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Question of the Day: What’s Your Current Custom ROM Setup?


With the choices for custom ROM builds seemingly never ending and constantly evolving thanks to the release of new Android OS versions, a reader wrote in hoping we could get the community’s feedback as to which ones are their favorites and are currently being run on their phones. We have asked this question before, but it has been a while and we’ve seen the launch of many new ROM’s thanks to Jelly Bean’s debut. 

With the larger names being in the mainstream such as CyanogenMod, AOKP, Bugless Beast, and others, it can be hard for someone new to the game to know which ones to try out first. To help with this, we want to see your current custom ROM setup in the comments down below. For example, I am currently using the HTC One X with an Android 4.1.1 AOSP build called Endeavoru. On my Galaxy Nexus, I am running an AOKP build that I just can’t get enough of.

Now it’s your turn. Let us know which phone you’re using and which custom ROM you’re running. Feel free to give a link to the ROM for others to try out.

Cheers Chris!

  • droidrage

    GNex with Bugless Beast is extremely stable and smooth. I’m looking forward to a stable AOKP too.

  • xtzee

    Galaxy Note GT-N7000 with Alliance ROM ICS v2 Beta 4.0.4

  • GNex LTE with Bugless Beast!

  • staticx57

    VanirAOSP Gnex. might give rascarlos work a try though.

  • Kaiser

    GNex w/ Bugless Beast (Jelly Bean) … Go Pete!!

  • br_hermon

    Verizon GNex Bugless Beast 8/7 build. Custom built 1% battery mod

  • Carlos Vladymir

    I’m using Team EOS 3 on my Xoom úntil a JB Bugless Beast ROM becomes available.

  • Patient Zero 3 4.1.1 by DroidTH3ORY running my homemade theme

    AOKP Goodies with the speed of DT. DAYUM

  • D3M0Nz

    Bugless Beast all day just wish he’d make a job from for crespo4g so I can get off ics. But really appreciate all his work

  • Kent Burton

    GNex Bugless Beast JB Boom

  • Keenan Singh

    Razr Maxx, cm10, Stock 4.1.1

  • nicotinic

    HTC Rezound
    ViperRez 1.0.3
    Sense 4.0

  • Travis Shepherd

    GNex w/ AOKP JB nightlies, Apex launcher with Idear icon theme.

  • justinmcox

    I am rocking aokp nightly build Aug. 8th jelly bean build. AOKp keeps updating some great features.

  • Paranoid Android until AOKP comes out with jb, I need toggles to keep whats left of my sanity

  • Scott

    VZW Galaxy Nexus running Bugless Beast (8/7 build). Amazingly smooth and stable. Best ROM I’ve tried. I miss some of the extra features on AOKP, but I’m not sure I miss them enough to move away from this rock solid, fast ROM.

  • I flashed a rom to my phone for the first time today. Went from 4.0.4 to Bugless Beast. I then redownloaded franco updater and installed r232. 🙂

  • technician199

    Running BB on my GNex & Team EOS nightly on the Xoom.

  • txtom76

    Galaxy Nexus – Toro

  • Shane Girodat

    BuglessBeast 4.1.1 its rocking my GNex.

  • William_Morris

    GNex with the latest Bugless Beast nightly. Pete is the man!!!!!!!!

  • John Davids

    CyanogenMod has become my “go-to” ROM for the past 6 months. AOKP, BB, MIUI, Liquid…all are great ROMs and have their pros and cons. But, in my opinion, you just can not beat the rock-solid stability and WIDE support of devices of CM. Even the nightlies of CM tend to be as/more stable as most other release builds you will find elsewhere. Currently rocking CM9 for both my Droid 2 and my wife’s Galaxy Nexus.

  • Nexus 7 with my own CM10 build.
    Galaxy Nexus with my own Liquid build.

  • NEXUS S4G BB with 06/09 CRESPO4G

  • flyinggerbil

    galaxy nexus/xoom/nexus 7 – bugless beast FTW

  • michaeluchikado

    GNex on paranoid android and Franco kernel (and waiting for AOKP like everyone else). Stock, unrooted N7… don’t see much of a reason to root quite yet.. I’m absolutely enjoying it the way it is.

  • Rezound with Adrenaline 2.0… slick ROM.. no issues and the latest OTA of ICS that FINALLY came out!

  • bassman418

    Vicious 4.1.1 w/ Franco r231….. waiting in official AKOP JB ROM

  • Swadiddy

    Buggless Beast 8/7 Build. Galaxy Nexus. Stock KeRNel Works Like Butter. Perfectly Smooth And Reliable.

    What Kernel Do You Use With BB And Why That Kernel?
    My Battery Life Is Fine, But If You Report Better than stock Let Me Know.

    • SeanBello

      When I was on BB I used Faux kernel. I used it because that’s what AOKP uses as their standard and it’s always been amazing and battery life is better than stock

  • Gnex bug less beast (jelly)

  • SeanBello

    On my Gnex I’m using the AOKP JB Build 1 ROM found in one of the developer’s folders with Faux kernel at 1350 no issues
    On my N7 I’m running stock JRO03D with Trinity Kernel at 1400 until there’s a stable AOKP release.

  • Jeffrey Garcia

    HTC Inspire 4G with AOSP (ICS)

  • the.cyber.trekker

    Still rocking out on my thunderbolt.. Using R3d’s iKReaM 605.19 with Holo launcher and locker with imos kernel 6.2 oc’d to 1.4 it’s slick and smooth, battery is still an issue, ugh!

  • Robert Eckhoff

    BuglessBeast GNex and Nexus 7

  • Jeff Martin

    bugless beast on my VZW Nexus.

  • RC

    Galaxy Nexus Maguro (Takju).

    ROM: MiNCO v3, by minooch and franciscofranco.

    Kernel: franco.Kernel r232

  • gokusimpson

    Droid X with BlackICE 40.5 ICS with Apex Launcher on top. Runs great…maybe I really can hold off until December to upgrade.

  • unofficial CM10 on droid razr maxx

  • Otto Dieffenbach

    Gnex w/ BB 8/7/12 ed

  • MikeSaver

    BB for Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Looking for a good kernel to improve battery life, can anyone suggest a specific one to download?

  • Galaxy Nexus running BAMF Paradigm 2.1, stock kernel, nova launcher. Best setup I have used so far.

  • eddy

    galaxy nexus with Bugless Beast

  • Codename Android 3.1.0!!!

  • wm snyder

    V gnexus AOKP aug 5th nightlies

  • Razr Maxx. Full Throttle AOSP. Have the phone a month. Been through 7 ROMs. By far my favorite. (ICS)


    Galaxy S3 on AT&T Jellybean AOKP

  • Alan Paone

    CM10 on my Gnex, and I think Bugless Beast on my Nexus 7. AOSP Jellybean on my old A500

    • Nick S

      I am also running the CM10 UNOFFICIAL on my GNex – I have been running the 8/4 build for, well, about 5 days now with no serious bugs to report. Netflix can take a few minutes to buffer & run smoothly (and is still kinda choppy after that), but that’s it.

  • Peter

    vanirAOSP 2.1 w/ trinity alpha 37…until later today when rasbeanjelly lands for toro. Trinity will stay the same tho..

  • bedwa



    Paranoid Android on Maguro G-Nex. Love my hybrid phone/tablet/phablet ROM. Screenshot attached with 180 DPI tablet mode.

  • dean2359

    Liquid smooth beta on my verizon Gnex,super smooth,great battery life and lots of great custiomizations and themes