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Galaxy Nexus LTE Update IMM76Q Sneaks Into Some Replacement Phones, is Not a Good Thing

Remember the mysterious IMM76Q update that showed up on a developer Galaxy Nexus LTE a couple of weeks ago? According to a handful of readers, this update has been pre-loaded onto a batch of replacement G-Nex devices, and this isn’t a good thing. 

One of our readers went through 3 replacement devices over the last week, all of which ran this new IMM76Q software. He said that his phone has been unable to hold a 4G connection for more than a few minutes at a time. It could have something to do with new radios in the update, as the baseband has changed to I515.10 V.FC04, from the I515.09 that came with IMM76K. (Edit:  As some have pointed out, the .10 refers to the hardware version, not software. It’s a mystery then as to why IMM76Q is destroying connectivity.)

He is also noticing that the on-device search seems to have been dumbed down and no longer returns results for apps or contacts, something we were afraid would come with the next update thanks to ongoing battles with Apple.


We aren’t sure exactly why only replacement devices are coming pre-loaded with this update. We also do not think that all replacements have IMM76Q, but if you get stuck in a batch of replacements that have been, you may be in for a rough ride. We are hearing that some stores have marked the devices with “Updated” stickers and are sending them back in some cases because of the number of issues that users have experienced. In fact, one of our readers took his device in to be looked at, and once the rep saw the “Updated” sticker, immediately knew the issues at hand.

Update:  As many readers have pointed out, this could have to do with the .10 version of the device, or just replacements in general. I’ll just say this – hopefully none of you have to get a replacement any time soon, as our comments on this thread alone are filled with users who have had nothing but problems with them.

If you have received a replacement Galaxy Nexus from Verizon over the last couple of weeks, how has your device been acting? Is it running IMM76Q?

Cheers Tim!

  • John Fenton

    I’m on IMM76K and have been having the 4G connectivity issues as well. Its constant and very annoying.

  • rorymcgrath

    I got a replacement Nexus from Verizon in the last 2 weeks.
    I am running IMM76Q. I have not been on 4G this entire time. It’s a mess. I literally have to just switch to the CDMA (3G) network at this point.

  • Jim Desmond

    I just recieved my third Gnex on Saturday and it came with IMM76Q. It handles 4G/3G hand off almost instantly, something my second Gnex would not do at all and it gets good reception. I guess I won the replacement lottery. My only problem was the version of Wugfresh’s tool kit I have wouldn’t work with the new phone so I manually unlocked, rooted and flashed Bugless Beast. All is good!

  • Ryan

    I actually picked up a Galaxy Nexus with this build on it, and it couldn’t pick up a signal period. No calls/text/data. I got it replaced with a different build and it ran fine. If you run into this I’d recommend you just return it.

  • mayerjj03

    This explains a lot. I purchased my GNex new from Best Buy last week and have this update installed on it. Now I know why my 4g signal can’t hold worth crap. The only workaround I’ve found to save this phone from eating through battery is to set the network to CDMA only instead of LTE/CDMA.

  • Well crap, I just sent my bosses new, 1 week old GN in as it was dropping calls nonstop, and they sent one back with the update sticker, and 4.0.4. Awesome, he’ll be excited that his useless phone is still going to be useless.

  • S3_Convert

    Recieved 2 borked nexus replacements. Both suffering radio issues. On did have the 76Q update which the VZW help desk didn’t even know about. I tried to odin flash back to 4.0.1 and OTA it. Still borked. Tried manually flashing the radios… no dice. Ultimately, this was resolved by replacing my phone with an S3. Basically help desk acknowledged hardware issues, offered up a different model, requested the S3 and got it. Just in time for the bootloader unlock. Boom.

  • rich

    glad m,y nexus only has the k version of the update not the Q… Also any idea ON 4.1 for Verizon?

  • Just got a replacement Friday…it does have IMM76Q…but my connectivity has never been better so far..in New York area…live in Jersey, work in Manhattan. I don’t use search much, but I’ll give that a try.

    • Search is functioning the same way as reported though.

  • got a replacement few weeks ago and noticed the build# was different…unlock root and flash any jb rom and no more problem…

  • I went through 7 replacement phones dealing with the data drops . i thought i had it figured out that the ones from korea were good and china bad. I got a good one from korea . Later it had diffrent issues so i sent it back again . then after 4 more i got one that worked but this time it was china made. rep told me some bathes are good and some bad so its all a gamble .. verizon was cool though the guy was like we can just keep sending them till you get a good one.

  • I just got my replacement 2 days ago. Had no idea to look for the software version. My baseband is .10 though. I immediately unlocked and put BAMF Paradigm on it. Haven’t had any problems with 3G as I don’t have 4G in my area. Hopefully I don’t run into problems when I do.

