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DROID DNA Owners, How’s Your Battery Holding Up?

There have been many who question HTC’s placement of a 2,020 mAh battery inside of the new DROID DNA. Reviews from all over the web have shown nothing but mixed feelings toward it – some giving it terrible marks, while others gave it rather good ratings, including ours. What reviews sometimes lack is real world experience, which we know we can rely on our community for. 

If you are the owner of a DROID DNA, let us know down below if your battery is getting you through a day of activity. If it can withstand a holiday weekend, we are sure it can hold up to anything. Feel free to go into detail on usage and if you would recommend the device to fellow readers. For some, the battery life is essentially the only thing that could hold them back from snatching it up.

Cheers D!

  • jeff

    I have had mine for a week now and the battery life is very good. I take it off the charger and about 7 am and by 11 at night it is still at 20% with alot of use during the day

  • Pioneermonster

    my battery life is actually really good, i live in Portland in an LTE area and the phone lasts all day with pretty heavy usage, the only thing that ill really eat the battery is the gps. with light usage it can last up to 2 days

  • Nettie

    It’s been great so far!! I had a Droid Bionic before this and was getting about 5 hours before it would die. The DNA has lasted me all day since I got it on Friday. The longest day (yesterday) I went 19 hours with moderate use it was at 12% when I went to bed.

  • which phone will get the quicker updates…note 2 or dna

  • Yesterday was my first “regular” day with the DNA. Left for work at 8:30 and got home at 8:15, battery was at 38%. I talk on the phone via bluetooth on the morning commute and text and email throughout the day and make multiple calls. On the way home (1.25 hrs) I listen to SiriusXM on demand via the headphone jack connected to the car audio. Previous phone was DroidX2 and battery life was about the same. Happy I bought this phone, had the DINC (loved it) before DroidX2 (hated it).

  • Bryan

    Coming from a Droid RAZR where my battery was constantly in the 5-30% range it seemed like, I was nervous to get the DNA. But so far the battery has been doing really well. I keep a charger in my car where it seems to charge pretty fast if I’m on the go, and usually will plug it in every now and then to a wall outlet if I’m not really using it (rarely) and the battery maintains its charge pretty well. I think it would be even easier to charge once I get a wireless charger that way I don’t have to deal with the constant plugging in (which is actually a bit more annoying than I’d like because of the cover) and can just set it on top and let it charge. Overall, I really recommend the phone. For the size and the power, the battery could be A LOT worse but it’s actually really good.

  • Hey guys, Mike here from TechHog.com, while I haven’t posted our official review of the DROID DNA, I can tell you from my experience so far (just shy of a week) the battery life has been fantastic. As an example, today, I started my day at 8 am and as of right now (12:46am) I still have 37% left. My usage is typically heavier than average users, as I’m constantly checking Twitter, Facebook, updating posts via the WordPress app and of course, making calls and sending texts. I even tossed in a 25 min gaming session (loving Plague Inc.). So to sum it up, I’m extremely happy with the DNA’s battery life, the 2020mAh battery could always be bigger, but I’m not complaining with my results.

  • Honestly it has above average battery I think. From my usage which isn’t the heaviest most days I get about 14 hours and it has about 30-40% left usually. I don’t know about anyone else but when using theirs does it seem like the battery just kind of disappeared?

    All in all battery isn’t something to worry about unless you use your phone 24/7 for gaming etc. Works beautifully for the average/average-high use customers. The worst part is the damned volume key. Way to flush to the side and may this be your warning, it may just drive you nuts if you always listen to music on your phone.

    Battery above average and probably will be better for people who are lucky enough to ditch Sense.

  • Bill

    So far the battery has been the best I’ve had on any phone. It beats the international galaxy note it replaced as well as a Lumia 920 I’ve been using alongside it. I’m trying to make up my mind between the two of them which both have pros/cons. I just found out you can’t do full text search on emails (exchange, not Gmail). Not even on emails downloaded to the phone. On the otherhand, it’s way faster than any other phone I’ve used and I love the LTE when it’s available. BTW, I’m able to leave LTE, WiFi turned on all the time without it draining the battery. Easily lasts the day even with some streaming radio during the day.

