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Reminder: You Do NOT Have to Switch to Verizon’s New Share Everything Data Plans – Unlimited Data Can Be Kept

We see in the comments that some users are freaking out a bit and are wondering if they will be forced onto one of Verizon’s new Share Everything plans. The answer is no. Let me say that one more time, so that hopefully, it can be the last. You do not have to switch to Verizon’s Share Everything plans. With that said, if you want to keep your unlimited data plan and current minute structure, there are some things you need to know. 

To Keep Unlimited Data

In order to stay locked into unlimited data after June 28 (the day Share Everything plans go live), you will have to purchase phones at full retail price, which could mean paying anywhere from $449 to $649 for a new smartphone. If you choose to buy a phone at the discount or subsidized rate ($199 or so) after June 28, you will be forced onto one of these new tiered plans (either individual or Share Everything).

Your Last Subsidized Upgrade

If you have an upgrade available and paying full price for phones doesn’t sound like a party, then you have 2 weeks to use that upgrade. If you buy a discounted phone today, you can keep your grandfathered unlimited plan. For example, the Galaxy SIII is up for pre-order – you can pre-order and keep your current plan. Verizon confirmed it to us, but we also can confirm after going through the whole process.

Choosing Subsidy Over Unlimited

If you come to the end of a contract after June 28 and choose to upgrade at a discounted price, you will have to leave your unlimited data plan. At that time, you have a couple of choices for plans through Verizon. There will apparently be individual plans that start at $30 for 2GB of data and then of course, these new Share Everything plans. In some cases, it may be cheaper for you to purchase individual accounts than go with a Share Everything. For example, if Verizon is offering a double data promo for individual accounts ($30 for 4GB of data). If that time comes though, you will want to pull out the calculator and do the math to find your best option. To see exactly how the Share Everything plans break down, we have laid it all out for you in this post.

  • If this happens its bye bye verizon for me

  • zulu208

    i’ll be using the gnex until the glass is so thin I can touch the circuit boards on the phone.

  • overwhelmed

    I really think I’ll be switching to another carrier soon. The Share Everything Plan is probably one of the worst ideas I could have ever heard of with wireless carriers. At this current time, I’m on the 300 Nationwide Talk Plan with a $10/1000 Text Package, Unlimited Data and 4G HotSpot, for around $96 a month. I CHOOSE Verizon because of their coverage, unlimited data and hotspot, which I use for school and business. But now, it’s not even worth it.

    I have an upgrade next month, and my contract ends in September or October, but it’s not even worth it if I’ll be converted to a plan that will cause me to lose all of my unlimited data features just to pay the subsidized price for a smartphone. Less data for more money? I don’t think so.

  • Airiel Quintana

    Really Verizon? We have to buy new phones or lose our unlimited data?!We’ll be switching carriers as well. This is a slap in the face to your loyal customers. Just because our grandfather plans may not be profitable to you anymore, doesn’t mean you can just alter our contract. You are likely legally within your rights, but it is still a move of bad faith against your clientele. You should be ashamed.

  • bill

    It doesn’t matter what now you do as this is it I am done. I get this new plans work for some people, but you shouldn’t force it on us. Especially those of us who have been with your service for many years. I enjoy my plan and the unlimited data, I earned it through loyalty but since you do not understand that anymore I will not renew. I seen an alltel store out in a rural area and found out their coverage is still good as always. So I’m going back to the better company.

  • Rob

    This is BS. Verizon just keeps getting more and more expensive. The average user is getting the shaft because of the data hogs. I could see paying $30 for 4-5 gb. Time to think about switching cell provider. VZW is off there damn rocker.

    • Wel

      No, the average user is getting the shaft because of verizon, not because of “data hogs”. Verizon scapegoated people who use data THAT THEY PAID FOR to jack up prices.

      • Rob

        I totally agree wei. But some people brag about using 100gb+. I heard thats why the pricing is so high. I just want fair pricing.

