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Handful of Lucky DL Readers Receive Android 4.0.4 IMM76K Update on Verizon Galaxy Nexus? (Updated)

nexus update again2

Soooooo, about that Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 update that you are all waiting for – is it ready to roll out as build IMM76K? According to one of our readers, the update appeared for installation this morning on a replacement phone that he picked up over the weekend. He claims to be running stock Android 4.0.2 and to not be rooted.

As anyone in this business knows, readers try to deceive blogs all of the time, but the date on the kernel, the brand spankin’ new radios, and the newer build number over any other Galaxy Nexus including the Sprint and GSM versions, leaves us to believe that this may be real after all. We keep hearing “early May” for a release of this update and being May 1, that certainly matches up. The odd thing here is that he is the only one to have mentioned it, anywhere, on the internet.

Stay tuned for more. And be sure to check your phone immediately and throughout the day to see if you are prompted as well. 

Update:  After hitting “publish” on the post, another reader received the same update.

Update 2:  A handful now have it, some with screenshot in the comments:

Update 3:  Store unit with it:

Update 4:  Folks, if you are prompted, we need pictures of the pop-up that is notifying you of the update. Also, install a logcat app so we can find the location of this file. Or better yet, when you are notified that it is ready, email us before installing it.

Update 5:  A lot of talk in the comments about VZW support confirming that an update is rolling out to select devices with a mass rollout happening later in the week or even month. That’s usually how updates work, but feel free to keep checking. We’ll continue to update this post as we have more.

Update 6:  If you are following along in the comments then you are probably seeing the same trend we are – VZW corporate devices are all seeing the update. In our update above, we posted a picture of a store device with the update and were told that all of them had it available to be downloaded. Since then, multiple DL readers have been in stores and noticed that the display devices all have the update available as well. Here is the prompt to update which lists it as 39.8MB in size:


Cheers Scott!

  • spoke with Verizon shortly ago, the lady said Samsung releases the updates (of course I questioned that) but I went along and took the # she gave me for Samsung.  I spoke with a gentleman, advised of what the rep informed me of, and I said “she just blew me off correct?”  he said yes, Samsung is just the manufacturer, Google and Verizon are the ones in charge of that, however he said he is aware of the update and it will be rolling out in waves (as we all already know).  So maybe try giving some patience?  I know i’ll be taking a screen shot of the notification (if and when it happens) and i’ll post immediatley up to you guys and i’ll wait for help on how to send it out to you all.

  • hummm i think ill go back to stock from aokp and check this out

  • im glad i hacked my phone and ive had this for a month and a half…. but cool that verizon decided to finally update

    • Josh Carroll

       So have I, but I want the new radios.

      • Stewie

        No one yet knows how the newer ones will work vice the leaked ones we have already ….

  • Stewie

    I do hope its true for those who need it. I have the leaked one, other than knowing the full changelog, the only thing out of it would be the newer basebands, but the ones on the leak corrected a multitude of issues I was having, and I truly believe that that was half the baseband, and half the VZ network, which ended up having issues all that week in Dec ….

    Based on ddevito’s comments, if I can get the image, I’ll flash it, but can wait … what would tip it is after the masses get it to see the issue posts … could fix some things, and bust others …. Hard to grapple with the “OMG new! Get it!” factor ….

  • J Dub

    So where are all the Razr owners trying to rub it in the Nexus owners faces that their leaked ICS build is higher than the Nexus? I don’t even own the Nexus. 

    • It’s not a higher build for the Razr…4.0.4 > 4.0.3. 😛

  • turbotim21

    I’ll believe it when my phone shows the update message. Very little faith in VZW getting updates out at this point.

  • knick4life

    Exactly which logcat app is best?

    • J Dub

       I use aLogcat. Seems to work well.

  • Q

    I want to believe /X-Files

    The picture of the phone in the store is most convincing..

    • Morbidz

       in NJ

  • kfath1978

    I call shenanigans at this point….not enough evidence that this is really dropping…..

    • Iny

       If it is fake, it’s a cruel, cruel joke.

    • Josh Carroll

       Yep I’m with you. I think it’s an elaborate joke. 🙁

      • Mike Yost

        Explain the new radio’s and how someone would “fake” them?

      • David Tourtillott

        Yeah, don’t think that radios could be faked like that… and more and more pictures of corporate store demo phones are popping up with the update 

        •  more and more pictures??? Where are you seeing these?? So far all I’ve seen is the same pic over and over.