  • bmg

    So I’m use to my T-bolt barely making it through an 8 hour day at work, so i was worried about my new Dna, But I still had 60% battery left when I got home. Still now 16 hours later its still at 20%. So I must say that I’m very happy, because I did push it very hard today showing off the beautiful 1080p display. Man this thing ROCKs…

  • Justin

    The DNA was everything i wanted but after 5 days and less than good battery life i decided this morning to return and i ordered the Razr Maxx HD which im told offers ridiculous battery life with a competitive specs. The final straw for the DNA was this morning when i sent 8 text messages and made a call and found the battery percentage had dropped 12% in about 40 mins. Thats just unacceptable! Shame on HTC

  • Peter

    It already had a battery issue,I had to send one back after the first day because it wouldn’t charge at all. It was completely off for 9 hours charging only got up to 11% and the guys at Verizon were noobs and thought they could replace the battery in it. What idiots….. but anyways this one seems to be holding up

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    Went into Verizon yesterday and tried this phone out finally. I was actually really displeased with it. The screen was not that amazing, and ALL the transitions were slowed way down. I am used to being able to complete actions at a really fast rate even on my old droid incredible yet on the DNA the action transitions were really slow, like 1 – 2 second delay slow. Just opening up apps, closing apps and other functions are annoyingly slow. It is as if they failed to optimize the software and hid the noticable lag by slowing the transitions so the processor could catch up, a very strange thing to do! And on top of that the device is actually TOO light and feels really cheap in the hand. NOTE 2 IT IS, IF IT EVER GETS HERE!

    • alex drum

      im calling bs that your incredible is faster. its literally impossible. they are both skinned, but one has a quad core processor and one has single core.

      • Ohiwastedmylife

        Running CM10 it is faster in normal day to day actions like closing applications. I am not sure if it was somehow messed up but I closed everything running and went through normal day to day things I do frequently. It does not make sense other than they wanted to never show software lag by masking it behind delayed transitions.

        PS why would I lie? I have been waiting 8+ Months for the DNA and ended up not buying it. I really wanted to get it but the lack of sd and the lack of MHL+OTG simultaneous made me choose otherwise. I was just surprised I walked out of the store not wanting it.

        • alex drum

          I’ll start at the top… comparing a phone that is stock to cm10 is like comparing a 2 cars, one completely sock, one completely striped out (bloat ware) with a supercharger (over clocking). it is not a fair fight, but regardless I still doubt it was slower, if you did a benchmark of a stock dna and cm10 incredible, i bet any money the dna is much faster. My guess is that you over hyped the phone in your mind and it didn’t live up to its expectations so it seemed slow, where in reality it was faster… just as as much faster as you had thought. I already addressed part of you “PS” like i said, you might not think you are lying. on to your sd card point… really? like i mean…. really? every high end android phone has done away with them… you have to move with the times, I was upset but i dealt with it and got my nexus, never once have I thought “man I wish I had an sd card slot”. one good point you make is the no MHL+OTG… that might be the case, but positive your incredible doesn’t ether.

          • ha

            Maybe some comment editing would be useful to you.

  • Docholiday

    I got a charging pad, connected to an inverter in my truck. I spend all day in the SUV working, so I just place it on the pad whenever I’m in the truck…

  • David Ou

    Unpluged for 12 hours and 16 minutes with 70% left! 🙂

  • grea8one

    Its fine, I get 9-10 hours of use before I need a charge, a little less if I dont have any WIFI, Android users are such crybabies…this is a great device

    • Guest

      9-10 hours isn’t really all that great…

      • Spider210

        I’m sure my boss would love 9-10 hrs on his iphone, he charges his about 3 times a day

    • alex drum

      you do realize you are an android user… right?

      • grea8one

        yeah sometimes it #suckstosuck

        • alex drum

          this isn’t twitter, i cant wait for that phase to completely die off… it got really bad last year but now thank god its mostly dead and gone.

  • Bob

    For reference, I came from the Rezound where many complained about the battery life but I could get through the day. Before that was the Incredible 2 and I felt that the Rezound had better battery life.

    I’m more than pleased with the DNA’s battery. For me battery life is better than the Rezound. I’m at 66% left after a little over 7 hours. Screen time is 1:43:25. With the DNA I’ve got the display brightness on auto whereas on the Rezound I ran it at 25% or 33%.

    My only complaint on the DNA battery is that when it goes the phone goes. On the other hand, there will be a new phone I want then anyway 🙂

  • WCM3

    Any updates on signal strength guys? I currently have a galaxy nexus, which has about the worst signal you could ask for. Anyone switch from the nexus and could comment on this?

  • Ivan Smithson

    Even on 3g I can’t get more than 8 hours of battery life.

  • john

    battery really sucks, I disconnect it from the charger at 8 am, by 2 pm battery is dead. I’m about to return it if verizon’s policy allows that.

  • BradP

    Mine has held up amazingly well — better than my Sprint SGS3 at work today.

  • And to think, all you had to do was give up functional multitasking to get decent battery life.

    I can’t believe anyone would choose a phone that refreshes web pages every time you switch back to them and apps that get killed in the background shortly after you leave them. I couldn’t stand it on the HTC One X and I sure as hell couldn’t deal with it on this phone, even for a 5″ 1080p screen.

    • LionStone

      You must be doing something wrong. I have 3 tabs open in my stock browser and each time I change tabs, it does NOT refresh the web page when I go back and forth.

