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Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs. Original Motorola DROID

When one of our readers requested that we run a comparison of the original Motorola DROID to the brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we thought, "What a fantastic idea." With the amount of people that have been hanging on to their OG for dear life with hopes that...

Original DROID FRK76 Update Rolling Out Now

A whoppin' 761KB update for the original DROID is available now. Bringing the phone to Android 2.2.3 (build FRK76), this minor security fix helps block rogue/unauthorized certificates in the browser. More info. Cheers OzzyGee!

Motorola DROID Receiving Security Patches in Update

Last week, Motorola announced a "special project" for the original Motorola DROID that left most of us with a raised eyebrow. What on Earth could this possibly be after almost 2 years? It's a security patch, my friends. Two of them actually. According to Moto,...