  • TxBoyinSDCA

    For those of you with unlimited plans – what phone are you going to choose if you upgrade before June 28th?
    – S3? (Pre-order)
    – Droid 4?
    – Razor MAXX
    – Galaxy Nexus

    • I got the G-Nex about 3 weeks ago and not regretting it one bit

  • Verizon just likes to screw us. If this really happens, i will be switching carriers at the end of my contracts. I pay $200 a month for 2 phones with data plans and 1 reg cheap phone….T-mobile, AT&T, or Sprint, here I come!

  • Verizon can K$$$s my A***s with its new shared plan. hello sprint, see you soon

  • Yibran

    http://www.change.org check it out. it gets big things done

  • Reyna

    Do YOU EVEN OFFER UNLIMITED DATA? And I pay $30 for 2 gb and $50 for 5 and 100for the unlimited text and 1400 shared minutes so with the share talk and text for two smart phones what will my bill be ? If I go with the unlimited

  • CHRIS42060

    I LOVE that Verizon linked to this post on their FB page. As customers feel better by the post they read the comments and get enraged……. I am thinking Verizon might be trying to kill business lol.

  • I just wish Verizon would’ve first asked me for my firstborn before it snatched my unlimited away.

  • Dan Burkes

    I’ve worked really hard to get a great discount on my phone line from companies that ive worked for, promotions and the like. all of that will go away once my contract runs out. Has anyone had any good experiences with Sprint? looking like a better option all the time.

    I currently pay about $60 a month before taxes for 450min, unlimited data and text.

  • hey guys help me stop this greedy ass company and sign my petition! Spread the word!


  • DanSan

    FYI… My brothers upgrade date was 6/28 so i called verizon and they gave me an early upgrade. spoke with a few different people and 2 managers and they WILL NOT let you preorder an S3 when they give you an early upgrade. They did an exception in the computer since it was less than 30 days before the upgrade, but it wont let them select a preordered phone as an upgrade. I also asked if I order a Nexus, and the S3 comes out within the return policy what happens if I exchange it for an S3. I was told I can certainly do that in the store but it will change the account to shared data. Pretty much if you do anything what so ever in any way, shape or form to the data features on your account ON or AFTER june 28th you will go to shared data. Kind of sucks because he wanted an S3 obviously but theres no way to do it unless you already have an upgrade.
    Early upgrades WILL not allow for upgrades to a preorder phone. Sorry guys

  • Vickihaag1

    If Verizon states this share everything plan this will be my last time under this contract . Sprit will be my next carrier heard some good things about them .So sad I have been with Verizon for a very long time well over 10 + years . This would be the first time ever to have a complaint . So sad .

  • lynsi joyce

    I am an indirect Verizon rep. You folks are forgetting that this structuring has been requested by the customers. I get DOZENS of people on a daily basis wants “family” data. They want to SHARE data. Most customers are excited about this change. I am a heavy user but on my family plan, i will SAVE money. The biggest complaint among family accounts is that they have to pay for EACH phone to have data. Well here is what you guys asked for! LOL. Keep in mind that 99% of users DO NOT user over 2gb. Honestly, they dont. Some people dont even use HALF of a gb in a month. This will save the majority of people money. Keep in mind our upgrade fee is on average 15% lower than the majority of carriers. The reason verizon pushed this so early is because they are racing with another major carrier on who can come up with it first.

    • Common Sense

      So for 2 people that now pay $29.99 for unlimited = $59.98 on a Family Plan, now for the same price they get to share 2GB. Our family shared plan of 700 minutes is $69.98 + $9.99 for the second line, which matches the new $40 per phone. We don’t give a hoot about unlimited calling. So, ya, that’s what we asked for, please let us pay the same for less!!! What people wanted was a reasonable amount to pay for data, not spend more money or get less for the same money. If they would have made the prices reasonable $15 = 1 GB, $20 = 2 GB, $30 = 4GB, etc. and leave an option for people who do not care about unlimited phone or texts; THAT is what we were asking for!