  • Jiminy Cricket

    I have this phone and the battery is ridiculous. I dont know if its the processor or what but my phone lasts forever. I just charged it I think I had the thing on for 2 days at least 30 hours. I use wifi primarily at my house and I dont go online like crazy I have a computer for that but still my evo never lasted this long. Plus the HTC sense allows you to leave the phone on overnight and you might lose like 3% battery. Its crazy

  • cocamoxb

    VERY happy with mine. Can’t do SS but here is the breakdown from Gsam:

    Left – Avg: 07:09

    Battery Usage: 54%
    Type: Time – Power %
    Phone: 00:06:09 – 5.1%
    Screen: 02:08:15 – 12.4%
    Phone Radio: 08:30:03 – 5.5%
    Wifi Active: 07:23:41 – 2.9%

    • You should be able to SS by holding the power button and hitting the home key.

      • cocamoxb

        Thanks! I’ve never really needed to use a SS on my phone before posting on this site so I never looked it up. Thanks for the info!!

        • No problem

        • LionStone

          Power/Wake button and Volume down simultaneously also works.

  • michael c

    the battery so far has exceeded my expectations. i’m getting at least 20hrs from every charge to about 15-20% remaining. i talk/text for about 1.5hrs a day. play games for about an hour. i rarely stream videos but sometimes i’ll youtube for 5-10min if someone sends me something. and i browse the web for less than an hour a day. screen is on auto brightness. wifi and 4G is about 50/50 each throughout the day. i use bluetooth whenever i’m in the car, which is about 1-1.5hrs a day. but i don’t leave GPS on unless i need it.

  • I got my DNA last Wednesday, it’s at 30% brightness (not dim at all), either on 4g or WiFi, GPS on and I’ve been running medium to heavy usage since I’ve been showing off the features and playing around with it a lot. I’ve been averaging 12 – 14 hrs of full battery time. I find the DNA capable of getting you through your average day. If you want a badass phone that impresses, get the DNA. I love everything about it so far.

  • newbrickeverymonth

    2 hrs on 4G…just the worst piece of plastic droid since the eris.

    • Chris

      That seems a pretty unbelievable..

    • I had the Eris. It wasn’t a bad phone, ok yes it was!

  • Michael swaim

    Mine has gotten me though a day of use no problem. I’m happy with it.

  • Au0614

    At first I was concerned about the size of the battery but thought I would try it. The Galaxy note II was too large for my taste and I was coming from a Rezound and a Gnex. The battery life for me has been bitching but amazing. After 15 hours of moderate use (around 2 hours of talk time, Facebook, maybe 30 minutes of google music, and googling random things) I was at 48%. It easily gets me through a day. I work in the cell phone department at a major retailer and had to work Black Friday. My phone was off the charger at 10pm and lasted my entire shift (till noon the next day). That included a ton of talk time because the carriers crashed so we had to call in all of the activations.

    My only concern is the maternal memory. 16GB may not be enough. I have uploaded everything to google music and have started to use that but we will see how we’ll that works over time.

    • Au0614

      The battery has been nothing but amazing….sorry for the typo

    • I swear if it takes babying the battery and throwing light loads at it with 30 minutes of music I’m glad I didn’t buy one! Wonder how long people will be using 4G going down to 3G. I use 3G on my Razr Maxx HD and still end up at 20% at the end of the day. I stream a load of music. With the screen off and doing nothing else.

  • Chris

    This thread is making me second guess my want to buy the note 2..

  • Not to bad for the first real day of battery testing.

    • bmg

      Hey everyone check out this screen cap at 1080p, the dna is an awesome phone.

    • steve machowsky

      Just as any battery , it should get better the more you use it. My DX2 has the extended battery (1899mah) and it makes it all day no problem!

  • DNAdude

    Wow that is one pasty hand… The battery on my DNA has been a VERY plesant surprise so far.

  • Sam

    In a nutshell, when I don’t use my phone and its asleep, it’ll last days. If I use it, the phone drains. It drains slowly, but it does drain.

    • ha

      Really the battery drains if you use it!? I never knew that thanks for the info! Also if you don’t use it then it doesn’t drain? That’s fantastic! Batteries that never lose their charge. What an amazing invention!

      • Sam

        Well actually, the statement is much more complicated than what you’re attempting to make it out to be. But dumb people can’t see it.

  • sidney547

    Does this phone have an FM tuner? It might sound kind of weird but that might be the difference between me getting this or an S3, i listen to the radio all the time on my phone (data limits and not all local stations on streaming sites). There is no radio on the S3 but the removable battery and SD card (not to mention the T-bolt soured me on HTC) has me leaning that way.

    • It should HTC is known for putting FM Radios in their phone. I love using FM Radio. My Bionic (Motorola) has a “unofficial” FM Radio support with Spirit FM.

