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Contest: Seidio, Otterbox, Incipio and Case Mate Cases for the Galaxy Nexus Up for Grabs (Update: Winners Picked)

While we try wait patiently for Google to release Android 4.0.5 to the Galaxy Nexus, we might as well give some stuff away, right? Over the last month or so, I think we have given away almost 50 cases to DL readers, which is a solid number. Today, we add to that with some of the more popular big name brands in the business. We have a Seidio Surface, Case Mate Pop!, Inicipio Feather, and Otterbox Commuter to hand out to the greatest community in the world. Ready to win one? Update: We have picked our four winners! Go check your emails.


Prizes: Four cases total – Seidio Surface Surface, Case Mate Pop, Incipio Feather and Otterbox Commuter case

How to enter:

In the comments, tell us what your first cell phone of all time was. Also, mention the case that you would like to win.

We will choose a winner at 9AM tomorrow morning. Good luck!

*U.S. residents only.

  • chucklehead322

    If we’re talking actual mobile phones and not the clunky old battery bag phone I had, it ould be the classic Motorola MicroTAC. A dude came into the video (yes, VHS) store I was working at selling them. I was a major sucker cuz I wanted to be the cool dude with a new cell phone. Needless to say, I got the phone… I honestly don’t remember the “cool” coming with the phone tho. Figures!

    Case of choice: Incipio Feather.

  • Raymond Zayas

    lg vx8300, took quite a beating but held up very well. I would love the casemate

  • Schafbuch

    I still have my Nokia 5110. If I do get selected I would prefer the Case Mate Pop. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • My first phone was on Primeco but cant remember which one, im pretty sure it was a Qualcomm though.  As for case i would most like to have the 
    Inicipio Feather but anyone would work for me.

    • nailbomb3

      Jeap that’s the Qualcomm I had with Qwest of all people. Far out….

  • Cory Parker

    Motorola V551 flip phone. Actually no, it was a Mitsubishi prepaid brick phone. Wouldn’t mind the case mate Pop Case.

  • Akraft619

    LG flip phone and I’d love the Case Mate 

  • Travis Noiles

    I had the glorious Samsung SPH N400 “flip phone”.  I prefer the Otterbox but will take any of them.

  • Sulayman41

    Nokia 2100, I would like the Incipio please. 

  • Doctajoey

    Once I graduated from a pager in 1999 I went straight for the Ericsson SH888. This phone takes the phrase bricking your phone to a whole new level. The display was nothing to joke about either, this sick pup sports 3 whole lines of block characters for your viewing pleasure. Oh how I love my GNex!!!      Case-Mate please or any really

  • CyDetrakD

    My first phone was a nokia. Id prefer a incipio feather

  • Kyle Walker

    OG Razr!  I loved that phone.  We went through hell together.  And it still works like a champ today.  But I would love that Incipio Feather case also (however, not quite as much).

  • lebaugh

    StarTAC! That darn antenna always used to get in the way. I thought I was the bomb though! Now I *know* I’m the bomb with the gnex! 😉
    Anything free is awesome, but would love to have either the Seidio or Incipio!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • My first cell was Sony Ericsson w810i, back in India. It was the best music phone of its time. Owner’s pride, neighbor’s envy.
    I’d love the Otterbox case for my GNex. Again, Owner’s pride, neighbor’s envy. 🙂

  • Traasdahldc

    Old LG flip phone. Can’t remember model. I would love the Inicipio Feather!

  • Lingo

    i had an LG on sprint.  The phone was a tank.  Wish i could remember more about it right now.

    Case Mate Pop 🙂

  • jlsushman

    Ericsson GF 768! ’97 baby! Case mate pop!

  • LostRedneck

    I had a old moto bag phone as well I would like the seidio case

  • kselby

    My first cell phone of all time was actually a first edition silver razr. This was before they became as big as they did and they were very expensive. I am not old enough to say my first phone came in a suitcase like my parents are always saying.
    Inicipio feather case please.

  • Darwinsdead

    Some POS LG flip phone but the battery was amazing (just didn’t know it at the time). I still remember the number I had on that wretched thing. Incipio for me please!?

  • Subguy812

    Primeco Qualcomm  ….  Otterbox

  • spickle

    mine was the Nokia with the changeable front covers. oh and don’t forget the flashing antenna’s. talk about old school customizing. – i would take any of the cases. thanx

  • hamblindave

    My first: Nokia 6000-series candybar phone… Good times! I’d love the otterbox case!

  • jjlyons

    The LG c-2000, I thought it was amazing that it had a camera and an external color screen, but I was also 12 at the time haha. I would choose the Incipio Feather.

  • Kismet769

    Nokia 636/638 🙂

    Whichever case fits best with the extended battery.

  • i had an old flip moto screen. the first one ever to have a camera. i thought i was the coolest guy in town. 

    now with my nexus, i know im the coolest! 

    incipio please!

  • motorola l7 i think http://www.foundvalue.com/upload/images/products/susanvb_632958709907881250_Phone.1.jpg otterbox or seidio

  • AJ

    My first phone was the AirTouch (before it was Verizon Wireless) Star-Tac from Motorola.   Every time I flipped it open, I thought the hinge was going to snap in half. 

