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Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs. Original Motorola DROID

When one of our readers requested that we run a comparison of the original Motorola DROID to the brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we thought, “What a fantastic idea.” With the amount of people that have been hanging on to their OG for dear life with hopes that something of this magnitude would arrive, this is sure to help make the transition much easier. Or at the very least, show the world how far we have come in 2 short years. Remember when the DROID was about as top-of-the-line as you could get? Well folks, the Galaxy Nexus is where it’s at now – we cannot wait for long time OG owners to experience next-gen technology like this. When Verizon does finally release it (end of next week looking better by the minute), we have a feeling that your mind will be blown. 

Just for fun, here is a comparison of specs:

So what do have for differences? How about another inch added to the screen, about 70 extra pixels per inch, a front camera, full 1080p video recording, a dual-core processor clocked at over double the speed, quadruple the RAM, and 4G LTE. Talk about an evolution.


  • RobS

    After 2+ years my (rooted) droid takes 5-10 seconds to load the home screen, i cant send a text after receiving one without closing and going back into the text, the physical keyboard is so warn it hardly types, i have to carry 2 batteries because the life is worse than a 4G and I stopped downloading apps because its too hard on the phone. 

    My favorite phone ever but its on life support and I can’t wait to go to my verizon store at 6am just like i did 2 years ago and switch to the Nexus! (or the Droid 4 if the nexus keeps stalling)

    • Bmader76

      My OG is still kicking and is still pretty snappy. I have some dents and nicks from dropping it but the glass on the screen is still immaculate and I stopped using the case about 8 months ago. Im running Project Elite 4.2, It is a badass ROM and  it runs better than my brothers Charge ( his is much better to look at though).                                                          

    • Anonymous

      Go back to Froyo, Gingerbread doesn’t run well on the Droid. I would also suggest Project Elite 4.2.

  • wow.  the nexus is gorgeous.

  • OG Droid for life

  • Anonymous


  • angelface77

    Moto win this battle

    • dieringer scott


      • Guest

        because he is a loser and has no life!!

        • dieringer scott

          He was banned and just changed his name..

      • Christopher Riner

        hahahahaha ohhhh shit, this little guy just pops up anywhere and everywhere motorola and chimes in everytime just to make me laugh.  

    • Anonymous

      All kidding/nonsense aside, a serious question for you…..Is there something wrong with you???? Just curious, bc I’m sure if you came out & confirmed to all of us that you are a bit “slow” up top we would tolerate your posts, being that we would know that is all you are capable of. I’ll ask in a simple way you can understand…did/do you take a shorter bus than the rest of the kids to school???

  • Narbz

    soon ill have both =] 

  • Anonymous

    Oh…and also just for fun: http://www.engadget.com/2009/10/28/motorola-droid-official-on-verizon-199-on-contract-coming-nov/

    • Marvin de Pano

      I wish I could like this a million times!

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahaha, the comment a few down where the dude says “THIS PHONE WITH GOOGLE/ANDROID/VERIZON WIRELESS IS GOING TO TEABAG THE INDUSTRY!!!” might be the best comment ever!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lol, great comparison.  I’m one of the many people going from OG Droid > Galaxy Nexus.  It’s crazy it took this long for a phone to come out that is worth replacing it with!  No other phone (on Verizon) since the Droid has launched with an unencrypted bootloader AND vanilla Android.  Also, it’s fitting that the Droid debuted Eclair/2.0-2.1 on Verizon and now the G-Nex is debuting ICS/4.0 (or 4.1) on Verizon.  B-)

  • If the Droid 4 comes with ICS, then I’d say that would be the one to compare it to. 

    • babadush

      It’s not the same. Droid 4 will have blur and encrypted bootloader

    • Dominick DeVito

      D4’s coming with 2.3.5 Sadly my OG’s running 2.3.7

  • Kellex, when shooting pictures like this, please use a smaller aperture — at least 4 or 5 (the higher the number, the smaller the aperture). This way, the entire image will be in focus. With 1.8 to 2.8 (what I assume your aperture was, since I don’t feel like checking), only a very small part of the image is in focus, with the rest blurry, which makes it hard to do comparisons. Having a nice lens doesn’t mean that you should always be shooting with f/1.8.

    • Murphy

      Where did you come from? Flickr?

      • Nope, just art school.

        • really? you must be gay then. right?

          • Yup, because everyone in art school is gay.

          • guest

            did you grab my ass?

          • im sorry.. i dont know what brought me to say that. 
            it was either that “strike a pose picture” or the comment. 