  • sofarsogoodsowhat

    I just replaced mine last week because people were telling me my voice was distorted during calls. New phone is IMM76Q,
    I515.09 V.FC04/I515.FC05. no local search is killing me, i’m rooting asap

  • John Kappedahl-O’Brien

    :/ fml knew Verizon would screw me over..

  • Joe Paul

    I have the
    IMM76Q replacement. total crap on the 4g. would not update more than a few apps before loosing connection.

    i flashed it back to
    IMM76k via nexus root kit and it did the same thing. back to verizon!

    • Joe Paul

      Waiting on that replacement right now.

  • Carlitos

    I’ve had 2 replacements in 1 week 3 total phones when I search for weather it doesn’t come up with the little tickets like on Google now

  • bdubs

    I Received my replacement device Monday withIMM76Q and haven’t noticed any of the issues mentioned in this thread

  • Heartless

    I have been having the same issues listed above. I am dropping at least five calls a day and losing data connections all day. I have been through 2 devices with this version. I did an esn change and went to my wife’s iPhone!!

  • I got a replacement recently nd I had 76k installed. My phone does not hold lte connection, any suggestions

    • bad batch keep calling and demand replacement !!!! i went through 7 to get a good one . they do exists

  • i just got it for my wife and she has no problems with it so far ive been running connection test next to my nexus and overall same performance and im rooted on cm10 experimental, in tampa florida

  • InvaderDJ

    I had the opposite experience with IMM76Q actually. Got a replacement due to issues with Wi-Fi, got one with IMM76K and my cell connection would drop every few minutes. Couldn’t hold a call more than 5min, I could unlock my phone and watch it connect and disconnect as my battery drained and this was in an area with good Verizon connectivity both CDMA and LTE.

    Got a replacement with IMM76Q and it has been good so far. I had to brush off my manual ADB command knowledge since the automated tool hasn’t been updated for the Q, but other than that has been pretty good. I didn’t check the search before unlocking, rooting and installing JB, but I’ve got a Nandroid of it I can go back to if I want.

    I don’t think the software version has anything to do with the connectivity. The VZW Galaxy Nexus is notorious for horrible radio issues, it’s basically a crapshoot despite the software and the only real fix for it is just swap your phone until you get one that works.

    • 4n1m4L

      This. The only change from imm76k to q was the new google search bar

  • mptrh336

    I also went through 3 replacement devices a couple of weeks ago and all had imm76q on them. The first replacement couldnt hold any connection for more than a few minutes. The second had issues thinking headphones were plugged in even when they weren’t, making it impossible to call as well. The third works fine, although I haven’t rommed yet because finding the update for the 76q software online to restore the second unit was pretty difficult. Ididnt want to return it with 76k and risk getting charged. Nightmare.

    • 4n1m4L

      Search for im76q on this site. The previous post has a link to xda where they found the download from google

  • Jorge Hernandez

    This scares me. I just bought a gnex off Craigslist off a blogger and it has this build number. But I haven’t had any kind of these problems. Not even close and hopefully not soon. Does installing a from help?


  • CurtisNic

    I will never go through verizon refurbished phones again. I used to have an LG Dare. the phone started boot looping and had to be replaced with a refurb from verizon. i went through 15 of those damn phones because either the trim pieces didn’t match or the screen had dark spots. my nexus has a few quirks with build quality but getting a refurb is not worth the problems of refurb phones. I bought mine on launch day and I will be using it until the day it becomes unusable!

  • Jason Purp

    I got a replacement Nexus about two weeks ago, and I must say, it’s perfect. The screen is perfect, the antenna is perfect, the speaker is louder than my original Nexus, and I just couldn’t be happier. My device came with the normal 4.0.4 update.

  • Arlington Albertson

    Just got a replacement last week and have IMM76Q but haven’t seemed to have any problems thus far. Maybe I’m lucky?

  • currently on my third nexus in five days. they all have the new software and have been troublesome since activation. The biggest hit is the crippled search system which I use daily to access everything. Time to reflash to jellybean while we wait for the official release.

  • my buddy just picked up a brand new vwz nexus from best buy yesterday running this build and he has yet to get more than one bar of signal 4G or 3G

  • Ray

    IMM76Q was made in China vs. Korea thats why its so horrible!

    • my original korean galaxy nexus kept losing 4G , losing signal completely and not coming back. costco gave me a chinese one which has worked fine ever since.

  • Alonzo Davalos

    currently going to that same issue here. I’m on my third replacement phone and waiting for another one.

  • Tcali

    Wait… why would you need a replacement?

  • If verizon is so committed to testing all updates thoroughly, and providing the best experience possible how could this possibly make it into the hands of customers?

