Forever Alone ㅠ.ㅠ

  • Qdboba BOGO!

    Been marries too long to take this day too seriously 🙂

  • Ivan92116

    staying home

  • dinner

  • satriani1972

    Spending time with family.. that is what counts 🙂

  • Nothing special. .. Just tv my gf and me

  • Just sitting on the couch watching TV with the wife, that’s all we need, time together.

  • jhjr24

    Chicago Auto Show with my girlfriend of three years.. It’s a yearly tradition.. Hopefully driving that sweet ATS.

  • zachjen

    Nothing. My wife works tonight. oh well

  • I’m going to watch Predator, just like in How I Met Your Mother.

  • Inquizitor

    Visiting my girlfriend at her school, taking her to a nice dinner, and staying over.

  • Tom Landberg

    I am working 2 hours from home and am staying in a hotel. I’m a sad panda.

  • br_hermon

    Well I was going to take my wife out for dinner, give her her favorite flowers and candy, give her a homemade card and clean the house…. Instead she came down with the flu so now I’ve given her everything, made her soup and made multiple trips to the store for meds. HAPPY VALENTINES everybody! 🙂

  • Ezra Farber

    i want some stuff!

  • jameees

    going out to eat and watching warm bodies haha