          • Bryan Williams

            Apparently my wife must have escaped this generalization somehow because she went to art school and I sure can’t convince her to have a threesome with another chick.

            That sucks.  🙁

    • Stewie

      In simpler words, use macro mode on your cell or digital camera.

      • Macro mode is for cameras that don’t have manual controls. These pictures were definitely not taken with a cell phone, they were taken with an SLR, or a camera that is similarly advanced. “Macro mode” is absolutely not the same thing as aperture adjustments.

    • Anonymous

      I think Kellex is trying to be artsy.. like purposely using a low aperture to play around with depth of field.

      • Bryan Williams

        I feel the “artsy” thing but he’s normally taking pictures to show people the difference between two phones or as a review.  There’s a time and place for artsy and a review isn’t one of em.

        Just show me the phone in full focus.

        • Yes, my point exactly.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this is def one of my favorite posts ever on droid life..although i couldnt hold out the whole two years with the og without smashing it into a wall bc it was so slow, it is still nice to see the beginning and the future side by side. thanks kellen

  • Anonymous

    Your OG looks a little dusty Kellen 😉 

  • mike


  • Yes! This post mentions me… well, not by name, but in spirit.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like I’ll be moving up in the world

    • Anonymous

      Me too brother me too lmao!!!!

      • Thelegendofdavid

        Me three!!! Ill bring the ice cream sandwiches

        • Anonymous

          Man, we need to have a Droid Life get together in San Francisco 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to do this next week!

    • Anonymous

      I can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Insert gratuitous “That’s what she said” line here.

  • How the heck is that D1 in such good condition? Mine looks like it’s been a chew toy for a pitbull. 

    • Anonymous

      Mine looks like it’s in new condition as well, only the camera button gold paint is coming off.

      • Postdante

        same for me.  OG build quality is legendary!

  • Anonymous

    This would have been more interesting if you would have compared the Droid 1 to the droid 4. The Galaxy is a Samsung phone, (HELLO) mcFly….

  • is anyone else bothered that all the new phones are almost tablet sized

    • JustinM

      Yes!! I went to a Verizon store the other day and played with the Droid Razr and the thing is just massive! Waaay too big. I am really disapointed… I don’t want such a massive screen! almost embarassing to carry

      • Cooksta3276

        The Razr is too wide. I can palm a basketball, but can’t reach my thumb to the top left corner. The Nexus looks to be more of a long candybar. I don’t get 4g, i’ll wait for now and keep rocking the DROIDX.

    • Anonymous

      Yes however I heard nexus is no bigger than the thunderbolt so that works for me. If it was any bigger I would have to reconsider

      • Nexus_is_tooBIG

        lol  Your joking right?  Take a look at the below and start reconsidering: 


        The Galaxy Nexus is huge!

        • Dominick DeVito

          Yeah but the T-Bolt is a sweaty pig compared to the G-Nex. 

    • I’m sorry that you have the hands of a small child.

      • Anonymous

        ….. Or just the hands of a woman?

      • Blootzm3


    • Joe

      ya me to

    • Anonymous

      Not at all. With Android you have choice. Get the DInc2 with a 4″ screen or the Rhyme with a 3.7″ screen if that is your preference.

  • Wow the LCD on the OG looks really washed out compared to the AMOLED on the Nexus

    • Wyngo Masala

      That might have to do with the lighting, since the light is coming from the left and the Droid is on the left.

  • QQMore

    would love to see one more picture.  Either one phone below the other (to show width differences, like the height difference shot) or one more where the OG is sitting on top and a face on view to show how much bigger overall the Nexus is.

  • Mark Wilk

    Looks like his OG is running Gingerbread.

  • It’s got four, Four, FOUR TIMES THE EVERYTHING!

  • bigrob60

    No wonder I keep running out of room on the internal storage. 1/2 a Gig? Didn’t know that.

    • Anonymous

      lol we learn something everyday on here lol

      • bigrob60

        I know. I only bought that phone over the summer to lock in unlimited data & wanted my 1st android phone to be stock & wanted the qwerty to bridge the gap from my voyager to an actual working touch screen.

        • Anonymous

          My how technology time flys 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Less than that actually as the OS take like 280MB of that space. I have been dumping apps for 3 months as I am out of space.

  • Anonymous

    LOL looking at those specs and where we are know is amazing, man the OG was a BEAST back then lol

    I remember saying wow, that’s pretty good specs 2 years ago talking trash to my Apple friends and comparing web download speeds.

     the OGDroid was kicking butt and taking Apple fan boy money by the dozen.