  • Doug

    I have a iPhone 4 w/unlimited 3g data. When the iPhone 5 comes this fall
    and I PAY FULL PRICE for it will I get 4G unlimited data or will I be
    forced into a data share plan?

  • Suzanne Stooksbury

    We had to add 2 more lines to our plan in order to get iPhones. There is only my daughter and I. We pay fo 4 phones and only use 2, there gonna get ya coming and going. Oldest daughter bought out her contract in order to get a smartphone and new number. She ended up spending almost 400 bucks! Sure miss the ease of home phones. These days ya gotta have cell phones for everything! And companies take advantage of this!

  • Hey guys help me stop this greedy ass company and sign my petition!
    Verizon Wireless: Allow customers to keep there unlimited data plans and phone upgrades. http://www.change.org/petitions/verizon-wireless-allow-customers-to-keep-there-unlimited-data-plans-and-phone-upgrades

  • Mr. Wiggles

    Does the preordering exception with the Galaxy SIII apply to those who ordered from Best Buy? Or should I go cancel my preorder and order from Verizon?

    • Jamie Horne

      We were told two different things from two different Verizon reps on this today….when we called Verizon independently they said our unlimited data would be safe if we pre-ordered through Best Buy before the 28th and they noted it on our account. When we called Best Buy to double check they said they didn’t know and they patched us through to Verizon who then said they couldn’t confirm we would keep our unlimited plans and we would just have to wait and see when our phones get here…

      • Mr. Wiggles

        Wait, actually does this apply to people who already have tiered data? Or just those with unlimited? I have a 4gb plan for $30

        • Jamie Horne

          This only applies to people who have unlimited data plans.Those of us with unlimited plans can either upgrade before the 28th, pay full retail price on a phone or switch to a tiered data plan like yours/a new shared data plan. I don’t think this affects your tiered data plan.

  • J Dub

    I need info on the release of the Incredible 4G stat. This device will fit my wife’s wants perfectly and fit my need to haves for her. It has LTE and with the S4 chip should have pretty decent 4G battery life. If the release is indeed on the 21st I’ll wait to get it for her. She likes the 4″ form factor. It will also actually be unlockable which all of the Moto phones can’t say. Plus it will ship with ICS unlike, again, all the Moto phones.

  • Edgar

    So say you get a dummy line on a family plan for upgrades only, can you upgrade the dummy then transfer the phone over to your unlimited line and still be cool?

    • SubMatrix

      I’m pretty sure yes, you would just have to pay $10 a month on that dummy line (or whatever it is) so $240 over 2 years + $200 for the new phone

  • Trevor

    I wonder what portion of these shared plans business discounts will apply to.

  • steven

    i pay 145 with four phone and with this shared everything i would be paying 190

  • kfath1978

    Just got off the phone w/ a VZW asking about the changes and she had no idea what I was talking about. She said I had more information then her at this point. I read her some of the info I found here on DL and she was either playing dumb or has not been trained on the new plans. She advised me to call back in a few days when they have more info so she could better answer my questions….Bottom line for me is that I would be paying about $20 more a month for one of their stupid little plans…..#greed

  • CALL VERIZON NOW AND COMPLAIN. The manager told me to tell everyone to call and complain before this takes effect. They may change it when they see a majority of the people plan to leave Verizon.

  • Tim S.

    I guess There is a good chance as of now that in two years when it is time for me to upgrade again, that I will not be Staying with Verizon.

  • JAYJAY85

    So what If I want to add a smartphone after june 28th. will i have to conver my existing lines to the new plan?

  • I pay 10 bucks a month for unlimited. My contract ends 12/12 just when new phones come out. I suggest that one your contracts are up you switch to Metro PCS (they use Verizon towers), Simple Mobile, and so on. Buy your new phones from Ebay, and get no contract unlimited everything for 60 bucks!!! I really hope people know that there are too meny options now to be stuck with just Verizon!

