Pre-order For Verizon’s Galaxy S3 is Live Now, “Ships by July 9”

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It’s live! For those looking to get in on the most hyped Android phone of the year, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, you can pre-order yours today through Verizon. As a reminder, the device comes in either blue or white and in 16GB and 32GB models at $199 and $249 respectively. If that extra $50 for an extra 16GB of internal storage seems a bit much to you, remember that the phone does have a microSD card slot, so you could essentially save yourself $50 and just slap in one of your existing cards to expand it above 16GB.

During the checkout process, we noticed that it certainly says “ships by July 9,” a date we first reported yesterday. We have actually been told that warehouses are expecting devices during the last week of June, so there is always the slightest of chances that we will see this shipped before July. Otherwise, you have exactly 1 month to go before naturistic technology is in your hands.

Update:  Verizon realized that they screwed up in their confirmation emails, having said 6/6/2012 as a ship date. They are now sending out “Oops!” emails to let everyone know that July 9 is still their expected ship date. 

And yes, as we also told you on Monday, pre-ordering will lock you into unlimited data. For those not familiar, Verizon’s pre-order process is not the $50 deposit method that retailers like Best Buy use. With Big Red, you actually purchase the device and extend your contract.

Here is the unlimited data proof from checkout:


*Note – We had originally reported that a confirmation email said it could ship by July 6, but it actually says “6/6/12” which is today. That is clearly not happening.

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