     I bet a stranger on CalTrans heading up to the city for work that the OG was faster then his *phone, He scuffed and took the bet.  By the time we hit San Francisco train station I had an extra twenty to spend 🙂

  • OneMoreWeek!

    Kellex, how does the speaker on the G-Nexus compare to the Droid?

    • SoReadyForANewPhone

      That’s exactly what I’d like to know.  I keep reading that the G-Nexus speaker isn’t that good, but then, neither is the one on my Droid, so a comparison would be really good.

  • Love the comparison shots! Thank you for posting this.

  • Christophernapier

    Kellex, can you share a link to get that awesome wallpaper, it would be much appreciated, and thanks for all the great Nexus posts!

    • Here you go:  http://www.mediafire.com/?al776laebbhlr94

      • Christophernapier

        Thanks! In one week, this will be the wallpaper on my brand new Nexus. 😀 

    • RWWIII

      Funny, I find the wallpaper to be hideous..  I keep hoping he’ll change it.  It’s making his Nexus look like it belongs to Disco Stu.

      But that gray cement-like Droid wallpaper… that really brings back memories.  I think I might change my OG back to that, just for it’s final week.

      • Christophernapier

        To each is own, but whatever. You’re right, that gray-cement will always have a place on my phone! 😛 And +1 for the Simpsons reference!  

  • OneMoreWeek!

    I’ve been looking for a photo or two which showed these two phones together! I’m quite surprised however that the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t look bigger than it does sitting next to the Droid. One more week before I can kick this old phone to the side!

  • You can’t beat the Moto Droid for a loudspeaker.  It’s so loud.

    • Anonymous

      That is one of the things I’ve been disappointed about with every phone I’ve owned since the OG.  

    • angelface77

      Moto’s speakers and call quality are amazing 🙂

      • Blootzm3

        with all the phones that Motorola came out with after the good old og…. so are all the bugs that come with them “Amazing” especially since Motorola has no support after the sell of problem filled phones “Amazing” what you buy is what you get…

    • AbelTrev

      Oh man, I absolutely agree. I went from OG to Razr and the speaker on my OG is atleast 25% louder than the Razr’s. That stated, I hung on to the OG as long as I could, but she’s 3/4ths dead now :

      • Emilio Figueroa

        The Rezound’s speakers are quite up to par with that. Though, I could do without the bloaty sense and locked bootloader.

        • jason6g

          give sense an honest try. I hated it at first but now i enjoy it 😀

  • Emily

    Where’s the hardware comparisons, speed tests, screen quality comparisons. Software differences. We need more details!!!!!! How can we decide with such lack of information? Poor quality post.

  • LTE Galaxy Nexus has 1850 mah battery.

    • Shit it does. Fixing!

      • bigrob60

        Whoa! Kellex cursed! Should I be flaging that as inappropriate. LOL :]

        • Anonymous

          i would appreciate it if he would disable blocking offensive words in comments

      • Anonymous

        OG Droid also has 264.77 DPI/PPI (weird that you used PPI for Nexus and DPI for Droid?) too, not 240.


      • Anonymous

        The Droid’s PPI is incorrect as well.

      • Supraman21

        The Nexus only records 24fps in 1080p

        • Christopher Riner

          I think 24 fps is what its gpu benchmarks

      • Bryan Williams

        ….and there’s actually a difference between PPI and DPI.  They are not interchangeable.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh, I remeber the good Ol’ days of being on the frontier of Android The newness of it all and discovering blogs like Droid Life, rooting and friends, strangers, family asking  about my cell phone and what is that. 

    I proudly respond “The DROID)” 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Props to the OG Droid Lifers, back when there was a total of 30-40 commenters helping each other out & bustin’ each others balls

      • Anonymous

        Ahh, yes Coryk those were the days 🙂

    • Anonymous

       I remember those days. Starting up the Droid for the first time was such a great feeling. Learning everything about it. No phone has done that for me since and I have had the Droid X and the Bionic. Maybe the Nexus will do it with the fact that its a new phone with what is essentially a completely different OS to play with like the Droid was.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly 🙂

  • George Davis

    Biggest difference performance-wise is the RAM.  256Mb is just not enough.  1Gb is perfect on the Bionic, I’m sure it’ll run even better on the Nexus.

