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Quick Look: Spigen Illuzion and Neo Hybrid Cases for the Galaxy S3 [Contest Too] (Update: Winners Picked)

Cases, cases and more cases. Seems like we have already covered a ton of Galaxy S3 cases over the last few weeks, but there are always more to show you (and giveaway). Today, we have two new ones from Spigen SGP, the Neo Hybrid and the Illuzion. One is a two piece standard back cover case, while the other is similar to flip cases, but with a snap and a really good fit and feel. 

Neo Hybrid

The Neo Hybrid Galaxy S3 case is a two part case, TPU and polycarbonate, that when applied fits extra tight onto a device. The first application is the softer TPU backing that is then locked into place by the outer polycarbonate frame. In the pictures I have posted, the grey part would be the soft TPU piece, with the “Sparkling” blue being the frame.

The case itself was a little finicky to put together on the device, but once I did, it held the phone well. All ports are exposed, plus you have coverings for your lock and volume switches. There are 8 color options:  Sparkling Blue (pictured), Dazzling Orange, Shining Grass, Lightning Yellow, Infinity White, Jade Blue, Rubine Red, and Reventon Yellow. The last four are only available for pre-order, however, we have the Infinity White case to giveaway today.

The bonus here is that Spigen has tossed in one of their Ultra Nano Clear screen protectors. So while the $26.99 price tag may seem a bit high, you do get the $14 screen protector in the package. I wouldn’t call this my favorite case ever, but if you need a soft feel, protection, a snazzy colorway, and a screen protector, it’s not a bad option.



The Illuzion flip case is probably one of my favorite flip cases thus far. It’s faux leather, but it feels great in hand. The size of it compared to other flip cases feels optimal, it has a latch that actually snaps into place, and it holds up to 3 cards in its door. All ports are exposed, so you won’t have any issues charging or snapping pictures. One of the coolest features is the way Spigen chose to have your device held in place. They actually used one of their Ultra Thin Air cases (which we’ll review later), so the device fits incredibly well and doesn’t feel like it’s sliding around – something we have experienced with other flip cases.

The Illuzion case comes in 4 colors:  Mandarine Rosa (pictured), Golden Mocah, Lemon Indigo, and Mandarine Black. We have all four of these to give away today.

At $32.99, the price is about where it should be. You are buying quality, a pretty color scheme, and an Ultra Thin Air case wrapped into one package.




Update: We have picked our six winners. Go check your inbox!

As always, after reviewing cases, we like to reward readers. So today, we have two (2) Neo Hybrid cases and four (4) Illuzion cases to give away. Thanks to Samsung and their one Galaxy S3 size fits all approach to this year’s device of the year, these will fit your GS3 no matter what carrier it’s on.


1.  In the comments, tell us what the favorite feature of your Galaxy S3 is.
2.  Then tell us which case of the colors listed below, that you would be honored to win:

Neo Hybrid colors:  Infinity White (picture) or Sparkling Blue

Illuzion colors:  Mandarine Rosa, Golden Mocah, Lemon Indigo, and Mandarine Black.

3.  Tomorrow (8/2) at 12:00 Pacific, we will randomly choose winners from the comments.

  • eyewhen ewelose

    Favorite thing is battery life. Which is great for watching the Olympics. Illuzion mocha please.

  • putterk

    Galaxy S3 finally delivers in picture quality! and the 720p display…*drools*
    I’d enjoy a Sparkling Blue Neo Hybrid Case!

  • My favourite feature of the S3 is the removable battery. Eat that One X!
    I’d be honoured to win the Lemon Indigo Illuzion case.

  • Julian Coronado

    My favorite part is the 4G LTE signal which not only makes it fast but definitely smarter than I am! And the Smart Stay feature! I don’t have to worry about my phone screen locking! I’d prefer the Neo Hybrid Infinity White!

  • Nathan Corachea

    My favorite favorite thing about my SGSIII is that I rooted and it’s running CM10! <3 I would love all the cases to give my phone some love ahaha but I would be happy with the Illuzion Mandarine Black!

  • My favorite thing about my galaxy s3 is its beautiful screen and great battery life.

    Illusion in Mandarin Rosa or neo hybrid in sparkling blue.

  • I like the battery life it gives out even with lte turned on.. Sparkling Blue neo hybrid

  • Best thing? The developer support. We’ll get this baby cracked open and get some badass roms and kernels on here soon. And I’d love the Rubine Red Neo Hybrid. Yummy.

  • The screen is my favorite part and I would pick the Neo Hybrid in White

  • Brannon

    What is not to like about the S3 it is a great phone. I like everything having to do with the camera the best, the instant shutter and burst shot mode are great for kids sports. The photo sharing options with other S3 phones is also fun. I really dig the neo hybrid blue case pictured above. Thanks

  • Anthony B

    My favorite part of the s3 is S voice even though I never use it lol and I will like to win The Neo Hybrid case in white please 🙂

  • Allen

    I like being able to share stuff with my girlfriend by just holding our GS3’s together. Also the little things like Smart Stay are pretty cool. I’d be pretty happy to get a Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue (though the Infinity White would be just as awesome).

  • Nick

    My favorite feature of the Galaxy S3 is the amazing battery life. I get over a day of battery life, which I have never gotten in previous phones.
    I would love to get the “Neo Hybrid in Sparking Blue.” Thank You.

  • southstar24

    My favorite sg3 feature? I like the gesture to take a screenshot. I’d like to win the neo hybrid case, hopefully

  • Ken VanPelt

    The battery life on my S3 is great. That is my favorite feature – my other 4G LTE phones had horrible battery life. I would be honored to win the Illuzion in Golden Mocah

  • JustinChang

    My favorite thing about the s3 is the all fun gesture moves. It really brings the smartphone into a whole new level. Expandable SD memory, removable batteries should be the definition of androids, S3 made it possible, and I thank the designers for that! I would be honored to receive the Mandarine Rosa illuzion. It’s a perfect accessory for my clubbing needs 🙂 thank you!