  • Jordan

    My RAZR received an update last week.

    • Patmw123

      haha yes it did.  To an blur filled Gingerbread build.  Enjoy it big guy.

    • Patmw123

      yes it did.  An “update” to blurred gingerbread most certainly wouldn’t be considered an update for Nexus owners.  Enjoy your “update”.

  • Upr0ck1718

    I have a galaxy nexus for verizon. Would leaving gmail sync on waste more battery than leaving it off?

    • TimTheK

      “waste” more battery? Use more battery, yes, syncing anything uses battery, but in most cases not a noticeable amount. Some apps like Google+ reportedly have issues with sync and burn battery. Personally, I suggest only syncing what you NEED. I sync gmail, gtalk, calendar and contacts with no noticeable impact on battery life. I can’t see the point of having a smartphone and not syncing something as basic as email though.

    • NyxAither

      Get Juice Defender. It will take care of all that stuff for you.

    • J Dub

       It’s push sync which means it’s just like the mail man coming and putting mail in your mail box. No energy on your part. Now if you have it setup to check every X minutes that’s that going into the post office and checking your PO box. Lots of energy. At least that’s how I look at it. I never see any of the apps you mentioned using a lot of power in the battery menu.

  • Josh Carroll

    It just seems awfully unlikely that there would be this many people supposedly getting the update and not one has caught it and uploaded the image yet…How long was it after the last “4.0.4 leaked OTA” that the radios/image were available?

  • kfath1978

    Still a no go here in Columbus Ohio…..Spammed the check now button a million times and rebooted a few.

  • Tachomanboi

    Can anyone who got the update confirm that the mute call / crackling earpiece bugs are fixed?  Need to know if I am keeping this phone.  Others have said this isn’t a hardware issue as they have swapped for 2 or 3 Nexus phones.  Thanks.

    • gpzbc

       Great question!!!! 

    • Loren Cogar

      This is all I care about!  The leaked radios didn’t help a bit!!

      • TimTheK

        Well, keep in mind that this update has different radios than the leaked update so these very well may help people with call issues.

    • Patmw123

      the leaked 4.0.4 radios fixed my mute call issues.

  • Stewie

    My question is if unlocked and rooted, but using the leaked 4.0.4, will it update based upon the build change and baseband alone, or would it leave me alone thinking I’m already running 4.0.4, in which case I’ll need the file to ADB manually?

    • ddevito

      you won’t get the OTA – you’ll need to flash an image (if someone gets it and posts it) or re-flash stock images to get back to 4.0.2

      • Stewie

        Kewl, so I can just wait and manually hit it , or wait for 4.0.5 hehehe. No biggie as the leaked one did fix a lot for me, I could stay like this and wait it out ….. Naaah, you know I’ll flash an image hehehehehe….

  • ksat

    I still think it’s a little sad that Verizon hasn’t come out and validated these claims at all. [email protected], @VZW_ken, and [email protected] all indicated that there isn’t any update news… Where does this leave the VZW/GN community?   Lost and rather impatient!  

    I sure hope someone spills the beans soon…

  • can you hear me now?

    Can you hear me now…? Good… 😉

  • Mrcamillo

    The store unit its the pic I took earlier today. Can’t root phones I don’t own. If I owned the Nexus myself, different story to be told.. 😉

  • thehazier

    I rebooted my handset, and the Start update screen came up then disappeared 🙁

    The update did not apply.  Still checking though.  The update is coming to all very soon… FACT.

    • Dave

      Get logcat installed on your phone and when it happens again, look at the logs for the OTA url.

      • thehazier

         I intend to…IF it does it again.

    • Mike Yost

      Instead of installing the update why didn’t you try and capture it, so that you could help everyone out?

      • Adam Edwards

        Probably because people wet themselves when they saw the update prompt, didn’t think about it, and just installed it.

      • thehazier

         It disappeared, I never hit install. The phone simply rebooted on its own and all vanished.

        I meant in response to Dave, I intend to install logcat.

        • Mike Yost

          Where do you live? 

          • thehazier

             Twin Cities in MN

    • Zebra

      Are you sure it wasn’t just the “Android is Upgrading” screen that sometimes appears when you reboot, where its counts through and optimizing your apps?