  • this is just for me, I can’t wait to upgrade to this already

  • sad so sad…

  • Dan

    That awkward moment when they are both 5MP

    • *droidz*

      At least the 5MP isn’t a step backwards. If there is one thing, non-removable storage. It is nit-picking a pretty awesome phone regardless.

      • Anonymous

        I thought I would have a problem with the lack of a memory card but after thinking about it some more I’m OK with it.  My stock OG Droid is almost out of space – it’s slow and freezing up.  Just shy of 28MB free, but 12.75GB left on the SD card.  All of the SD cards in the world don’t do me any good if most of the apps lack App2SD support.  I’ve moved all of them over that support it and I’m still where I am.  I’m *really* looking forward to more RAM and having ALL of the space to store apps.

        • DeathfireD

          I’m still iffy about the non SD card support. I use my OG Droid’s card as a mass storage device to hold movies and coding files from work. I’m not sure how the Nexus’s system of moving files from computer to the phone and vis versa is…if it’s similar to mounting the SD card then I’ll be happy. If not I may need to pass. Would be nice if Droid Life did an article on that.

        • Ryan C

          Same as where i am. I’m at 26.3 MB free and If i install one more app it says memory full and i cant receive any more texts or download anything until i delete something.. its usually clearing the data from the browser.. all while having plenty of space left on the SD card and having as many as possible moved to the SD card. However mine is minorly laggy and doesn’t freeze up. But i’d really rather have a full physical keyboard.. too bad there’s no chance of a nexus or equivalent (in terms of  being unlockable and free of bloat and skins etc…) that will have a full keyboard. :/

        • Anonymous

          Not all of the space is available for apps. If it were, it wouldn’t be available for your usual SD card stuff. Some of the storage is on /data (for apps) and some is on either /emmc or /sdcard (probably the latter) for music, ROM backups, etc. The Thunderbolt is my favorite for the storage issue, because every ROM developer and their mother added the 2GB eMMC partition to /data because of the stock 32GB SD card, so we have 3.5GB for apps (I usually have 1GB+ left, and I use tons of apps).

      • honk

        This is a big reason Im looking at alternative phones, I use my OG droid for music and storage, as well as video for travel. Everyone thinks oh well you have cloud stream your crap, but everyone forgets that eats BW and now BW isnt as free as before.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      true that. kinds sad that they need to stick with a tiny camera just to make their camera do all the things I have seen the RAZR do with 8mp.

      Moto must have has a shit load of leftover 5mp cameras to use up.

      • Anonymous

        except moto doesn’t make the nexus..

        • Angelface77

          They will and it will be the nexus ever made 🙂

          • *cough* I don’t think so. Given the crap they keep pushing out now. Their last good phone was the OG Droid.

          • Blootzm3

            retardedface77 isn’t educated enough to understand that. He’s pro Motorola no matter what they sell. If Motorola gave him a carbon fiber gorilla glass dildo he’d still buy it. Even if it made no sense at all to have it.

          • LOL..nicely put. I also didn’t know he was one of *those* people.

          • Barbarrino

            so he is an apple user who is confused?

          • Anonymous

            hahahahahahahahahahaha..completely true…angelface you suck

          • Guest

            HA! NICE!!!

          • Anonymous

            Obviously you have been thinking about that product. 😀

          • Michaelkwade

            Now were ALL thinking about THAT product!

          • Guest


          • Fortean

            They’re owned by Google now you know. It’s more than a distant probability the next Nexus will be a Motorola one.

          • Anonymous

            They’re not owned by Google just yet, actually. We have yet to see if Google’s acquisition bears any fruit for Motorola Mobility’s nefarious ways (though I must say I loved my OG Droid and I love my RAZR).

          • Anonymous

            Their build quality is still really good, and if they’re forced to go AOSP (no BLUR) and unlocked bootloader, the phone would have to be pretty awesome.

      • Anonymous

        Too bad MP count isn’t directly related to the quality of the camera.
        That said, the OG Droid had a pretty nice camera.

        • Anonymous

          The video on the OG was great.  The snapshot camera looked good in decent lighting, but has poor low light performance.  That and it’s far too slow in general.  After having the Razr for a few days (and returning it because it just wasn’t for me), the one thing I really miss is how much faster the new phones are, especially at things like launching the camera app and snapping a shot.  Even with a 1.1G OC’d droid, it’s not even close to the same ballpark as the stock Blurified Razr.

          I am really hoping they announce the Droid 4 soon, that it’s 4″, comes clean like the OG, and has a good camera.

          I have to hold out hope that with the MMI acquisition, that Google is going to force Moto to a more stock interface.  