  • Thats funny, my replacement phone from 2 weeks ago came loaded with this, all three did. I thought it was strange and immediately wrote over it.

  • I have been lucky I guess. On my first one and it has been working like a champ. With CM9 I was getting sim error and would have to reboot and it would act a lil crazy but with JB I don’t have that issue with my connection. V9 here

  • jamming jellybean

    I was having those problems got a replacement phone and continued to have those same problems. The phone is now sitting at their fixity lab and I am waiting for it to return.

  • Jim McClain

    I’m looking to get my wife a new phone,her company has got her on a crackberry,so I suggested getting her a new phone and just forwarding her work number to it. My problem is that I really don’t know what to get her now

  • Scott

    I was with my in-laws on vacation out in the woods. I was the only one with the GNex. Four others had iPhones. One of them had the iPhone 3. Needless to say, I got no signal, none, zip, zelch, nada. They all were getting at least two bars. I couldn’t even get a text message. Thankfully, I was unplugging but it’s still pathetic. If Motorola doesn’t make the next Nexus, I’m afraid I might have to move on. I travel all of the country and this thing is really hit and miss with reception.

  • cobjones

    Am I the only one to have seen a .11 hardware?

    • Jim McClain

      is it a Q ?

      • cobjones

        No.. Just got a replacment yesterday too.

        .11 revision (korea) and there is also a .12 (china) now too (i sent this in with bad radios).

        .11 is working flawlessly so far for me and my wife.

  • John

    Bought mine the day they were available & not a single issue to this day. Guess I’m lucky.

  • So…flash a different version?

  • YankInDaSouth

    My sixth GNex (that’s right 6!) had this build and it is indeed atrocious! After my continued issues with the GNex VzW let me get a Razr Maxx instead of Nexus #7. It was tough to say goodbye to the awesome development, but it’s nice having a phone that functions as a *phone* now!

  • bjcroteau

    I just ordered my replacement after going crazy with random data drops. So my new nexus came in today and it has the Q with it as well…of course I re-rooted and went back to jellybean..but this phone is crazy dropping signal worse than before..they’re having me go in today to get a new sim card..see if that works..we will see. but what was interesting was that the tech support guy I was on the phone with was talking about jelly bean update and said “it was available to try out” granted its tech support but I have a feeling he was talking about rooting more or so. who knows regardless we had fun talking about hacking phones and what not. so for once I had a good tech guy. sounded like a younger guy.

    • Tried that sim replacement before and its not the sim. Its the radio. Get a new phone but dont change the baseband.

      • bjcroteau

        oh trust me i know..but its the only way I can move along to number 3..and hopefully that’ll be better. heh hopefully..I feel like I’m going to have to settle on something other than the my nexus unless I get lucky

  • I can tell you exactly why they did this on some replacement phones. They have a huge batch of Made in China phones with defectives on the 4G radios. My original phone from Dec 2012 was made in Korea. I had a problem with the USB charging port so I asked for a replacement. I went through 3 Made in China replacements because the 4G kept dropping every 30 seconds to 2 minutes. I read somewhere on the internet that people had troubles with Chinese made replacements but not the Korean ones. So I finally got in touch with someone from Verizon executive and asked to have a Korean made phone sent to me. I got it and it worked flawlessly. The issue was going to be reported as they probably kept getting returns of the China made replacements. The radio update is probably specifically made for those bad batch of phones.


    My phone was updated on sprint and now it is a disaster. Apps don’t show up in the search I can’t find anything on my phone!

  • fixxmyhead

    LOL its not even JB

  • capecodcarl

    The quality control on the LTE Galaxy Nexus phones is awful. I hope if Verizon gets another Nexus device it’ll be made by Motorola.

    • kixofmyg0t


    • 1MPR0BUS

      I can attest to this. About 3 weeks ago I went through 3 Verizon
      Certified “Like New” Devices before I got a functioning one. Two of
      them did come with IMM76Q and the reception was utterly terrible. I’ll
      go into more detail.

      1.) Release Day GNEX – USB Board went bad. Burning Smell, not charging,
      phone believes its constantly plugged in, absolutely no water damage as I
      treat my phones like my children. Sent this back.

      2.) Verizon Like new replacement – Had the known factory WiFi bug where
      any GNEX starting with 00:90:4C changes the last 3 octets of the MAC
      address. Sent this back.

      3.) Verizon Like New Replacement – Terrible Reception. I live within
      viewing distance of a tower and 1 bar of reception. This had the IMM76Q
      build. Sent this back.

      4.) Verizon Like New Replacement – Again Terrible Reception. This had
      the IMM76Q
      build. Sent this back.