  • This is off topic, but the comments are littered with people saying they’ll go to VZW for a replacement if radios aren’t fixed.  If there’s one thing I hate about VZW it’s their “replacement” policy.  I can’t stand how you take a bad phone their and they give you a replacement phone that has another issue, but not the same issue you had.  That’s been the case every time I’ve gotten a phone replaced and my brother went through a huge debacle with bad DX replacements, thus leading him to blame android and get an iPhone.  However, the iPhone warranty is through apple, and as much as I dislike them, they do a much better job with replacements IMO. /rant

    • gpzbc

       I went through 7 different phones and 2 different issues to replace my original unrelated warranty issue.  I agree with you.

      • Even in my dumbphone days, that’s how it went.  I had an old LG Chocolate that I felt like was getting replaced every other week

    • Iny

       I hear ya. I’m on my 2nd replacement GNex, and a third will be at my door tomorrow. The first one I sent back immediately due to display issues, and the 2nd one I am currently using is having some serious issues staying connected to wi-fi, and will not search/reconnect to 4G when the signal is dropped, it just goes back to 3G.

      • I’ve been lucky enough to have no problems with my GNex,  Even if I did have a problem, I’d be scared to take it back in fear of what new problem the replacement will have

        • I’ve had no problems either. Works fantastic. Dream device.

  • I’m on stock 4.0.2, rooted. Will I lose root when the OTA finally hits my phone, or will I have to do the whole “unlock bootloader, wipe phone, root, relock bootloader” dance again?

    • ddevito

      you’ll lose root

    • Chris G

      And furthermore does anyone know if Voodoo Rootkeeper will work?

  • kfath1978

    Hopefully this means that ICS is on its way to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 soon!

  • gorkon

    Confirm what many have said with the phone reps (not that it means much)..

    There is no list that you can be added to.  Samsung is the one who puts the updates out (according to what he says….not sure to believe that one either with a Galaxy Nexus).  

    He pretty much knew nothing.  Being as most Verizon based phones usually get an updated document followed by the update itself AND the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t…well it’s a little suspect.  Not entirely though as the Galaxy Nexus is a bit different.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

     I’ll upload it when you all admit the GNex sucks!!

  • Commenter “PapaDroid” over on Phandroid posted a pic of the update page http://phandroid.com/2012/05/01/verizon-galaxy-nexus-receiving-android-4-0-4/  comment is in the middle

    • dmmarck

      Oh wow.

    • Direct link to it:  http://phandroid.com/2012/05/01/verizon-galaxy-nexus-receiving-android-4-0-4/#comment-515227551


  • Haywood

    I got the update and was wondering if someone could show me how to share it with people.  Please call me if you would like to walk me through it. My phone number is (402) 841-0368.

    • Here’s the question did you apply yet?

    • Dave

      Did you update already?

    • If you applied it all ready its to late.

    • Guest

      I think the real question is why would anyone give their cell number out. Especially if you live on prospect ave in Norfolk nebraska

  • trevorsalienarms

    Screenshot of the update prompt from Android Forums

    • gorkon

      Ok this feels a little bit better…..

    • Oh noes, this is shopped! Sum ppls r trolling us hardz. CONSPIRACY! 

  • thefullritz

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks.  Following the comments is hilarious, too much time on your hands……

  • Akeefe6

     Someone posted this on phandroid, this is not from my nexus.

    • And I’m willing to admit that the whole XDA thing just happened to be a coincidence. I apologize to all XDA members and frustrating some people. 

      • gorkon

        I am willing too….but again….more proof.  🙂

  • Derpy_dadoinker

    Not a single person has gotten the update over at android central, at least they havent posted about it yet. 

    • dmmarck

      I’ve yet to get it and the VZW rep I talked to was essentially clueless.  Will try again later.

  • At this point if you get the update and don’t post files you’re kind of obnoxious and selfish.

    • Moses

      Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s android update!

  • Karl

    You guys can thank me for this update getting pushed out…I finally got tired of waiting and flashed AOKP yesterday.

    • La2da

      Me too. I was stock and un-locked until 7:00 PM last night.

  • Haven’t had a OTA with Google Wallet installed….anyone think we should wipe and uninstall first before OTA just in case?

  • Why is the store unit in update 3 in a case?

    • Mike Yost

      Why not push two products at the same time? I have seen a couple Verizon stores that do this when they have multiples of the same phone on display.

    • Morbidz

       device I looked at in Jersey City mall was also in the case

      • Rad. I grew up in Jersey City 🙂

        • Morbidz

           here you go

          • go what? 