          It’s sad that none of these manufacturers realize that vanilla Android in itself is a differentiating factor when virtually every other OEM puts their own skin on it.  I hope Moto is the one to realize this and stick with it.  

          • fish1552

            I heard the release date for the Droid4 was the 8th or 9th?  Think I read that here on DL.

          • Anonymous

            12/22 according to DL earlier tonight.

        • Anonymous

          so true. my 6 MP Nikon D40(yes a very starter slr, but its a backup) took waay better pictures than any of these gimmicky 14+ MP point and shoots.

        • Anonymous

           Amen. Finally someone understands, I am glad to see it was you.

      • I’m actually encouraged by the megapixel count. You don’t want the photos to be huge & anything above 5MP can’t really add much to something you’re not using to shoot models with. I’m a slutbag for specs too but I don’t really want 8MPs if it’ll slow the camera down & bog other services down when I offload the pix someplace. I don’t think I’ll even use the 1080i. If I’m shooting a video/pic of that kind of quality the last thing I’m reaching for is a mobile phone.

        • Jared Smith

          1080 interlaced =/= 1080 progressive

          • I’ve been served.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, 1080i < 720p in most people's opinions.

        • Anonymous

          Plus 8MP has much smaller pixels than 5MP which is why 5MP should have much better quality (especially in low light).

          This is assuming the same sensor size and quality. Unfortunately this doesn’t appear to be the case given the sample photos. Truly disappointing.

      • Bryan Williams

        Why can’t people understand that the pixel count is nothing other than how large of a photo it takes.  Period.

        It has nothing to do with quality whatsoever.

        Sensor speed and size are the most important factors when it comes to a camera phone.  And this camera beats the pants off the Razr’s sensor hands down.

        • Anonymous

          Not really, no.

          • Bryan Williams

            I love when people think they know what they’re talking about and give replies like yours.  Enjoy your ignorance, it’s bliss, isn’t it?

          • Anonymous

            Actually no, your ignorance is what’s amusing

            ” And this camera beats the pants off the Razr’s sensor hands down”

            That’s what I was replying to. Have you used both phones? Because if you had, you’d know that’s not the case. The Nexus camera while fast and has a million cool-but-useless effects is very underwhelming in the quality department. The Razr’s camera isn’t as good as the GSII or even the Rezound, but it’s certainly better than the Nexus. 

            But hey,  Enjoy your ignorance, it’s bliss, isn’t it?

          • Adam Wiggins

            Man, I thought you were going to reply with like facts, or examples.

            But, you didn’t.

          • Anonymous

            Why should I? There isn’t a review of the phone anywhere that doesn’t praise every element of the of the phone and ICS…except for the camera, some calling it the worst sensor in a high end phone all year. Ouch. It’s not that terrible, and not a dealbreaker, but to go claiming it beat’s the pants off of anything is nothing short of amusing. 

          • Blootzm3

            still no facts… oh and the sensor on the nexus is fast and the zero shutter lag beats the pants off the iPhone(2nd best shutter lag out right now, and only second to the nexus) which beats the pants off all Motorola phones…. Burn…. sizzle… Burn… no facts carrying guy

          • Anonymous

            The discussion was about image QUALITY not speed.

          • Anonymous

            You’re dumb.

          • Anonymous

            You mean like the facts Bryan included to support his statement?  Oh…….wait.

            If you make a claim the burden of proof is your responsibility.

          • Bryan Williams

            Unfortunately you don’t understand that sensor speed is key here.  It’s a known fact that the sensor on the Razr is crap.  It has slow autofocus and VERY poor low light capabilities.  Not to mention, IT’S THE SAME CAMERA THAT’S IN THE BIONIC! So yes, I’ve used the camera plenty, thanks.  LOL!

            While on the other hand, the Galaxy Nexus does fairly well in low light and has amazing focusing abilities.

            So again, please have a clue what you’re referring to before you spew garbage.

          • Anonymous

            LOL Maybe you should get a clue before stupid crap you read in comments as facts. First It’s not the same camera that’s in the bionic. Razr –  V927ABB, Bionic – 
            NCAABA 65161, Hell they don’t even look the same pulled apart, not to mention the Bionic’s wouldn’t even fit in the Razr. 

            You’re entitled to your own opinions, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.

          • Bryan Williams

            Just because they have 2 different model numbers on the outside doesn’t mean they aren’t the same sensor on the inside.