      5.) At this point I call Verizon and ask to speak with the highest
      manager on the staff currently available.

      I get Transferred to a lady named Lupe. I explained to Lupe my issues
      and of course I get the “We do a 100 point inspection.” I started to get
      frustrated with the inability to understand her accent plus her total
      lack of knowledge in her position. I asked because I had gone through 4
      devices if it was possible to get a new device. She said no. I said so
      I spend over $4000.00 a year with you in subscription fees, you have
      already overnighted me 3 phones at $50 a pop for shipping, so already
      you have spent $150 on shipping plus the cost of labor to refurbish the
      devices that were sent. She then said “Well send it to Samsung if you
      aren’t happy.” I said when you get the phones from Samsung do you take
      responsibility for the devices. Her “Yes we do.” The I asked if Samsung
      or Verizon does the quality inspections on the refurbished devices.
      She stated “Verizon Does.” I then asked to have the contact information
      of the Quality Assurance Manager because there is an obvious issue.
      This much math and work was too much for her to handle so she then said
      “I don’t care” and hung up on me. I proceeded to call back and spoke to
      a Tony who got me a working device but it took 4 replacements to get
      something that was functioning. Sorry for the wall of text but the
      whole situation was extremely frustrating and after seeing this I feel a
      bit better.

      • Lucky Armpit

        I went through something very simliar before I gave up on the GNex in favor of a Razr Maxx. I went through three exchanges, and each device had its own set of problems (including not being able to make a phone call, which is the reason why the original was sent back in the first place). They told me the same thing, that each “like-new replacement” went through a 100-point inspection. I said that was horse neers because it was glaringly obvious that Samsung just throws each GNex in a bin to be sent back to Verizon for redeployment without even the most basic troubleshooting. Each replacement had display issues – obviously the reason why the original owner sent it back in the first place – and some of them weren’t even wiped properly.
        I’m not a ROM flasher so aside from that gorgeous display and no bloat/skin (the reasons why I paid $300 for that POS), there wasn’t any reason for me to suffer any longer. Verizon put me in a Razr Maxx and after using it for a few days, I didn’t miss the screen at all because the screen on the Razr is quite nice.
        Anyway, I hear ya 1MPR0BUS, because I had the same problem but I went with another phone. And after reading this, boy am I glad I did.

        • 1MPR0BUS

          Yeah I am in fact a pretty heavy flasher and I am active in the ROM community. But the fact that they sent me junk that wasn’t checked irk’s me more than anything. I very much like the phones openess which is why I put up with the crap to get a working unit.

      • Tony Allen

        Hmm.. I was with you til you said you were getting charged $50 a pop for shipping.. I go into the store and they always get me overnight shipping. Free. I’ve never had to pay for it.

        • 1MPR0BUS

          I’m saying that Verizon had to pay $50 a pop for shipping to send me devices so they are eating that cost as well. I didn’t have to pay anything. I was illustrating to the lady that they are in fact spending more money to send me refurbished units than to just get me a new one. Sorry for the confusion.

  • azholio

    I got a replacement Nexus yesterday but it came with IMM76K on it. Of course, that didn’t last for more than 10 minutes when after a few monets of tinkering it said AOKP-toro etc etc 😉

  • hackaday

    kind of a crazy question. but if it’s hardware related (.10) what’s to say that what if we can swap that board inside with one with a .09v?

  • br_hermon

    Reading all these comments really makes me sick. I bought my phone on launch day. Returned it just over a month ago. (Mine had the annoying cut out audio / headset issue). It’s working fine now, thank God, but my first was fine too, for 6 months. I hope & pray this phone doesn’t crap out on me just outside the 1 year warranty window (canceled my asurion insurance to help with the rest of my bills). I do know that with each replacement phone VZ sends you, it includes a 90 day warranty. So if I catch the problems early and keep swapping replacement phones within 90 days, I should be covered through the 2 years.

    I just hate walking on pins and needles though through a 2 year contract hoping my phone survives the entire length of time. MY Windows i760 was crap, my OG Droid got on my last nerve several months shy of 2 years and now all this with the Gnex!? VZ and all the manufacturers are a bunch of greedy crooks. Those *&)#%&@s better do right by me this time… all of us!

  • Patrick Kerby

    I have the .10 and not the .09 but my phone isn’t running the 76Q its running the 76K. And frankly my phone doesn’t get very good 4G coverage it never has and this is my 4th Nexus since last Feb. I have done 5 factory data restarts and 3 of them have been on this current devise! I hate my Nexus and won’t recommend it to anyone! I am probably not going back to Verizon if they try to force us into the data package! Right now were still grandfathered into the unlimited even with my 4G but my wife has a 3 G!