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Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs. Original Motorola DROID

When one of our readers requested that we run a comparison of the original Motorola DROID to the brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we thought, “What a fantastic idea.” With the amount of people that have been hanging on to their OG for dear life with hopes that something of this magnitude would arrive, this is sure to help make the transition much easier. Or at the very least, show the world how far we have come in 2 short years. Remember when the DROID was about as top-of-the-line as you could get? Well folks, the Galaxy Nexus is where it’s at now – we cannot wait for long time OG owners to experience next-gen technology like this. When Verizon does finally release it (end of next week looking better by the minute), we have a feeling that your mind will be blown. 

Just for fun, here is a comparison of specs:

So what do have for differences? How about another inch added to the screen, about 70 extra pixels per inch, a front camera, full 1080p video recording, a dual-core processor clocked at over double the speed, quadruple the RAM, and 4G LTE. Talk about an evolution.


  • Anonymous


  • Djstar2k2

    i could careless what the cam  mp is or how crappy it is this is the only pure vers of android thats gonna be around for at least a year or so   just look at how the number of stock android phones are on the market.  

  • I’d rather have a 1 megapixle picture with the world’s best light sensor and lense take my pictures then a 20000 megapixle camera that had a shit lense and could only take picrues on cloudless days and when the sun was shining off either the snow or the water….

  • Christopher Riner

    Dude, that is so cool that Kellex took the time to post this.  I hear so many requests in comment sections, and you know there just isn’t time for these guys to handle them all.  Matter of fact- I saw the post where the guy asked for this comparison.  I think it was in the razr/nexus comparison, or maybe the razr/nexus/rezound screen comparison, and I thought to myself, “It would be cool, but we’ll never see it”.  Bravo, gentlemen, bravo.

  • Anonymous

    The Nexus looks so nice.

  • JMK

    yeah that camera is a bit of a turn off for me…

    • Anonymous

      it takes good pictures. megapixels make no difference, only how big the picture is, which is actually nearly useless.

  • OG is still my phone of choice. 

  • Cdef

    if og droid owners mind will be blown what about me, the proud owner of a 5 yr old flip phone? i guess my mind will be an h bomb ha. lg vx8600, baller. talk about reliability and stability, battery life too. 200 bux back in the day, top shelf stuff!

    • Nathan Hosford

      Wow this phone will be awsome for you.

  • Anonymous


  • I’m liking this post, lets me know what I am coming from(OG Droid) to what I’m going to(GNex).

  • Sp4rxx

    “Well folks, the Galaxy Nexus is where it’s at now”

    What Galaxy Nexus?  I haven’t seen anything at any local store.  I see all the accessories for it, but no phone…. by the time it will be released, “the next best thing” will surpass it.  Heck, by the time it’s released, I will be upgrading from my RAZR on my next 2yr contract.

    I actually feel for you all waiting and chomping at the bit for this phone.  It really is not fair to see ALL the accessories available for a phone that doesn’t exist yet.  Yeah yeah yeah you can show me all the linked articles you want, but the fact still remains that it isn’t available yet to the public….(no sarcasm or cynicism intended)

    As much as I don’t care about the phone, I still felt a *pang* in my heart when I saw the post about the dock device for the phone and still …. you guessed it …. no phone.  My buddy at work is so hung on it that he said if they keep delaying it he might just give up and get the RAZR/HD or Rezound …. and at that point I felt bad for him that it isn’t released yet.

    Samsung/Google/VZW really botched this release – this goes beyond the Bionic delay/cancellation/rebuild…. At first I thought it was the “let’s wait for the RAZR/Rezound hype to end” and with the white RAZR, (possible) RAZR HD & Droid 4 releases, I am beginning to think that the companies are trying to get people’s attention away from the phone (maybe it has bugs; maybe the GSM to CDMA or HSPA+ or whatever is on it isn’t compatible with the network yet…. WHATEVER THE REASON) while they attempt to implement it.

    They say “later this year” …. well I hate to break it to you, Sam/Google/VZW, but you only have less than 30 days to go…..

    • You spent a lot of time on that post, bro.

    • Barbarrino

      Your right. The G-nex is outdated already. The only reason it is anything is because of ice cream sandwich and motorolla is too stupid to put a decent screen on a phone.

      • Dominick DeVito

        It’s a Nexus phone, and they’re never meant to be the “latest and greatest”

      • str8rippinem

        Outdated? explain yourself please

    • Dominick DeVito

      You can’t compare this to the Bionic debacle.

      • Sp4rxx

        Because the Bionic is ACTUALLY available! ….sorry I forgot about it’s availability….

        • Dominick DeVito

          It’s coming out in a week or so, totaling up the delays to about almost 2 months at most. The Bionic debuted at CES in January, released in September. Not even close.