            So the casing and software that runs it are updated, it’s still the same size and speed of sensor that’s in the Bionic.

          • hazzardduke

            Na bro razrs camera is def faster than bionic. agree with what your getting at but hes got you here. not the same.

          • Bryan Williams

            You’ll see, they’ll release an update to the Bionic’s camera and it will speed it up to match the Razr’s. Still, like r8rs said, both cameras are mediocre at best and the whole discussion is actually pretty pointless.

          • Anonymous

            What’s mediocre are your comments full of factual inaccuracies and lacking any proof to support your claim whatsoever.  Fact of the matter is that the Galaxy Nexus’ camera sensor is not only not good but it’s actually worse than the Razr’s as pictures available online show.  It’s quite funny that you think the speed at which the camera can take a picture has any relevance to the picture quality though.

          • can this go any further to the right?

          • Mdc5162


          • Dominick DeVito

            disqus fail

          • Bryan Williams

            No, what’s funny is that you lack enough knowledge about cameras to make an educated comment.  I actually said that the SENSOR SPEED and SIZE is what really makes a difference in picture quality.  I never said anything about how fast it takes a picture making it a quality one.  There’s a big difference between sensor speed and how fast the camera takes a picture.

          • Mdc5162

            Do you think this will just be one line? What if I use really big words like misunderstanding or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Yep its spelled right, I asked Mrs. Poppins herself and yes she’s single. Quite a tease too. She hit me with her umbrella, she can really swing that thing. Maybe she does steroids, I wonder what Bonds is doing now. Oh by the way Droid-Life should fix this comment feature. If it can be fixed… Oh I want a Nexus too….

          • Bryan Williams

            That’s funny stuff.  I actually LOL’d!

          • Mdc5162


          • Asdf


          • Anonymous

            “I actually said that the SENSOR SPEED and SIZE is what really makes a difference in picture quality.”

            Sensor speed =/= quality. You said the Galaxy Nexus’ camera is better than the Razr’s, that is simply not true, it’s the other way around in fact. The GN’s camera is faster yes (not by much) but the Razr’s camera takes as good or better pictures in most conditions.

          • r8rs

            Blah blah blah, both cameras are mediocre at best. If you’re worried about quality pictures use a dslr. The gnex is nothing to rave about, neither is the razrz or any other for that matter.

          • Bryan Williams

            You are absolutely correct!

            I love my Canon dslr but it gets somewhat annoying to carry around with you all the time when you want a decent shot.  Not to mention the 10″ lens on the front of it too.

          • Anonymous

            I think if you’re looking for a “decent shot”, the Galaxy Nexus should be good enough, no?

            I personally think the no-shutter lag is a more enticing feature, considering, impromptu photo-op moments come and go in a blink of an eye.

    • bigrob60

      As long as the lens is better it’s ok. My 2.5 MP Voyager can take better pictures then my 5MP OG Droid.  And yes the settings are maxed on both phones. 

      • Daniel Archibald33

        Now that is a bunch of BS. LG’s phones are garbage. Im sure your just extremely blind

        • bigrob60

          And I’m sure your a fanboy. Hold up pictures from an Iphone 4 & OG Droid & tell me which takes better pictures. Both have the same MP. The Iphones’ lens on the camera is better hance better pics. Same is true on my Voyager. If the lens is superior, the MP will not have that much of an effect. The voyagers lens is better the the OG Droid. I’m not saying the phone it’s self is better(I’m not that crazy), but the camera is.

          • Anonymous

            lens is important, but just as important (if not more) is sensor.  Lens isn’t everything.

          • bigrob60

            Ahh. Good call. Forgot about that one.

          • Anonymous

            Right. Sensor is most important. I would much rather have fewer MPs assuming the same sized backlit sensor. Also more important than optics (assuming optics aren’t awful) is the imaging processing software.

          • Negativerxn

            It’s not the lens, broseph.  It’s the sensor.

          • Chrisdonlee

            Both the sensor and the lens are important, I can assure you that. It is way more complicated than just megapixels. A higher megapixel number is easy to sell. It doesn’t mean that it takes better pictures, in fact, far from it. It would be like a sculpter trying to buy a chisel and a hammer, only the minimum wage salesman convinced him that he only needs to buy the hammer, and a really big one at that. Sure he can probably make something with it, but it would be better if he just bought the right tools to begin with.

          • Exactly. Megapixels ain’t shit. I mean, if you have a top-spec, 1080p HDTV, the most it can display is 4MP. So it really has very little to do with the sensors at this point. 