  • Marvin Nicoleau

    My favorite thing of the s3 is the battery life…beats the G Nexus by a long shot, and the screen is GORGEOUS…the neohybrid blue case compliments the s3 even more!

  • i love the fast processor the galaxy s3 has and i would like the infinity white case

  • It really is difficult to choose just one favorite. It’s fast, the screen is beautiful, the camera is fantastic and has no lag which is a huge plus. This is the best phone I’ve ever owned. Illuzion, Lemon Indigo

  • sakebomber77

    Love SVoice and the fast speeds. Please may I have Neo Hybrid. any color is fine…thanks

  • Mr__Wilson

    I love how my SGS3 Is the perfect size for my large hands and the gorilla glass 2 neo hybrid case in blue please!

  • My favorite feature of the s3? Simply the fact that i can have a pop out video play on my home screen……I would be honored to win a sparkling blue neo hybrid…so pretty

  • My favorite feature of the Galaxy S3 has to be its amazing form factor. With its slim body and curved edges I cant help but just be in awe. I would love to be able to compliment that form factor with the Neo Hybrid case in that sweet Sparkling Blue color.

  • manaox

    I like that I can do data and talk at the same time, I’d always wanted that feature on Verizon’s network.
    I would be honored to own the Neo Hybrid in White.

  • Dylan Dreisch

    the gs3 just makes everything i used to do on my old incredible faster and more enjoyable.
    id be honored to win a sparkling blue neo hybrid case

  • D_Griego

    I love the sheer processing power that my GS3 has, lag-free scrolling is really awesome. Owning a Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue or an Illuzion in MandarIne Black would make my GS3 that much better!

  • ericbugosh

    I simply just like the nice big, super clear screen on the device. neo hybrid, sparkling blue!

  • escayanan

    Best thing about the S3 is the 4g speed hands down.
    I’m feeling the Lemon Indigo Illuzion.

  • My favorite feature of my SGS3, is the play-n-play video feature. I love being able to watch a music video or movie while im searching the web or texting someone.

    I would be HONORED to win the Neo Hybrid Sparkling Blue case. It’s an awesome color and it would be great to have a good case for my phone finally >.<

  • max

    My favorite thing about the sgs3 is the locked bootloader, who needs to flash roms am I right people. Ill be be honored to win any Neo Hybrid case

  • Michael Chung

    Love how I can share videos with my brother via NFC!! I Would like the Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue please!

  • I like the reject call with message feature. I use the “I’m in a meeting” reply so much that whenever I ask one of my friends to help me with something his reply is “Sorry, i’m in a meeting at that time.”

    I would love the infinity white case.

  • My favorite thing about the SGS3 is the speedy S4 processor. All the other great things about the phone wouldn’t mean much if it wasn’t quick.

    All the cases look really nice, but if I had to pick it’d be the Neo Hybrid in Infinity White.

  • Bob Z

    Because the screen is so bIg and bright, I was able to read Dickens’ “Great Expectations” without straining an eye muscle. Lemon Indigo Illuzion.

  • J Gumiran

    I love how the GS3 feels in the hand, especially for having such a large screen. It doesn’t feel bulky or clunky at all. I’m a fan of the Neo Hybrid in Lightning Yellow, or the Illuzion in Black, personally.

  • ray_420

    S-beam that’s what is keeping me on a stock based rom and I would like the a Neo hybrid case don’t care about color but white would be best

  • Dave Diddy

    My favorite thing about my Galaxy S3 is it gives me a reason to check Droid Life every day.

    I would like the Illuzion in Lemon Indigo or Mandarine Black

  • Ritzie

    My favorite thing s the reject list. I would love the Infinity White.

  • Cprsmrrcr3

    I love the beuatiful screen and the ease of use. I would love thatneo hybrid in sparkling blue

  • Love the big screen. Sparkling blue Neo Hybrid please 🙂

  • chris m

    If I had to pick one it would be the camera, the quality on that thing is awesome.
    neo hybrid-infinity white

  • theresamorrison

    I love the ginormous screen. Mandarine rosa would be my color choice. Thank you!


    My favorite thing about my Samsung Galaxy S3 is that its sleek in design and how the lights are completely invisible until lit.
    I’d love to get a Neo Hybrid case in Infinity White.

  • Spyro Giannikas

    My favorite thing about the galaxy S3 is the gigantic screen! I’d like the mandarine black illuzion case!

  • Joseph Allen

    I really like the camera the best…the zero shutter lag rocks, and it takes some mighty fine pictures. The neo hybrid in Sparkling Blue is quite nice 🙂 or the Illuzion in Mandarine Rosa is also nice

  • Oh, and Can I get the theme on the launcher too? that looks awesome!

  • Favorite thing is having the super crazy black levels on the screen.

    Infinity white or Mandarine black.

  • TofuDelivery

    My favorite thing about my galaxy s3 is the fact that it feels so comfortable in my hand while still giving me a stellar large display to look at streaming the Olympics live on my s3 always shows off how capable it is. The case I would like is the illuzion in lemon indigo!

  • bikerbill12

    I have to say pop up play or their music player is really nice with good sound. And I’ll take either of the hybrid cases . Blue first and if not then the whit will do . A d if I have to have the illusion I’ll take the red one. Thanks .

  • I think the most impressive is the simple feature that lets you watch a video while doing other things. I would LOVE to have a Spigen Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue.