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Handful of Lucky DL Readers Receive Android 4.0.4 IMM76K Update on Verizon Galaxy Nexus? (Updated)

nexus update again2

Soooooo, about that Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 update that you are all waiting for – is it ready to roll out as build IMM76K? According to one of our readers, the update appeared for installation this morning on a replacement phone that he picked up over the weekend. He claims to be running stock Android 4.0.2 and to not be rooted.

As anyone in this business knows, readers try to deceive blogs all of the time, but the date on the kernel, the brand spankin’ new radios, and the newer build number over any other Galaxy Nexus including the Sprint and GSM versions, leaves us to believe that this may be real after all. We keep hearing “early May” for a release of this update and being May 1, that certainly matches up. The odd thing here is that he is the only one to have mentioned it, anywhere, on the internet.

Stay tuned for more. And be sure to check your phone immediately and throughout the day to see if you are prompted as well. 

Update:  After hitting “publish” on the post, another reader received the same update.

Update 2:  A handful now have it, some with screenshot in the comments:

Update 3:  Store unit with it:

Update 4:  Folks, if you are prompted, we need pictures of the pop-up that is notifying you of the update. Also, install a logcat app so we can find the location of this file. Or better yet, when you are notified that it is ready, email us before installing it.

Update 5:  A lot of talk in the comments about VZW support confirming that an update is rolling out to select devices with a mass rollout happening later in the week or even month. That’s usually how updates work, but feel free to keep checking. We’ll continue to update this post as we have more.

Update 6:  If you are following along in the comments then you are probably seeing the same trend we are – VZW corporate devices are all seeing the update. In our update above, we posted a picture of a store device with the update and were told that all of them had it available to be downloaded. Since then, multiple DL readers have been in stores and noticed that the display devices all have the update available as well. Here is the prompt to update which lists it as 39.8MB in size:


Cheers Scott!

  • Bill Brasky

    Got the AOKP Milestone 5 installed.  I like the new additions and overclock ability.  Very nice.  Thx Team Kang!

  • Screw rooting i want the OTA, unless your willing to help, which you noone will. i want a OTA.

    • Root-free instructions are provided here in the comments. Sort by newest comments first.

  • Verizon destroyed this phone by putting so much bloatware in it.

    • Hah, nice username.

      Anyway, that’s not correct. There are only two Verizon apps present and they can both be Disabled.

      No Motorola phone allows you to disable carrier apps and bloatware. 🙂

  • Edwin Rivera

    Quick question.  If I’m on the leaked 4.04 version, will I still be prompted for an update when it is pushed to my phone?

    • Unknown, but I don’t think so since it’s not part of the official upgrade path.

  • Kurt5153

    Havent got it but my pos is still acting up. Random restart and browser closing. Havent done anythingbto this phone be sides factory data reset x2 since i got it!

  • Jeremy Martin

    Best way to do this is to follow the instructions on going back to stock from this link: 

    And flash (if you don’t have it already) clockworkmod.  You can flash update.zip from your /sdcard with ease. 

    The only thing i didn’t do from the link above was recover the entire version from Google’s factory image.  I already had a nandroid backup of my original.  I did, however, have to flash the radios from the Google Factory image in order for the update to work.

  • Owewil3225

    Spoke to vzw troubleshoot rep about wifi to 3g data issue. mentioned the 4.0.4 update. she said its possible but she hasnt been informed about it. Looking at mid to late may for scheduled update she said. However when i replaced my 1st gnex (just ordered my 4th) they told me update was coming early april.

    •  This update has been “just around the corner” since February at least.  So if Verizon is saying mid-to-late May I wouldn’t even put money on 2012.

    • hell i have had 5 gnex, all are a pos

      • Iny

        On my second replacement, which has slightly worse data connection than my original. A third replacement will arrive today, and I will make a decision between the 2nd and 3rd replacement after a couple of days of use.

  • Ok does anyone know if since I am running the IMM30B 4.0.4 if I wait will the new ota get sent to my phone 

    • That I’m not sure of… Most likely you won’t see an OTA for this.