    I would be willing to take that Incipio Feather case off your hands if you pick me 🙂

  • cw

    LG VX6000. The cases all look great, but I’d prefer the Otterbox.

  • Greg Robinson

    Nokia but I don’t remember the model.  I would prefer the Case-Mate.

  • ShinwhaKim

    Samsung sph-a500 from Sprint. Looked like a toilet cover but I loved it!  I want Incipio Feather please.

  • my first phone was the Nokia one with everything backlit blue. it was a non flip, non camera phone and was perfect for doing simple tasks, and the best part–it had snake built in. I loved playin that.

    for the case I actually really like the Incipio Feather, that case looks really nice.

  • 6895533

    My 1st phone was the droid 1 the (OG droid), that thing was strong i work in construction and i once dropped it of the 2nd floor no case at all and the screen cracked but the phoned worked fine and i still have it, now its all nexus baby!!!. I would like to win the otter case.

  • Ninenintwo

    I had an old Tracfone that I used and I always played ‘Snake’ on it 🙂 Those were the good ‘ol days…and I would like the INCIPOIO Galaxy Nexus case please…

  • My first phone was a Motorola MicroTAC (early 90’s). It was the first flip phone, features an incredible 30 minutes of talk time, and had those crappy batteries that you had to discharge completely or it would get a memory…making them last a whole 10 minutes.

    Phones in those days were pretty much meant to be plugged in all the time, with the battery only to be used on short trips away from the car. I remember office-mates carrying around 2-3 extra batteries  (they were about the size of a deck of cards).
    This is why I have a hard time complaining about any phone today. We’ve come farther in phone tech than I could ever have imagined.One feather case to protect my futuristic modern marvel please 🙂

  • Pilotbluemike

    Hey DL! After a couple of beepers.. my first cell was on Sprint and was a black flip phone
    .don’t know exact name but it had an outer screen that was in black and white haha! I loved it though.. Anyways I’d like the Incipio cuz my g/f has it and I wanna annoy people and match her! 🙂 thanks DL!

  • My first cell was a Kyocera 2255 super phone model on Virgin mobile that was pay as you go.  I got it when I turned 16 and it cost $0.25 a minute and because of that I never checked my voicemails due to the cost.  Well one night I had over 40 voicemails and I decided to check them, forgetting of course that it cost me $0.25 to do so.  After about 20 messages I realized what I was doing and threw the phone against the wall… it was a beast, and expensive beast…  Loving my Gnex now!

    and i would love the Case-Mate Pop!  Please!

  • Samuel

    I had the SCH-u740, that thing lasted 2 1/2 years, the last 1/2 year it was on life support (the charger) before I got my OG.

    The Case Mate Pop case looks slick

  • Daveandtirzah

    My first cell was the LG 9600 I think,flip phone woul loje to win incipio or any other

  • Fadi Al-Mubarak

    My first phone was the Ericsson T28i. I would love to get the Case Mate Pop!

  • Anarchycustomz

    I had the first nokia without a antenna Every told me that it wouldn’t get good reception. The incipio feather would be so cool I never win anything so that would be the best

  • traction

    First phone was the Samsung SCH-A850. I’d like the Otterbox, but they all look like nice cases.

  • Jack D.

    First phone was some kind of Sanyo flip phone. I think you had to launch the “browser” to retrieve SMS messages. How about the Incipio or Case Mate? Have a Seidio case, not really that fond of it.

  • Motorsports601

    it was a nokia from circle k prepaid i think. the feather or surface case because my galaxy nexus is already too big would like the thinest case

  • Kiran Mandrekar

    My first cellphone was the Nokia 6610. I would like to have the Case-mate Pop! case.

  • Ayman Hawatmeh

    My first phone was the old school Nokia phones which had snake. Then 10 days later my mom forcefully returned it cuz i called 911. Apparently the TV not working isnt an emergency. i was trying to watch Dragon Ball Z 🙁


  • Matt Osborne

    After he was able to upgrade, I scored that sweet sweeeet piece of 80’s technology from my good buddy Mr. Zack Morris! 🙂

    If anyone forgot how cool it was: http://goo.gl/XcJsd

    I’d like a chance at winning a Seidio Surface case please and thank you.

  • StevieSP

    I had the middle one and it lasted me well, until I bricked it with jailbreak. Then I chose an operating system that was designed for modding and love my giant (yet unprotected phone) since. Casemate or Incipio mr lovely Kellex & friends

  • Zac Hart

    I was 12 years old and it was a nokia 3110 on voicestream, had to mow 5 acres twice a week for my 19.99/month plan that was only 100 minutes. no games, no text, i don’t even think i had voicemail lol its hard to imagine that was 15 years ago… if you choose me i’d like the 1. Incipio Feather 2. Seidio Surface 3. Otterbox Commuter 4. Case Mate Pop

  • Greg

    First phone was some Nokia phone for Bell Atlantic. Don’t remember name but I found a picture. Incipio case would be my choice.

  • RadicalPie

    My first cell was some piece of crap lg…. I would like the incipio one. Thanks Droid Life!!!