      • sidney547

        Yeah that’s what I was thinking but I would like confirmation from somebody that has one. I use the FM on my T-bolt all the time, my favorite two stations aren’t on any streaming services.

        • LionStone

          sorry man, no FM tuner 🙁

  • Mende

    not to shabby actually, I have been using my DNA for about four days now. On average I am getting around 14 hours on battery which works just fine for me. I use alot of pandora, and other music apps. All in all I have no problem with my battery, its well worth giving up a few hours of battery for Google Now and a quad-core phone!

  • johowdy123

    Friend of mine purchased it on launch day. He is still amazed how well the battery has done. He was using the bionic with extended battery, and with 4g always running, he’s seeing 12-14 hours of moderate useage. He doesn’t have any problem going two days with light useage.

  • bikerbill12

    I’m only getting 5 hours social media and internet Rhys non stop usage and mainly 4g sometimes 3g. But its worse than my s3 by far . That’s the only complaint I have

  • Markytoos

    4 hours with the screen on. I should have bought the razr hd. Furthermore sense seem to be slowing down the device everytime I open or tap the home button.

  • My battery life has been great. Easily through a whole day. It beats the hell out of the gnex battery(the extender version)

  • cdick133

    I hit 22 hours on the first charge, though that was almost entirely on wifi and then through the night when I obviously wasn’t using it. It’s been fairly easy to get a full day out of it though. Yesterday I was away from home from 9 am to 8 pm and it was at 40% when I got back.

  • Gio

    Disgusting, can’t make it through the day without a charger. And the screen is not any different to my nexus 4 🙁

    • bmg

      are you sure you have a dna? must have gotten a bad battery..

      • steve machowsky

        that or this guy is looking up porn all day. NEXUS 4 BATTERY ISNT MUCH BIGGER! Many tests showed nexus 4 lasting only an hour more than the dna! If you want battery phone then buy the maxx ( for those that dont actually work and jerk it all day to their phone ).

  • Liquidretro

    With these positive responses, maybe I need to consider a DNA instead of an S3.

  • Better than the battery I had in the rezound ,no complaints at all

  • Paul

    Pretty bad, it does not last more than 6 hours

  • Ace

    2 hours, 10 mins on battery, 4G LTE, constant pandora use (using headphones, and not the speakers), some basic web browsing and texting in tandem with music. Battery is sitting at 89%. I would say the total screen-on time is about 35 – 40 mins (estimated).

    I am a little skeptical about it, but so far, battery performs a lot better than my HTC Evo 4G when it was new, 2 1/2 years ago.

  • Bionicman

    These posts remind me of the GNex battery topics where some people would say that their battery’s would last a day and some wouldn’t. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle and or depend on apps and location.

  • Andrew Lind

    I love my DNA. I had the Rezound and then went to the 8X. I swapped the 8X to the DNA due to the battery sucking and the cell radio sucked as well. I am in a fringe 4G area, a buddy of mine has the RAZR M and would get 4G in my living room, where my rezound nor 8X did. I get it now with the DNA, and the battery lasts longer than the rezound did and the 8X!

    • Sobr0801

      Yeah, while the 8X is a nice device, it seems HTC skimped on some of the hardware. Apparently the radio was one of the things.

      • Andrew Lind

        Yeah, it was pretty bad. LTE worked great when I had it, 40-50 on speedtests(I have yet to see more than ~20meg on my DNA.. via LTE). I liked the phone, but I live in a very rural area and radio is key when not in the towns lol

  • jedi_volfan

    The question that no one is answering about the phone is what happens to the battery when there is no 4G available and all you can get is 3G? You can’t turn off 4G so it will be constantly searching for signal. What happens to the battery then?

    • zepfloyd

      You can turn off LTE and use the 3G only, easiest way is the PhoneInfo app, switch to CDMA (auto PRL) and boom goes the dynamite…

      • jedi_volfan

        At least there’s an app to handle that since HTC and Verizon wouldn’t provide it! Glad to hear but now we need to hear how the battery lasts on just 3G.

    • Tim242

      The LTE radio does not constantly scan.

  • rics

    I went 13 hour’s yesterday with 45 mins on talk, 126 text, 73 mins on Pandora, took 34 pics, spent about an hour total online and was using google now to check football scores.

  • Kevin Mills

    I was curious as to how fast I could drain the battery. I charged it to 100%, and as soon as I took it off the charger turned the brightness to full. Ran Netflix (Bill Burr, and Louis CK) then played Granny Smith, a little Facebook and web browsing in between. I was connected to 4G the whole time, gps enabled. When I hit 15% I checked the battery stats and I was at 3 hours and 58 minutes. I was pretty impressed with the results. Set it to 3G or turn on WiFi and dim the screen and I’m sure I could have gotten much better results.