      You will probably have to restore your phone back down to 4.0.2. You can use the Toolkit to do this. Be sure to backup everything on your phone first as it will destroy everything! 

      See my install instructions down below.

      • Thanks I am downloading the Toolkit now and have already downloaded the new update

  • Justin Everett

    Tried twice so far, both failed. I get;

    verifying system…
    assert failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/framework/framework-res.apk”,[2 big what i guess are hash strings])
    E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip
    (Status 7)

    • You have to be COMPLETELY stock for this to work. If you keep getting errors, try downloading the ZIP again.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Wait…by completely stock, do you mean with a locked bootloader and no root?

        • You can be unlocked.

          I think you can be rooted too, though I’m not sure on that one so don’t quote me. 🙁

          • Justin Everett

            Well i am rooted and unlocked, but i have both 4.0.2 and the right radio versions but the update falls.

          • Yikes… Dunno what to tell you other than you may have to restore to stock 4.0.2 using the Toolkit. The OTA ZIP file checks for consistency and it anything doesn’t look right, it won’t allow the update to proceed.

            As much as it sucks, you may have to backup all the data on your phone and restore to stock 4.0.2.

      • Justin Everett

        Completely stock being not rooted?
        i don’t have any leaks or roms installed.

  • Gnex

    So I am assuming if we are running stock android rooted/unlocked the update will break root.  Is that correct?

    • Yes, it will break root until a new root method is found.

    • The_Other_Ray

      I had OTA root keeper from the market installed before updating. After updating, I ran OTA root keeper to gain root access again.

      I was on stock rooted with unlocked bootloader.

  • The official download link for Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 has been discovered. Here’s what you need to do in order to upgrade from stock 4.0.2
    1. Download the OTA ZIP from: http://android.clients.google.com/packages/ota/verizon_prime/12f767e7a5d0.signed-mysid-IMM76K-from-ICL53F.12f767e7.zip

    2. Copy the ZIP file to the root of your Galaxy Nexus and rename it to update.zip

    3. Download and install the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit from: 

    4. Once you install the software and drivers for the Galaxy Nexus, start the Toolkit and select Option 9, to Boot to CWM Recovery without Permanently Flashing it.

    5. Once inside CWM Recovery, you can choose to apply /sdcard/update.zip

    6. Reboot when finished and enjoy!

    • EvanTheGamer

      And no wiping the data of any kind is required, correct? Just want to make sure before going ahead with this. It’s just a straight up update, as if I was getting the OTA update?

      • Yup! No wiping required if you follow this method.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Excellent! Will do this later today, and hopefully all goes well. haha – This has been a very anticipated update, can’t wait to check out some of the changes!

    • dude if you are stock,you cant copy to root…..  duh !

      • Airhawk_48

        He means the root directory of you “SD card”, As in not in a subfolder

      • I mean copy to the root of the internal SD card on your Galaxy Nexus. You can do this without being root.

    • Cory Lee

      What if we are on IMM30B?

      • If you are on the leaked IMM30B, you will have to restore your phone back down to 4.0.2. You can use the Toolkit to do this. Be sure to backup everything on your phone first as it will destroy everything!

    • What if we are on IMM30B and are Rooted 

      • If you are on the leaked IMM30B, you will have to restore your phone back down to 4.0.2. You can use the Toolkit to do this. Be sure to backup everything on your phone first as it will destroy everything!

    • Josh

       UGH this is frustrating me. It just says “waiting for device” when i try to reboot into clockworkmod recovery using the galaxy nexus toolkit. the ADB drivers are installed, it show sup as an ADB device on the main menu and i was able to unlock the bootloader a few months ago through adb. I cant figure out why this wont work.

      • Check the troubleshooting steps on the XDA page for the Toolkit. You may have to reboot your computer and try again. Also make sure when your phone is booted into Recovery and plugged in, it’s listed as Android 1.0 in the Device Manager.

