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Contest: Day Three and Another Chance to Win a $25 Google Play Gift Card (Update: Winner Picked)

It’s day three of our week-long “Awesome Sauce DL Google Play Contest” where we’re giving away $25 Google Play gift cards. Yesterday’s giveaway reached a total of 880+ entries, which gives us some great motivation to do these types of things a lot more often. After today, we still have tomorrow and the following day for more chances to win, so let’s do this. 


Update: We have our winner! Congrats to aj34!

Prize:  1 (one) Google Play gift card worth $25.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us what your top three favorite apps from 2012 are.
2.  For extra brownie points, follow “Droid_Life” on Instagram if you want.


Today, at 4PM Pacific, we will choose the winner randomly from the comments.

*Contest is for U.S. addresses only.

  • blood brothers, Flipboard, and “pen and paper”

  • Jonathan Thomas

    Nova launcher, Chrome, and Subway Surfers

  • yummy

    Google Play music
    ES file explorer

  • www.Ace60.com

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  • JoshuaCaleb

    Rayman Jungle Run
    Bards Tale
    Chrono Trigger

  • Nova Launcher Prime
    Beautiful Widgets 5.0

  • will

    go launcher ex

  • inzandity

    Falcon Pro
    Draw Some

  • Pinball Arcade
    Tunein Radio Pro

  • docnok

    Next Launcher- Anything that could pry me away from Nova HAS to be damn good
    Falcon Pro- Any app that STARTS me using Twitter in a long time is good
    Chaos Rings (and Omega)- best game(s) on the Android OS right now. Looks AMAZING on my DNA.

  • Aaron Scott

    Google Now, Nova launcher, and Xbox Smartglass

  • Jonathan Weltback

    Nova Launcher, Angry Birds Star Wars, Swiftkey 3

  • Jason

    Wordfued, DropBox, Titanium Backup

  • shdowman

    Nova Launcher. Kept me sane on my GS3 until stable Cyanogen was released.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars



  • My 3 favorite apps this year have been Hill Climb Racing, I’m extremely addicted haha. Smart Wi-Fi Toggler has proved excellent. And also the Sky Motion weather app has been really cool to test out and watch

  • dapbmonkey4u

    Dolphin Browser
    Titanium Backup

  • Google Now, GTA III, Chrome

  • Titanium Backup Pro,
    Google Chrome,
    Google Maps.

  • Granny Smith

  • the blob

    chaos rings
    Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Angry Birds Star Wars

  • FaSSt2001

    Apex Launcher
    Google Chrome

  • Justin W

    Chrome, Google Now, and Google Reader. Reader may not have been introduced in 2012 (not sure), but it’s easily my most used app.

  • Michael B

    Dead Trigger


    Reddit Sync

  • Nova launcher, widgetlocker and, shadow gun dead zone even do my droid RAZR maxx heatsquite a bit when playing it ..

  • jaw_shoe_uh

    Falcon Pro, Nike Running, Google Maps

  • Michael Brennan

    nova launcher
    falcon for twitter

  • David Parrella

    Google Now,

    GoSMS Pro,
    Swiftkey (can’t wait for flow!)

  • Shogun: Bullet Hell Shooter, DANMAKU Death, and Sixaxis Controller

  • pezjono

    Nova Launcher
    Xbox Smart Glass
    Google Now (if that counts towards a Google Search update in 2012)

  • David Hodge

    Need For speed, smart actions, color me

  • jonnywin

    Nova Launcher, Flipboard, and Chrome

  • nvitone23

    SwiftKey, Google Chrome, and SnapChat

  • ankit199

    Nova Launcher, chrome and flipboard

  • 9TEN11

    Titanium Backup
    Apex Launcher

  • Falcon Pro (favorite new Twitter Widget)
    Pixlr Express (nice photo editing app)
    Solid Explorer (best File Explorer out there)

  • Alex Mosqueda

    Great Big War Game

  • 1. ROM Toolbox
    2. Seesmic
    3. Google Authenticator

  • My top three favorite apps of 2012:
    The Tiny Bang Story
    Holo Launcher

  • Jeff B

    Falcon pro, google +, plague inc

  • Franz

    Falcon Pro

  • ramifications

    Bad Piggies is amazing! Jetpack joyride and Road Trip 2 are great as well! Thanks Droid Life!

  • JamesU513

    Amazon for phone and tablet

  • Business calander
    Dolphin browser

  • Dillon Brown

    Chrome (for the features)
    Granny Smith
    Shadow Gun: Deathzone
    Bonus: Google Now? (“google search” I suppose)

  • ouch1976

    I’m liking Nun Attack,Ski Safari, and Overdrive. Good luck to all!

  • Nick

    Tweedle, Apex, Instagram

  • ConCal

    1.)Falcon Pro
    2.) AB Star Wars
    3.) Adblocker plus

  • Geoff Johnson

    Nova Launcher Prime
    Titanium Backup
    Wigle WiFi