          • Morbidz

             replied to a wrong comment, someone asked for a pic of the store phone with an update

    • UndergroundWire

      Have you seen how they had the phone for display?  It used to be something glued to the battery door. Customers would yank on the phone to play with it and the battery door would come off.  People get a wrong impression of the phone (as if the door comes off easily, which is not the case).

  • i wish it went by order of activation. what the hay. i’ll call later and ask them to bump me up

  • Tadmin

    I received the update this morning.

    • Post it up for the world to enjoy!

      • Tadmin

        This update fixed our ActiveSync issue.

        • ddevito

          which Activesync issue?

    • Scott

      Screenshots of the prompt, or it didn’t happen.

      • Tadmin

        Didn’t take a screenshot of the prompt. Didn’t realize it was that important of an update that people were waiting for….

        • Josh Carroll

           Really? 5 months (almost) since the release without an OTA and you think people AREN’T looking forward to this? Riiiiight.

        • lol what?!

        • Steve Benson

          You’re lying. Give us a screenshot now.

        • achaf86

          FYI this update is very important to us gnex owners!

  • Muckman6702

    Yeah got mine. Funny thing was my phone “force restarted” this morning and i thought nothing of it till reading this article. so i went and look and lo-and-behold i was running it since 8 am. Though im rooted.

    • Funny thing is you’re from XDA.

      • Mike Yost

        I’m from XDA and all I am here for is the update. Most rooters use XDA, why is that such a big deal? I know it looks fishy, but I mean who do you know that isn’t from XDA?

        Also, tons of Verizon reps confirming it over the phone. Not that that means anything but it’s a start.

        • Yeah I think it’s time to drop the XDA troll thing. Just because people are members over there, doesn’t mean they are out to troll the world. They have 4.3 million users, including myself and a bunch of people I know personally, and none of them would create the mass conspiracy that you are tossing out.

          If it turns out to be real, which it certainly seems to be, let it be. If it’s not and there is some mass conspiracy, then so be it. But let’s stop calling out every commenter because they belong to XDA.

        • TheyLive

          I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum!

      • Yeah I think it’s time to drop the XDA troll thing. Just because people are members over there, doesn’t mean they are out to troll the world. They have 4.3 million users, including myself and a bunch of people I know personally, and none of them would create the mass conspiracy that you are tossing out.

        • gorkon

          I want to believe Kellex but considering how easy it is to modify a build.prop for a troll…well….there ya go.

          If I see an image of the update prompt I would feel better.

          • Mike Yost

            Explain them changing the baseband… There is no way to change that in the build.prop and the only reason I think this still has any credibility.

          • gorkon

            Possibly.  You CAN probably load your own custom baseband….but you really have to know what you are doing.

      • Iny

        I frequent XDA as well, but I am also here reading through user comments on the update. My conversation with a Verizon rep today also supports the “early May” update window.

  • BTLS

    what happened to 4.05?

  • The guy I talked to knew nothing,but when I told I had heard some things,he put me on hold and checked,came back and said yes there are updates being released sporadically and all would have it by the end of  May. you all know how I have bitched about this phone, so I would not be sayin it if it wasnt true

    • gpzbc

       Ugh…  It makes me sick to think that I might have to wait yet another month.

    • he didnt say it would take a month, he said that BY the end of the month everyone will have it

      • gpzbc

         I hope you’re right. I guess I am a bit skeptical at this point.

  • Corny

    Last night my poop had corn casings in it.  I think that was a sign.

    This is definitely real!!!

  • Scott

    I can’t believe no one has uploaded the file yet.

    • Mike Yost

      I have my phone ready to go if it ever receives the update.

  • JellyBelly

    Friday the 13th Build Date ?  Really ??

  • I just talked with tech suport, he said verizon had signed off on the updates and sumsung is releasing them to a few at a time,and all by the end of May

  • gpzbc

    Please let this be real.  Please let this be real.  Please let this be real.  There is no place like home…

  • AndrewScottRox

    That’s the ugliest phone case ever. 

  • ArrowCool

    Anyone know if the update addresses the random reboots?

    • jodytamar

      as i read this post, my phone rebooted out of spite.

  • John Jablonski

    I’m unlocked and root. But stock. Will I receive the notification?

    • fvqu

      If you are unlocked and rooted then why would you need this? Just install a ROM.

      • Casey Megginson

        This might sound crazy, but some of us don’t want to spend all of our time installing broken and buggy ROMs. I went through that with my OG Droid, I’m not doing it again.

