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Contest: Two Weeks of Holiday Tegra #4 – Win a 16GB Toshiba Thrive (Updated: Winner Picked!)

Day 4 of DL and NVIDIA’s Two Weeks of Holiday Tegra is now up. We have already given away three tablets to some great people, but we know there are many others that want a free X-mas present.  Counting today, you still have 6 chances to end up with a free Android tablet powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor.  Today, we have a Toshiba Thrive up for grabs.

With its rugged design and extremely durable construction, the Thrive is one heck of a Honeycomb tablet.  The tablet boasts 16GB of storage, dual cameras, gyroscope, removable battery, and a full USB and HDMI port.  Have at it and good luck! 

Update:  And the winner of the Toshiba Thrive is…

jseah114 who received his favorite gift 3 different times, those being his children.



1 (one) Toshiba Thrive.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us what your favorite received gift of all time is.
2.  Follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
3.  Tweet the following message:

Need a last minute X-Mas present? Win a Toshiba Thrive from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://goo.gl/LZmdj #android

4.  U.S. residents only.


At 6PM Pacific, we will randomly chose a winner from the comments. This post will be updated, comments closed, and the winner notified. Prizes will be shipped at the end of the week.

  • xaerosum

    In retrospect, the best gift I got was my family. Can’t even begin to put a value on it.

  • Danielseymour4

    My favorite gift of all time was my first dirt bike at 5 years old! Red Honda 50cc… loved it! Santa had brought it to the front door supposedly

  • My favorite received gift of all time is my Galaxy Nexus! Thanks, wifey!

  • Anonymous

    My wife got an awesome frame for my favorite piece of art work that I created!

  • xaerosum


  • Patrick Cuttle

    An Atari 2600! When I was a kid, that was the best thing you could get!

  • My first computer… a Tandy running windows 3.1, its what started my nerdom.

  • Fav gift of all time was my first Droid (OG)

  • favorite gift was a backpacking tent

  • Classic – Sega Dreamcast!

  • Galaxy Nexus.

  • favorite gift was an easy bake oven

  • Favorite gift was a stocking full of Star Wars figures

  • Anonymous

    Best gift would be the Galaxy Nexus I will be getting!

  • Beranimus

    Best gift is definatly even I got my ps3 the first year they were out.

  • Anonymous

    Is it too soon to say the Galaxy Nexus my wife allowed me to buy just 10 days before Christmas is my all-time favorite gift?

  • Arthur Loveland

    My favorite gift of all time was the kitten my mom brought home for me.

  • Best gift have to be my girlfriend coming to visit me last year


  • My favorite gift is some toy scooter I received when I was younger. I wanted it so bad that my grandfather bought it for me on the day I entered elementary. I was so happy I literally took it with me everywhere. Of course, being young, I broke it within 2 years. But I still remember it within my heart. I miss my grandpa now…

  • wow im just going to wait till tomorrow to check cause this is killing me lol

  • got a grandpa lookin sweater when I was like 12…ya, thats what a 12 yr old wants…I remember thinking, “isn’t this only given to kids in movies as a joke?”

  • Anonymous

    favorite xmas gift:  “SUPER NES WITH SUPER MARIO WORLD”

  • hotrod97

    My wife and kids and most important the gift of life. 

  • Garzaj4

    Best present was my stretch arm strong!

  • Anonymous

    My daughter gave me a build it yourself Angry Birds game. 1 Slingshot, a box of Jenga blocks, 3 birds and 3 pigs. Good times! Twitter name is wgpeterson. Hoping you need it! 🙂

  • Toshiba Handibook!!

  • Sheldonguy88

    My favorite all time gift has to be gold necklace that my baby sister got for me with her own money.

  • Winning this would be so epic! hope my comment below is picked

  • Anonymous

    hamster ftw

  • Whats up with the suspense>

  • Keith Olsen

    hopefully its a toshiba thrive

  • The best gift I ever got was actually not given to me, it was a laptop given to my girlfriend, which enabled us to play video games together (she lives in TX, I live in VA, we’re currently seeking to remedy this issue)

  • EricPitt01

    Tickets to Fenway Park to see the Sox play.

  • my Original Droid! 🙂

  • Bigrednemo

    a telescope when I was 9 years old.  thought I was gonna be an astronaut for sure!

  • Cxandroid

    Diamondback BMX bike when I was 13.

  • Stereopc

    The best gift I ever received was a silky terrier puppy from my wife. I was never allowed to have a dog when I  was growing up because of allergies. Silkys don’t shed so she doesn’t bother my allergies. She is a perfect dog and is definitely THE best gift I have ever received.

  • My favorite gift of all time is my son, Lucas.

  • Best gift by far was getting the original Nintendo with duck hunt and mario bros! 

  • Duncan Smith

    The Six Million Dollar Man action figure! BEST EVER!

  • KB

    Mr Potato head

  • andrew

    My best gift ever is my car.  I am still driving it after 11 years!

  • Best gift ever….ORIGINAL XBOX

  • would have to be my ps1. first gaming system we ever got!

  • Ivory Hunter

    My favorite gift was a George Jetson Ray Gun. I wish I could find it.

  • My favorite gift of all time was the OG nintendo and I non-stop played Duck Hunt!! Loved that gun 🙂

  • Mr. Android Connoisseur

    My Galaxy Nexus!

  • wife saying yes to getting married!

  • I want one