  • Markopolo1022

    i think og still looks better n sexy !!!! but I can’t wait for the nexus

  • Anonymous

    there will be better specced phones but there is and only will be only one OG droid….

  • Alex Harman

    My Christmas present to myself. I will retire my beautiful OG Droid to a half-retirement as using it for a MP3 player and other miscellaneous tasks.

    Although, the G Nex will probably just take all responsibilities upon itself.

    1/1/12 can’t come soon enough!

  • whoster69

    This is literally the differences between my current phone and my next phone.

  • it’s funny that this is actually my phone transition… 

  • Anonymous

    Nexus Keyboard: On screen

    Droid Keyboard: On screen and physical

    This still makes my heart sink when I think about it. 🙁

  • Have we ran out of stuff to write about?

  • alquimista

    I’m gonna miss my OG Droid.  Not sure what I will do with my OG after the switch, but I will definately still use it for something.  I’ve always wanted to try this hardcore physical mod:

  • Dominick DeVito

    Not sure what everyone is complaining about. My OG’s running great. Aside from a scratch or ding here or there it’s smooth, runs 2.3.7, and does (almost) everything I need it to do. I test apps with it too. It sure will be missed. 

    • Old School OG

      I agree, ever since I installed Liquid 3.2 a few weeks ago, my OG has been a joy.  Best ROM ever!

      • Dominick DeVito

        I still prefer the GPA series from Pete Alfonso. Have GPA19 (2.3.7) running on my OG, runs better than it ever did stock. 

  • Brian

    Looking forward to the OG –> Nexus upgrade, although now I’m tempted to wait and see what Droid 4 looks like before deciding.

    And what to do with the OG?

  • luvmyd2

    I may be the minority….but I don’t like that the phone is getting bigger and bigger.   If I wanted a tablet, I’d get a tablet.  The newer phones have zero intention of going in your pocket.  

    • look at the thinness comparison. even with a bigger battery and lte radio.

      • Bryan Williams

        Except that’s not the LTE version of the phone.

  • Anonymous

    I loved my OG Droid..but jumped ship to the Droid X a year and half later.

    It was an awesome phone, but the X is being loved just as much.
    Having said that though, I am fully looking forward to getting the Galaxy Nexus 😀

  • christian cerda

    since when did the OG droid have gingerbread!? lol

    • Anonymous

      Android 2.2 is Froyo, not Gingerbread.

    • Dominick DeVito

      not officially, ever. Lots of custom ROMs though. What are you referring to? The chart says 2.2 (Froyo)

  • Anonymous


  • Koob33

    Still rocking that og droid, been 2 years now 😉 But it might probably have to retire soon to the google nexus, ahh it had a good run though 😛

  • gearjammer

    Does anyone else look at those pics and wish the two could make sweet love and pop out a Droid Nexus with a physical keyboard like the Droid 4? I sure as heck do. I use Swype (actually touchpal curve) a lot but sometimes you just need a physical keyboard. I used a buddy’s DX and it just felt incomplete without a hard keyboard.

    • Dominick DeVito

      So buy a D4. It’s coming soon…next week right?

      • gearjammer

        Because the D4 is Blur’d to hell and back, encrypted bootloader, slow updates, crappy camera and no removable battery. I want a stock ICS phone with a keyboard. Is that so hard to understand?

        • Dominick DeVito

          I don’t think you’ll see one ever again – not stock anyway.

        • Anonymous

          The D4 has a removable battery, actually, and its camera is better than the Galaxy Nexus’.

  • Anonymous

    : This has been such an enjoyable post. It’s crazy how far we’ve ALL come. Because face it, Google / Verizon and the rest of the gang couldn’t have done it w.o each one of our help. Buying, promoting, recommending, showing others how to do this or that, etc etc.

  • I think Kellex needs to do a video comparison of the GN and OG. Like a “Dog Fight” from Phonedog 

  • Xcbsgsdgf

    im wet

  • You og owners don’t even understand the difference your going to see I rwmeber going from the og to the thunderbolt it was crazy the difference and then to the droid x and you will soon see how big of a POS the OG was and is

    • babadush

      I went from an og to a Thunderbolt too. Massive difference. It really was underpowered as hell.

    • Christopher Riner

      Well, if you look at overall performance the nexus is gonna smash it like beans and mash.  I think the reason all of these people love the OG droid lies more in the fact that its a legendary phone.  It was the first thing to run vanilla android– people probably didn’t even notice how nice that was until all the other bloat-loaded phones started coming out.  The nexus is a great thing when looking forward, but with the OG, it seems like the farther we go into the future the more we realize how gangster this phone was in the past.  Sure, tons of other phones are out-performing it, but the numbers don’t lie– think of how many people post on this site (and other sites, for that matter) that are still rocking their OG.  There is still a huge following of the orginial droid, and there is absolutely a reason for that.   

  • Turkey Fart

    They grow up so fast….

