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Android Open Kang Project’s First Official Jelly Bean Build Released, Flashers Rejoice (Update)

Well, the time has come. The AOKP team has released their first official Jelly Bean build and already, they’re off to a great start. Users can expect to see all of the well-known features such as notification bar mods, lockscreen tweaks, and a lot more custom hax. To find downloads and get more info on the build, follow the via down below.

Features you will see (but not limited to) in this build:

Notification Toggles
Lockscreen tweaks (no custom targets yet)
Navigation bar modifications
Custom kernel performance options
LED colors
Notification wallpapers
Phone ringer modifications (Flip call to silent, silent/vibrate when headphones are in)
Plus more!

Update:  Builds are starting to pup up and users can now download JB AOKP for the Nexus S and Nexus 7. Still awaiting on the toro Galaxy Nexus build.

Update 2:  The Galaxy Nexus LTE (toro) build is up. [Download]

We’ll be sure to get it booted up and have a nice little run down of the build as soon as we get it downloaded.

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  • Matt

    Will I need to reflash my CDMA Nex back to ICS before I receive the OTA update from verizon to the actual Jelly Bean update?

  • i had the same experience on my GNex.

  • what does the pink hat do in the ROM?

  • been using the JB build 1 on my GNex for 3 days and it seems to be very laggy. Anyone else experiencing this? I’m very tempted to switch back to Bugless Beast.

  • george

    can i put this on my bionic or is this build not compatible? i was on ics 2233 and flashed back to .902 then updated to .905 I’m rooted and want to know if i can flash this..

  • George

    Can put this aokp on my bionic? I had an ics leak 2233 and i couldnt flash so i flashed back to. 992 and updated to. 995? Help..

  • Bob

    Where can i find the update to jellybean? All the links i’m finding online are months old and people say they have mass bugs and crashes. Could someone just point me in the right direciton?

  • Amenemhat1

    So I am running JB AOKP, How can I pull my call log, SMS/MMS off Milestone 6. I am using AppExtractor and it is not working. blah :o(

  • Amenemhat1

    Running AOKP JB Build 1 now, woot woot!

  • Rob Lister

    running this on my nexus 7, but can’t see anything that makes me want to put it on my gnex since i already have bugless on it.

    • I’d like to hear from someone that switched from Bugless to this to see how they compare. I’ve been using JellyBelly for a while now, then loaded AOSP. Thinking about moving to Bugless, but not sure…

    • i had the same experience

  • saint_stephen

    Flashed an earlier version of AOKP, but went back to BuglessBeast almost immediately due to its not running as well. Does this version run as smoothly as Bugless / Stock JB?

    • Let me know if you try it, as I’m on AOKP but wondering if BB would be a better solution for now.

  • are the customization options like addition of another soft key available in this build?

  • Bsody

    Just throwing this out there in case anyone was as confused as I was. The first couple times I rebooted, it hung on the Google lock screen forever, 3-4 minutes. After that, everything seems to be good to go. It now takes a good 30 seconds to boot to the home screen from a full shutdown. Much faster than the previous CM10 build I was running.

    • KG

      Did you flash the JB bootloader or still using the ICS one? Just curious…

      • Bsody

        Rocking the JB Bootloader. Are you getting different results?

  • dean2359

    Anyone else having trouble with the swype installer? Just keeps trying to install but never does

    • Just tried it and it worked fine. Did the installer not install, or the actual program (from the installer) not install?

      • dean2359

        Just keeps checking the installer version ,and I’ve deleted downloaded and installed three times with the same result

        • Interesting. How are you loading it. beta.swype.com/android/get from the phone, or loading from a different method?

  • chrismcconkey

    I have been running it for with about 4 hrs of use and it seems very solid. I don’t have any complaints.

    • is the ability to edit your soft keys in this rom?

      • chrismcconkey

        You can change the color, action & icon for each and you can have up to 5 buttons in that area.

  • Im thinking I have a bad downloaded file? i wiped everything and installed the nexus lte rom and gapps and then stuck at google unlock screen, does that a couple of times before going back into CWM… Guess i’ll restore nandroid and download again?