        • dmmarck

          Who said the roms were broken and buggy?

          • Casey Megginson

             I did, and I’m speaking about the experiences I had with my OG Droid. Everyone was cranking out ROMs with worse problems than the stock one so I went back to stock. I only quit using stock again for CyanogenMod, but even it was plagued with issues. I actually have some stability with my Galaxy Nexus now and I’d like to keep it that way.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Yes.  It’ll break the root, but leave the bootloader unlocked.

  • netfoo

    2 Questions:

    1) If this is real, where is the 4.0.4 Factory Image for “mysid” on  https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images?

    2) If this is a real 4.0.4 OTA; and my stock device is fully encrypted; will it download, flash and install with no gotchas?  I cannot run custom ROMs, because I cannot install CWM while the entire phone is encrypted.

    • Doesn’t look like the update is real. Did some searching on the usernames here claiming they got 4.0.4 or saw store devices updating and they all are a part of XDA which happens to have a CM9 Mod build of IMM76K.

      • And the VZW support techs that are confirming the update are also XDA forum members?

        • They are part of the mass plan to ruin Droid Life! 😛

        • Or there’s a possibility the people who are claiming support reps are saying it’s rolling out are part of XDA. Either way going by support reps isn’t the best thing to do, most if not all of them don’t know whats going on with updates until training material has been sent to them..

          • Mike Yost

            Please explain the new baseband… That’s the only hope I have left.

          • If I could I would. I just find it harder to believe that there’s an actual update after discovering only XDA members are posting about the update.

          • 7stringer

            I called VZW and was then transferred to 800-483-7356, which is Tech Support for VZW. They guy said, “Someone just asked me the same thing, so let me go ahead and forward you number to our team to have you “bumped” up in line to receive the update. It has been sent out and will only be sent in small waves.” *(paraphrase, but pretty accurate wording)

            You can search my name – I’ve no affiliation with XDA, nor have I ever rooted an android device.

          • gorkon

            I will try this myself but so far I am calling shenanigans.

          • Any luck?

          • Scott

            XDA has infiltrated Verizon?  That’s funny stuff.  

          • Scott

            Then again, this is the internet.

          • Stewie

            If XDA infiltrated Verizon, you would see many more updates to plenty more devices being leaked if not released into the wild ….

        • Adam Edwards

           No. They’re probably just clueless idiots who tell you what you want to hear.

      • gorkon

        Saw the same thing…am wondering myself.

      • So, in your mind, XDA members are untrustworthy people that are just trolling us hard right now? Are you serious? Some of the best help and advice I’ve ever gotten regarding most of smartphones have come from XDA members who took their time to help others. That’s honestly a very ridiculous statement to make. And it still doesn’t explain the new baseband. 

        • Never said they were untrustworthy. But there are some people who just troll because they can. Myelf and another person though just find it a bit strange that on April 9th XDA has IMM76K and here at droid life we are just hearing about it through a supposed update. Look at it like this.

          If myself and this other person is wrong, than fine. Who really cares? The only thing I did is embarrass myself and I admit that I’m wrong. And if I happen to receive the update, I’ll take a screenshot and have logcat running. Something that no one is doing that supposedly received the update.

          • gorkon

            Yep.  I will do the same if I get it.  Calling Verizon now to see what they know.

        • gorkon

          No.  That someone running that build made the screenshots and images….wouldn’t take much.  Heck one or two people could have easily done this.

          Showing the status page is not confirmation of the update.  You could change that with a build.prop change even in the 4.0.2 factory.

          So…..show the prompt page in a screenshot….

    • Dave

      1) I don’t believe we’ll ever get another factory image from Google for the CDMA/LTE nexus since they pulled AOSP support for CDMA devices.

      2) I imagine it’ll update just fine even with encryption enabled but I can’t say for sure.

    • hfoster52

      The issue is the CDMA see the following link 
      https://groups.google.com/group/android-contrib/msg/f0b4ff77f291bdb5?pli=1  hence why all the builds you see out there are for GSM/HSPA+

      • Subtexas

         Wrong:  Factory image (4.0.2) for “mysid” which is the VZ GNex is posted at the link I have above.  That is why I asked; where is the Google Factory Image (4.0.4) for “mysid”.

  • John Smith

    Have any non rooted users that had Google Wallet installed update it yet?  There were rumors about past upgrades that would break the secure element if you didn’t uninstall Google wallet before upgrading to the latest version of ICS