          • Marz

            How are you getting 4MP? 1920×1080 = 2,073,600 which is around 2MP.

          • Anonymous

            it would be funny if the next samsung phone had a 2MP rear camera but with a crazy good sensor and lens lol

          • Anonymous

            Unless it was thick enough for an optical zoom, you could not zoom or crop with only 2MP. 5-6MP is ideal for camera phones IMO.

          • Anonymous

            Samsung pulled something like that with the Sidekick 4G. They put in a 3.2 MP camera, but a pretty good sensor and it takes some really great pics. I’d honestly take that over the noise riddle photos I get with some of these 5 MP cameras.

          • Calvin R. Stevenson

            MP only determines how large u can make the image without it being distorted, not the actual quality of the image. For quality, u need a good sensor and lens.

        • Bullet Tooth Tony

          you’ve never used an lg dare, i’d wager…. still the best camera on a cell phone.

          • fish1552

            I gotta agree here.  My old Dare took better pictures than my OG Droid does. 

          • Anonymous

            I had my Dare up till 3 months ago when the screen cracked on it :c But that camera was fantastic, in fact that whole phone was great. Now I’m using my friends old voyager and it is the most useless piece of trash camera that can be fitted to a phone. In face I hate this phone with a passion of a thousand burning suns. The longer I have to wait for the Nexus the more I rage ensues.

          • Nuttz565

            Dare, Voyager, really? Jesus my Grandpa is rocking more up to date hardware!

          • Calvin R. Stevenson

            +1…I loved my Dare right up til it’s death 🙁

          • nhf7170

            I dropped my Dare in the toilet while playing Need for Speed shift at work and had to borrow my then brother in law’s Dare (he’d already gotten an Incredible. Imagine my surprise when his ringtone was something by Ministry (or something like that). When my Mom inherited my sister’s Dare after she moved on to the Blackberry Storm (sucky phone but needed to use it in Europe) she’d get double-takes from her co-workers when calls would be heralded by “Round and Round” by Ratt. Ahhh Good Times.

        • your full of it my voyager camera was the bast camera i have had on a phone and i have had a OG and a Thunderbolt since it.  i have a flat out amazing picture i took on it and it has been my computer background for the last 4 years… still waiting for a camera that can take as good of pictures as my voyager could, hopefully the nexus will live up to that when i get it.

        • RH

          Hey, that’s funny! You managed to spell BS correctly, then you blew it with “Im” and “your”. And here’s an extra period for your next lame comment:  .

        • Sean Finnerty

          As a owner of Droid OG, I would like to propose that no matter what you’re opinion of LG’s cameras are; Droid’s camera is slow as molasses and crummy as all get out.

      • Matthew Morrison

        idk if thats true but i had the voyager too b4 the droid1!

    • OneMoreWeek!

      The camera quality is the biggest disappointment to me with this phone. It’s not a 5MP vs 8MP issue but I was hoping for better quality overall. I’m jealous of my wife’s pictures from her iPhone and I hate carrying multiple devices everywhere I go but unfortunately I’ll have to continue to do so. This will be by next phone regardless, I just wish that it had a better camera.

      • Anonymous

        you’re retarded. this phone isn’t even out yet. don’t be a tool.

        • GalaxyNexus

          There are sample photos all over the internet smithers you dumbass

          • Own this phone. Can confirm the camera is pants. Not much better than the OG Droid. Really disappointing after SGSII.

          • Derek

            the camera is the only thing making me think again about this phone.. my wife has the 4S and I am so totally devoted to droid.. but the pics from her phone are amazing. I am a big “take a pic and put on facebook” kinda guy and the picture comparisons I have seen online  are really dissapointing. 

          • Jajaja5


    • Anonymous

      viewing this page on my OG droid, we havent gotten any new phones around here in a while -_-

      • guest

        feeling, “restless”??

        • Anonymous

          lol In Rumba’s case the natives are feeling a little restless lol

    • Joe

      Camera?  Who really buys it for a camera?  If I want good photos, I bust out my 14 mp Canon point-n-shoot, or if I want really REALLY good photos, I whip out my $10k Canon setup.  Seriously, ain’t a concern for me.

    • Anonymous

      The more awkward moment when the Galaxy Nexus actually shoots at 24 fps.

    • Anonymous

      That…more awkward moment when the video is recorded at a max of 24fps too…

    • Anonymous

       Yes I thought the same thing for a second, but MP does not mean that the picture will be nicer. It JUST means you are able to blow it up more and keep the clarity. Look at the side by side shots from the GNex and the iPhone4S

    • Anonymous

      Thankfully the Nexus’ 5MP camera is much better than the DROID’s. But at first glance, it is pretty crazy looking.