        • Josh

           I got it thanks. Forgot I had to turn off my phone, Hold down both the volume up and down keys and turn it back on to get to fastboot mode, from there i was able to boot clockworkmod recovery from the utility. Installing the update.zip now.

          Wish me luck!

          • Josh

             It worked. i’m on 4.0.4 now. THANKS GUYS!!!

          •  And??????

      • MttFrog13

        I’m in fastboot mode, drivers installed, and i’m still getting “waiting for device”. When I start up the toolkit, the options I chose were option 8, then 9, and lastly 1. What am I doing wrong. I think the bootloader may need to be unlocked.

  • Umiwonder

    I believe someone just got it at XDA here is the link


  • RW-1

    Yes, but …. if you are on IMM30B ?

    • theentropic

      This is exactly what I would like to know… I’m tempted to just flash and see what happens…

      • If you are on the leaked IMM30B, you will have to restore your phone back down to 4.0.2. You can use the Toolkit to do this. Be sure to backup everything on your phone first as it will destroy everything!

  • Chris W

    Got it!!! Someone posted the log so it was easy to find on Android’s servers now:

  • Justin Everett

    Downloading now, but i have no idea what to do with it or if it’s real.

  • Shane
  • Admin

    Exactly who, if anyone thought about going back to stock ISC for this? Curious to see if it gets pushed to you? Ready to wipe? I know that running Liquid 1.35 there is no system update button to check lol. 

  • Josh Carroll

    Someone on XDA got a logcat!!! Someone tell him what to do or figure out the URL 🙂


  • Can someone go to their local Verizon and get it off from there???? I would but my closest one is an hour away.

  •  I’ve spent most of my shift at work on droidlife and checking/rebooting my phone. Wonderful.

  • Chris G

    So how long do these soak tests usually take?  am i expecting an update tomorrow?  or in two weeks?

    • Josh

       Well the last soak test of 4.0.4. was in February, sooooooo, probably never.

  • gg48gg

    build date is 420.  LOL

    • Android team workin’ hard. 😛

  • Scott

    I just went by the Verizon authorized retailer near me to see if the update had occured on the display yet. It didn’t even have a sim card. Grrrrr! I tried.

    • Tyler Cameron

      Don’t need a SIM card to update Android… You need WiFi or data….

      • Scott

        Neither of which I had access too.  Plus there were only two employees in the store and I was the only customer.  Both stood over my shoulder questioning me the whole time.  It was really quite awkward.  

  • Build.prop info from system dump:

    ro.build.date=Fri Apr 20 17:22:24 PDT 2012
    ro.product.model=Galaxy Nexus

    • Thanks Kellex!

      • Christopher Riner

        love me a 4/20 build date

  • Build.prop info:

    # begin build properties# autogenerated by buildinfo.shro.build.id=IMM76Kro.build.display.id=IMM76Kro.build.version.incremental=336647ro.build.version.sdk=15ro.build.version.codename=RELro.build.version.release=4.0.4ro.build.date=Fri Apr 20 17:22:24 PDT 2012ro.build.date.utc=1334967744ro.build.type=userro.build.user=android-buildro.build.host=android-test-14.mtv.corp.google.comro.build.tags=release-keysro.product.model=Galaxy Nexusro.product.brand=googlero.product.name=mysidro.product.device=tororo.product.board=tunaro.product.cpu.abi=armeabi-v7aro.product.cpu.abi2=armeabiro.product.manufacturer=samsungro.product.locale.language=enro.product.locale.region=USro.wifi.channels=ro.board.platform=omap4# ro.build.product is obsolete; use ro.product.devicero.build.product=toro# Do not try to parse ro.build.description or .fingerprintro.build.description=mysid-user 4.0.4 IMM76K 336647 release-keysro.build.fingerprint=google/mysid/toro:4.0.4/IMM76K/336647:user/release-keysro.build.characteristics=nosdcard# end build properties

  • Josh Carroll

    Too bad there’s no way to pull the radio images out of a post-OTA Nexus. 🙁

  • B_Scott


    system dump

  • Art Holguin

    what exactly needs to be done on the device I can drive by my local store on the way from work and hopefully this hasn’t been performed. 