    • oh COME ON, i need assistance asap please. I nandroid back to my cna rom, i redownloaded the aokp jb toro build and gapps, rebooted and wiped again and installed both again and STILL google screen twice then back to cwm. WHAT IS GOING ON

      • Mike Waterbury

        hanging on the Google unlock screen is normal in JB. have you flashed the JB Bootloader?

        go to http://www.rootzwiki.com if you need any other asap assistance.

  • Just for the record, I dirty flashed from Pete Alfonso’s 8/7 Toro rom (wiped regular and Dav Cache) and everything is working fine. I had to re-install several apps that were system apps on Pete’s rom (Chrome, Play Music, etc), but other than that, running great!

    • Floyd Gray

      That’s good to know…makes life easier for others. Is it as fast as Pete’s rom in your opinion?

      • Fast and stable so far (less than 24hours). I do run Nova Launcher when I’m on AOKP (versus stock launcher on Pete’s), but I would say the overall feel of the rom is very snappy.

        As a bonus, the toggles all seem to be working great.

        There are some bugs (gallery settings not showing up), but none that would keep me from using this as a daily driver.

  • rbobbydray

    OK, as good a place as any to ask a n00b question: after a TB (and / or nandroid) and clean wipe, should you sign in to Google and let all of your apps download from the market (Google backup) or skip the Google set up, NOT sign in to google, but go directly to the market and restore your user apps/system data through TB? So far I have been signing into Google first, but wonder if the other way is better/faster?

    • JoshGroff

      I’d restore apps through the market and data through TB, but I guess you could forgo the market and install through TB first. I guess it’s just a matter of preference (and of course if you don’t want to use your data if you aren’t on WiFi, than TB the full restore)

    • inzandity

      I let all of my apps download from google first and then just restore data on the apps that I really want (like games, etc.). I’ve been flashing ROMs since the G1 and it’s where I think I get the best experience.

  • dylan84

    Love love love AOKP. Looking forward to this being ported to the Atrix so I can put AOKP back on. I am enjoying Codename Android 3.3, but I miss my AOKP.

  • ~Jb

    OMG this is my first AOKP… and I now want to make babies with Roman… Marry me?

  • Ashok

    Have i gone crazy or is there no Google Now? I can’t seem to get it working by holding down the home key. Anyone else with this issue?

  • JustinRadice

    Anyone compare this to bugless beast yet…….better, worse, about the same?

    • i am curious as well

  • I just flashed, couldnt load google music or rom manager. Anyone else have issues?

    • Nex__

      Restored mine from Titanium Backup with no problem, didn’t even try to download from market.

    • Had to download Play Music from the market, but it worked just fine after that.

  • Michael Potter

    AANNNNDDDD It is here!!!!!

  • Toro is out

  • ~jb

    Toro is up! Let the flashing begin.

  • toro is up

  • Toro is UP!

  • TJ


  • Bsody

    Toro Toro Toro!

  • Toro is up!!!

  • 3M4NU31

    TORO is up!

    • toyosup88

      downloading now!

  • chrismcconkey

    I see the toro, just no MD5 yet.

  • 3M4NU31

    Is anyone else spamming the refresh key waiting for the TORO build???

  • Claire

    I am off to work so I will not be able to update for a while.

  • Tcali

    There is unofficial AOKP for the Galaxy S3 (d2vzw) as well…

  • chrismcconkey

    Where is my TORO build??????!!!!!!! I am itching to get this onto my GNEX. I rooted back in January and all that has been on it since is AOKP.

  • mayhem55

    Does bootloader need to be unlocked to download rom.

    • dylan84


  • Claire

    It looks like it is taking about 25-30 minutes for each build to be posted. Still no Toro, but two more tablets are up:
    p3113 Galaxy Tab 2 7

    p5113 Galaxy Tab 2

  • any chance of International Galaxy S III being supported tonight in this build ??

  • Brian

    Will there be a RAZR version?

  • My softkey mods for Maguro are all built and ready to go on this build. As soon as Toro drops They will be incoming shortly. Happy flashing!