Monday Poll: SD Card slots, will you survive without them?

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With the release of the Galaxy Nexus, various tablets and now the HTC One series, we are seeing a departure from expandable storage in Android smartphones. Many of you are not thrilled about this and have voiced some of your concerns in the comments of a few posts. Others, including most of the DL staff, have had the G-Nex for months and have not missed removable storage at all. For me personally, I like not having to deal with what are essentially, multiple partitions. When I deal with Motorola phones now, it drives me nuts to not know exactly where my downloaded files are going. Some go to internal storage while others end up on SD cards. Having one space for storage is ultimately, simpler.

On the flip side, we also understand the arguments for SD cards. Transferring all of your important information from one device to another is easily done with one, plus expanding storage beyond what the internal capacity sits is never a bad thing.

Do you make phone buying decisions based upon expandable storage? Do any of you miss it? How are you feeling about the move to eliminate the use of SD cards in phones and tablets?

SD card slots, can you live without them?

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