  • Goblueboy

    Damn that OG phone is so awesome. I love small specs and no updates.

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Christopher Riner

       sounds like go blue boy has go(t) blue (balls) for a nexus… its okay, we won’t tell your friends.  We alllllll understand, here, brutha

      • Goblueboy

        Looks like you spent too much time on a joke for my name and less time on my sarcasim

  • This is difficult for me to read because I still own a Motorola DROID… And I’m waiting for the VZW Galaxy Nexus -___-

    • Zomygodowned

      Lol your droid’s still kicking enough for app reviews though! i have to ask what rom are your running your videos seem to show a smoother droid than my barely chugging miui droid

  • Bill Anderson

    That’s right OG Driod! I got me a barometer! So suck it! And, with my barometer, I can tell just how hard you are sucking it! Boh ya!

    I can’t wait to retire my OG… 🙂

    • JJ69Chev

      the OG didnt need abarometer to get GPS lock, as samsung phone apparently do. my wifes fascinate could never lock and the the charge the gave her to replace that POS is hardly better

  • OG owner and so excited!

  • I can’t wait to replace my OG with this beast.

  • Keith Sumner

    The droid launched with Android OS 2.0, not 2.2

    • cantcurecancer

      He never said it did launch with 2.2.

    • Went with what it is currently running.

      • In that case, you should update the GN to 4.1 🙂

      • D+T→n(14.1MeV)+α(3.5MeV)

        It should read 600MHz, when the OG was updated to Froyo, they clocked it up from 550MHz to 600 MHz.

    • Anonymous

      I thought it launched with 1.6? eclair, right?

      • Anonymous

        Nope… First phone that launched with 2.0

      • Anonymous

         Don’t know if troll.

        Launched with 2.0, eclair.

  • Anonymous

    How do you say the 9th on the post before this and the 8th on this? So much for your “trusted sources” smh

    • In which post he said that the 8th is still most likely…smh

      • Anonymous

        no he never said 8th is still most likely dumbass. Nice reading comprehension. “The 9th for the G-Nex sounds odd I know, but the date came up today from
        two sources that have been spot on in the past. If it’s here on the 8th
        though, so be it.” Learn to read……………….SMH

        • Chill. It’s Friday.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry can’t help the dumb asses that cannot read and then try and say something completely wrong.

          • Breath.. deeply…

          • do yoga.  or MMA.  😉

    • Wrote this post up earlier and had not edited it yet. Refresh. Better? 🙂

  • Now droid life should send me a Gnex just for comparison to my Bionic and we can see whats really better

  • potacho

    On this post you say December 8th, and the last post you said the 9th!? WHICH ONE IS IT!? AHHHH THE CONFUSION!!!

  • Guest

    first, again

  • Msh12

    Still rocking that droid 1 😀

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on Kellex is this really fair??? 🙂

    • Not really, but it’s all in good fun. 😛

      • Anonymous

        Actually Kellex I was thinking about this same comparison over the weekend and how much fun 2 year ago was with the OG and now with the Samsung Nexus 🙂 lol Good posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +1 to the OG 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I liked this comparison, still using my OG so it’s nice to see the comparison photos as well.  

    • mm777

      it isn’t fair. in a way its making want the gnex NAO

    • Megatron

      Other than browser speed SGS2 spanks this phones ass…..go watch the side by side on YouTube…..

    • Anonymous

      Of course it’s not fair, but it is pretty amazing.  Imagine what we’ll be comparing to the GNex two years from now!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah probably some 5 Core processor device that’s replacing the tablet and the phone 😛

        • Anonymous

          Definitely octo-core, and you will just have to think what you want it to do, and it will do it. I honestly can’t even fathom where smartphones will be in 2 years considering how far and fast they’ve come in the last two. Two years ago, I was rocking a Touch Pro2 and thought that thing was badass, which it was at the time.

          • Anonymous

            Two years ago I was on my Palm 755wx Treo which was the top smartphone then

          • Anonymous

            I have to imagine you mean the Treo Pro, which was almost 3 years ago now (early 2009), and the last phone with the Treo name. That thing didn’t hold a candle to the Touch Pro2, which still has one of the best keyboards EVER put on a phone, if not the best. It also had a larger/higher res touchscreen, double the RAM, and a better camera.