    I think I have something in my eye [sniff]   :*(

  • Hey Kellex, not to break it to ya, but the OG Droid did not have 512MB of internal storage. It has 256MB and 256MB RAM. I know cause I still have mine and is still kicking.

  • Same here,  og to the gnex!!!      

  • Robby McElhaney

    This is awesome! I’m upgrading to a Galaxy Nexus from an OG Droid and then this pops up 🙂

  • Skinja99

    Please post a screen comparison with the OG droid like you did between the Razr, Rezound, Nexus. Show us a zoomed in photo of the text on the screen like you did for those 3.


  • DaveIsAwesome!

    Well, at least I know there won’t be a new Samsung Nexus every 3 weeks lol.

  • Anonymous

    I actually miss my og droid. Had me considering going with the droid 4 over gnex. Then I realized there will be a droid5 by April and droid6 by November. I do miss those gold accents and keyboard tho.

    • Anonymous

      The gold accents that sadly rubbed off the buttons rather easily.

  • Bmadero

    Does this have a laptop dock like the Razor? And a Media dock and car dock like my OG? I gotta have the window mount car dock! Anyone know??

  • TAchomanboiiiii

    Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for this.  It’s going to be the most massive upgrade ever.  My OG is officially a POS…lol.  Internal memory stays full, phone freezes/home screen icons disappear constantly, random resets, force closes due to a lack of available memory, and an overall lag, among other things.  This is on a completely stock 2.2.3 install BTW.  Never been modded.  Can’t deal with it anymore.  

    OG => GN is gonna be like going from an old Honda Civic to a G35 (I would know!)  😉

    • Anonymous

      I was having the same problem until I install CM7 on my OG Droid to hold me off until I upgrade. I’m a lil more at ease right now thank to CM7.

    • Barbarrino

      good comparison, Honda Civic = well built, long lasting, great price. G35 = plastic piece of crap, with weak performance for the price, but fancy gimicks

      • TAchomanboiiiii

        Good opinion.  Don’t get me wrong I’m a Honda fan but I’ve taken them both apart enough to know they are equally built overall.  By crappy plastic and performance I’m guessing you mean like drum brakes vs. Brembos or hubcaps vs real wheels?  Unless you’ve owned an old civic and G/Z, and both the OG and the GN, not too sure you’d know either scenario.  Just like the OGD the Civic became unreliable not to mention outdated and boring.

        I do agree that the build quality of of GN looks obviously less sturdy than the OG.  BTW, the G is an 03 and was about as good as bang for the buck as you can get.  Enjoy your Motorola and Honda, seriously.

  • KDroid

    i hope the vibrate is loud and you can really fill it vibrating, Like the OG… I havn’t seen another phone that vibrates as hardloud as the OG… My wife’s fascinate is on vibrate you can barely tell it is going off.  Hows the g-nex compared to the OG?

  • Anonymous

    Small thing, but shouldn’t the OS version be 2.0? Aren’t we comparing the OG launch to the Nexus launch? The Galaxy Nexus will certainly get many updates, likely more over the course of its life than the OG.

    If the thinking is what the jump will look like now to OG owners, I’d like to argue that many of us (at least us OG owners on Droid Life) have some form of Gingerbread on our phones, so 2.2 still doesn’t fit. Just saying.

    Anyway, excited! ONE WEEK LEFT PEOPLE!

  • Regrub

    There needs to be a line for HDMI. Definitely something I was considering and also a lapdock

  • ssjnimma

    my question is do you think that the battery cover on the GSM version will fit the 4G LTE version? would be nice to get a non Verizon branding cover! 😛

  • dieringer scott

    oh my god Angelface is back

  • Sakorda

    What are their respective battery usages… not that of the rumored quotes and stats, but actual daily battery life reports…

    • Anonymous

      This is something I really need to know as well

    • Anonymous

      Probably hard to say yet since the 4G LTE version hasn’t seen “real world” use yet. Wait till Kellex gets an LTE version instead of that GSM one.

  • Ravnos CC

    will no one think of the true ppi comparison?

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, no one cares enough for true ppi comparison, because unless you’re holding your phone 2-3 inches from your face constantly, it doesn’t make a difference whether the pixels are RGBRGB or RRGBBG

      • Ravnos CC

        Well excuse me for thinking accurate visual representations were “important” to some folks 😉 I hark back to the 1920×1200 vs. 1080p LCD panel debates of yesteryear.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, the King compared to the challenger to its throne. Will the gNEX have the same impact on Android as the OG did? I hope so, but we’ll find out in, um……….I’ll get back to you on that 1

  • rrosotho

    Its a good comparison the OG Droid brought android 2.0 with new features and The Nexus brings android 4.0 and whole new UI and new features. Android has come along ways in just 2 years. 

  • Bill Anderson

    Kellex: Should add a line for gyroscope. The OG Droid only has an accelerometer.