  • VZWfence

    Between my wife and I with our 2 smartphones, our current plan cost is $175. if we chose a 10g data plan (which should be more than enough) our bill is 180 and i get my upgrades at discount…i think you really gotta weigh the options here

  • kfath1978

    So is Sprint the only company that is offering unlimited data? I have a line on my VZW account that is up for renewal at the end of July…… I will start moving my lines over when the contracts are up.

  • MikeG

    I have 2 smartphones and a dumb phone and this is still a bad deal, given that I got the 5/10 double data deal. So much for Verizons Rape Everyone plan.

  • gary

    Was told by a Verizon agent that I’d you already have an unlimited data plan that you are grandfathered in

  • Chris cook

    If this is the case they should atleast allow plans that are not up until after this to do a 2 year renewal now. I have been with verizon for 8 years have multiple discounts applied to my account. always paid bills on time.

  • Trutalk

    Everyone has been asking about having shared data plans…. Here u go! most people that are on the unlimited plan use less than the 2 g allowed on the reg 30.00 plans soooooo check ur usage before u start complaining. If anything I think Verizon will gain customers instead of losing them. They r the most reliable.

  • sadone

    They already have been doing this at the verizon stores in our area…had to go to Costco to get a phone at a reasonable price and stay with unlimited. It figures that they would close that loophole.

  • Doug

    What if my phone now is unlimited 3G and I buy a 4G phone at full price after June 28, will my new 4G phone be unlimited?

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Yes it will. You only lose it if you take subsidized pricing.

  • wayne

    Largest growth in three years and this is how they repay their loyal customers. Guess it’s time to give someone else the largest growth.

  • I can’t upgrade till next year and attempt to keep my unlimited data and if i cant have it will see if i can get it through the customer retention if not hello Sprint!

  • Vicky

    If you divide $800.00 by 24 that is $33.3333 per month I can save and by the phone I want.

  • eL

    wow, verizon linked this droid-life page on their facebook. That’s ballsy considering most people here are going to be bitching about it, including myself.

  • How does this work if I’m going to hijack my daughters upgrade? Since she’s not the one with unlimited, will I still be okay?

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Yes, your just txfring the upgrade and your phone will keep unlimited.

  • Fatalis

    So i can sell my galaxy nexus for $400 and get the samsung galaxy s3 for $200. Just like upgrading and i keep my unlimited plan. Problem solved

    • aaCharley

      You can only get the GS3 for that $200 price if you are using an upgrade. Of course, that could be possible, but the GNexus has only been out for about a year. It is interesting to look on Ebay and see that the Nexus is still selling for about $300 used, bugs and all.

  • FeedupwithVerizon

    Doesn’t this change the terms of a contract? And with that in mind, shouldn’t we be able to leave our contracts without penalty then?

    • Aryeh Hersh

      It does not as you are not being forced to switch. You only switch if you take subsidized pricing which requires a new contract. If you pay retail then you don’t have to sign a new contract.

  • lol…verizon wireless just hotlinked to DL. Kellex, you famous brah

  • Randy Hoopes

    Hope big red goes BK!

  • JoelM

    I can keep my $9.99 unlimited data as long as I buy a phone at full price OK no problem with me.

  • too late, already on StraightTalk 🙂

    • too late for me, already on Verizon PREPAID on a slideout qwerty LG Extravert. I want Verizon’s network even if its off contract and I will find away to get around the roaming. A lot of their roaming areas based on their maps are areas I don’t plan to travel to anyway and I would rather go being month to month where I am paying more for a phone but on month to month on MY TERMS. I pay 50 a month for unlimited talk, text and Mobile Web unlimited. With all these fees on smartphone data, maybe I don’t need an Android or IPhone or Blackberry or whatever that badly no more. Less money for Big Red and more money back on my pocket saving me about $100 a month. By going back to a flip phone also, is another way to stick it to Big Red. 5-10 years ago, all that was out there was basic phones, while smartphones were only for “business” people. IPhone and Android didn’t exist yet and corporate people only had Blackberries for emails. We as a society need to take a stand to such greed and show we are not going to take it anymore. With all this capping and throttling, maybe I don’t need a smartphone that badly and the headaches that come along with it.