  • RW-1

    So many Droiders, yet no one seems to be able to go to a display unit and grab this file.

    I’m nowhere near one, but I’d bet no one would be the wiser if I sat there for the 10-15 min to do it.

  • B_Scott


    Will this help?

    • Its a system dump so you can get the new props but still no new radios. I will get a faster mirror up. Its downloading slow.

  • Qwerty

    I’ve always wondered if anybody got the backups I make from cwm and flashed them on their phone if they would essentially have my phone. Is it not possible to create a backup zip, copy that zip, and install on another phone?

  • Tyler Cameron

    Rootzwiki is now down…

  • Am I the only one that notices the Kernel Version never showed a date before this one?  That is a build.prop edit that I doubt the manufacturer and google would do.  The more I look around for this the more I think it’s all fake.

  • Cjlee89

    What are we looking for in aLogCat?

    • Did you get the update?

      From Tim
      HEY. People with the update. Don’t install it right away. Be considerate of the rest of us and post the update file online so we can all have some!

      EDIT: From what I hear, seems like Google doesn’t push updates to the cache file anymore? Sneaky devils. Sound like you have to install a logging program (logcat) that will track where this update file is saved to. Then follow the directions and SHARE!

      1. Open root explorer and navigate to the indicated folder
      2. You’ll see the OTA update file. Tap and hold then select copy.
      3. Paste file to your “sd card”
      4. Share with the worl…..err, the US.
      5, Go to settings>about phone>system update – install the update

      • Cory Lee

        No, I have clockworkmod flashed. I search OTA in aCatLog and saw something that said otaproxy.

    • The download link was found already 🙂

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    I told you all how to get it…

    • Patmw123


  • Erick

    When I get the updated (if ever), what should I do if I am rooted. I do not care about loosing the root, but I do not want to loose any of my apps, pics, messages.. any help is appreciated

    • Josh Carroll

       The first thing you should do is pull the zip off BEFORE you update.

    • Don’t hit install. Just email droid-life or post on here that you got it.

    • Erick

      Will do! But after all that, is there anything I can do to not loose pics, apps, messages etc…

      Thanks for the help!

  • Justin Everett

    I assume so.  that is the one i installed, but i’ve never used it before.

  • Someone please go install alogcat on a display device and get the URL then.

    • Chris G

      No kidding.
      I wish i could go out myself and do it.

  • kauthor47

    anyone that’s trying to get the OTA, try this:  go to settings > apps > all > Google Services Framework > clear data.  then go to the phone dialer and do *#*#CHECKIN#*#*  (2432546  then go to settings > about and check again for update.  sometimes this causes them to push sooner.  you may or may not get a toast notification that says “checkin succeeded.”  

    • Chris G

      I’ve had to do that once on my transformer prime.  good idea.

    • Been trying that for hours and with no luck. Even did some force close and reboots on the framework to see if I could get this.  I am thinking that VZW only pushed this to display models. Perhaps some of these people got a display model and that is why their serial is in the database for the OTA.  Either way it is a crock of crap that no one can run alogcat to get this.  I am tempted to drive an hour to closest corporate store after work and get the info i need.

      • Scott

        But i thought Verizon couldn’t push the ota to specific phones. 🙂

      • kauthor47

        I got to thinking the same thing – in the phone store I work at, we give the Verizon rep the serial numbers of the devices we need to be activated on a demo line, so they probably just have a big database full of those, and can push it to those devices with a different command than pushing to all. I might swing by my store and see if I can pull it out of our display Nexus.

  • droidroks

    Well based on the picture of the GNex with the redish purple case has 3G showing and no 4G/LTE. Still no luck for us experiencing dropped voice/data with 4G/LTE turned on….I guess. I’ll keep my phone on 3G for now. It helps with battery life to a certain degree.

  • Justin Everett

    Ok, so if corporate phones are getting the updates first, why not install the alogcat app on a display phone and see what it says there?
    I know you can install apps cause i have seen android phones with GO launcher and other apps installed on them in kiosks.

  • Must be good luck! I want my update!

  • Bobaliscious1981

    Got my update today around 12. Not sure how, definitely not a corporate phone but it is 4.04.

    • Tyler Cameron

      And you didn’t stop to think before doing the upgrade? Riiiight.

    • Post it up then! 

  • Where is the file at? Hasn’t anyone who received this so-called update uploaded it online?

    • Patmw123

      not yet, unfortunately.

    • evantonio

      we’ve been waiting for you. come on, mikey, be a hero!

      • If I had it I would post it up so fast

  • Liderc

    I remember when I bought my Nexus, I was trying to play with the display model and they had that stupid anti-theft thing in the middle of the screen.  I was like seriously?  I can’t even swipe screens lol. 

  • These screen shots of the in-store phones with pink cases on them and anti-theft devices that attach to the front of the phone look nothing like the phones in the Verizon store I go to. The anti-theft devices (intentionally, I’m sure) only attach to the back of the phone so that the view of the front is unobstructed.

    Are these “authorized retailers” or is it just a regional thing?

    • I’m thinking authorized retailers.

      • Scott S

        Actually it was a Corporate Store

        • Soooo weird. Wonder why they would put those on the front? Silly Verizon.

          • Scott S

            I know.  All the stores in Illinois that I have been to have those

          • Akeefe6

             Probably because when they were on the back the battery cover would just pop off when people pulled on it.

          • Good thinking, makes sense.

  • someone just posted this over at phandroid.com in the comments


  • Scott S

    So I went to my local Verizon store located outside of Chicago, after reading all the comments and asked a sales rep if they knew when they would be releasing the phone.  The rep told me they did not know of the release of the new update.  So I went to one of the display phones and guess what.  

    • Jeff

       Now the question is how do you get that update for all of us off that phone?

      • Scott S

        I asked if I could switch phones.  

    • Did you shove that phone in their face and say “LOOK AT THIS!!!”

    • Pdiddy187

       Did the same here in L.A. The display unit had the exact screen as in your picture. Now somebody pull it! :p

    • Q


    • Nice. Looks like a lot of the store displays are seeing updates, if not all of them. Guessing this is some sort of a “soak” test if you will, but mostly for VZW corporate phones. Assuming this goes well, the mass update should come shortly after.

      • Someone needs to walk in to a corporate store with that display and tell it later.  Then install alogcat and fire it up then start the process and switch back saving the log it should do a md5 check on the URL before the phone reboots  All we need is the md5 hash the file shouls be hash.signed-mysid-IMM76k-from-ICL53F.shorthash.zip or something along those lines

        • MKader17

          Would you need root for alogcat?

  • Jay Lefkowicz

    I called Verizon, they got Samsung on the phone.  Samsung said there is no new version.  Then Verizon called me back and said the software will roll out in order of activation, so if you got your Nexus day 1, you should see it soon.  I waited about 2 weeks to buy.

    • Mike Yost

      Interesting never heard of them doing this way, but I bought the phone on day one so *fingers crossed* and I have ADB up and ready to pull the update if I do happen to get it.

    • gpzbc

       Weird.  I bought it on day one too, but I have gone through several replacement phones since then.  Does that bump me to the back of the line?

      • Mike Yost

        I hope not because that would mean all of us rooters would be down pretty far on the list (Flashing a new ROM reactivates the phone so….)

    • theentropic

      Not so sure about that.  I got my nexus day 1, and was the first in line at my store.  I have not gotten the update yet.  I did flash the leaked 4.0.4 build, so I’m wondering if I have to wait until someone posts it to get the latest build.

    • K. G.

      I was told by verizon Tier 2 it was being released in serial number order (in other wods the order the phones were built? Maybe?) Which would make sense since the corporate demo phones were likely in the first batch to roll out…